My Pillow Pets Blankets

No doubt you have seen the commercials for My Pillow Pets. They are the furry soft stuffed animals that can be turned into soft snugly pillows by unlatching the Velcro. My Pillow Pet Blanket are along the same lines. They are a standard four foot wide blanket. Usually the have little animal feet or sometimes tails attached. The blanket is a soft fleece just like the Pillow Pet. On the top of the blanket is the plush head of the animal. This makes a very cute gift by itself or in combination with the matching Pillow Pet and Pillow Pet backpack!. This blanket is perfect for snuggling up in the car or in front of the TV. The Pillow Pet blankets are machine washable and fluff dry. They are recommended for ages three and up. They have had many positive reviews. Grandparents comment on how well their grandchildren love this gift. Customers also like the fact that the Pillow pet blanket is durable and stands up to the wash.

 The Pillow Pets dog blanket  features a velor furry dog.  The dog blanket  is a great furry friend for any child.  The blanket measures three feet by four feet.  Be sure to get the Pillow Pets dog pillow to match it!

 The my Pillow pet dolphin blanket even has a tail!  It is three feet by four feet.  Use the dolphin head as a pillow or coordinate the dolphin pillow pet.  The My pillow pet blanket is sure to be a hit with your kids

My Pillow Pets Dolphin Blanket

 My pillow pets ladybug blanket is really cute.  This blanket is red and covered with black spots.  The Ladybugs head can be used as a pillow or you can purchase the lady bug my pillow pet. The blanket is three foot by four foot.

My pillow pets frog blanket is a cute item for frog lovers! This three foot by four foot blanket made of velor. The head can be used as a pillow or match it up with the frog pillow pet.

My Pillow Pets Frog Blanket

The my pillow pets cow blanket comes complete with a tail. This smiling cow is white and covered with black spots. The blanket is the standard four feet by three feet, Use the head as a pillow or purchase the pillow pet cow for extra comfort.  If your little one likes cows he will really love this blanket.

My Pillow Pets Cow Blanket

 Whats all the buzz about?  Well it's about the My Pillow pet bumblebee blanket.  It is also three feet by four feet and covered with stripes.  The bumblebee has  ahead that can be used as a pillow.  If you want to coordinate your set take a look at the bumblebee My pillow pet!

 Look how sweet this Pillow Pets Unicorn blanket is.  It is four feet long and has lavender hooves on it . At the top of the Pillow Pet Blanket is the Lavender Unicorn Head.  Your child can cuddle up in the car or sprawl out in front of the TV with the Unicorn Pillow Pet Blanket. To make the set complete then purchase the Lavender Unicorn Pillow Pet!

Plush Unicorn Blanket 48"

 There's no monkeying around when it's time to snuggle up!  This My Pillow Pet Monkey is made of fleece.  It is four feet wide and has  some monkey feet attached to the blanket  The top of the  My pillow pal blanket is a monkey head.  Get the complete set by purchasing the pillow pet monkey.

 My Pillow Pets Penguin Blanket is made of fleece and is four foot wide. Little penguin feet are attached to the blanket.  Also attached at the top is a penguin head.  Your child will love cuddling with their new penguin friend.  Complete the set with a Penguin Pillow Pet!

 My Pillow pets Panda Blanket is  cuddly 48 inches  wide.  This panda has little paws attached to the blanket.  Also attached to the blanket is the plush panda head.  Complete the Panda set by adding the pillow pet Panda

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