Plants Vs Zombies Survival Endless 200 Flags and Beyond | Cobless Setup

Survival Endless Ultimate Strategies

Once you've seen this page, it means you're either a game pro or one that would like to be one. Here's the just the ultimate strategies for you to Terminate Plants Vs Zombies' hottest mini game: Survival Endless. In this post, we talk about the advanced strategies in Survival Endless only. If you wanna be a pro about this, just read on.

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Plants Vs Zombies Survival Endless 200 Flags and Beyond
Plants Vs Zombies Survival Endless 200 Flags and Beyond
Laura Shigihara Has sung many songs for PC Games.
Laura Shigihara Has sung many songs for PC Games.

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  • Zombies On Your Lawn

Plants Vs Zombies Theme Song by Laura Shigihara. 

  • Uraniwa

Japanese Version for Zombies On Your Lawn

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Warning to Newbies

 If you are a newbie to this game, I suggest you take a look at this Hub first to know 101.Never ever take this game as a child's game.

Plants Vs Zombies Strategy (For Starters)

Preface of Survial Endless Ultimate Strategies

When You are reading this hub, I presume you have read the hub Plants Vs Zombies Strategyalready, or you probably cannot fully understand what I am saying. I have talked much about that on that hub. This hub is just created for Passionate Players who'd like to survive 200 flags and beyond. That's why I dedicate days to prepare for this hub. I strongly suggest you read that hub first.

The Show Begins.

Setup Discussion

The Best Setup I figured out so far.(click to enlarge)
The Best Setup I figured out so far.(click to enlarge)

My Story

It's been weeks for me to figure out the best way to survive as many flags as possible. Everything has been tried except one strategy, Using Cob Cannon as the main weapon. I thought it's feasible for it's doom power. My friend Empty just made me even more confident about this. I love this kinda challenge which makes me passionate.I love this kinda feeling.

How Many Flags Have You Survived?

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How to Survive 200 Flags and Beyond

FAQs About This Setup

  • Why use 8 cob cannons?

According to the experiment, this is the minimum amount. Of course, you can plant more than this number.

  • Why use 2 Gloomy-shrooms on the second line from the left?

2 Gloomy-shrooms could take care of all the Digger Zombies, necessary.

  • Why use Cattails?

My friend Empty once told me that Cattail is unnecessary, while to me I think it's still necessary. As the game goes on, more and more Balloon Zombies are coming up. Cattail could take them down at the very beginning. Moreover, it takes good care of Imp.

  • Why use Gold-magnet?

Of course, you don't have to use that. While to me, I can't just let the coins disappear.

  • Why use Spikerock?

It could slow down Gargantuars and other zombies as a good defense line for cob cannons at the front.

  • Why Winter Melon Pult rather than Gatling Pea?

To survive 200 flags and beyond, the damage by Melon or Pea doesn't matter since they are not the main weapon. What really matters is that the winter melon pult to slow down greatly the enemies with a heavy massive damage. Very ideal subsidiary weapon.

Strategies Against Special Zombies
Strategies Against Special Zombies

Strategies Against Special Zombies

Remember, these are all feasible strategies best fit only in Survival Endless.

Actually, there're only three types of zombies that can threat your survival. That's what we are gonna talk about.

  • VS Jack-In-The-Box Zombie

You might wonder why this thing is on the list. Yes, it's a threat. When accident happens, it could blow away many of your Gloomy-shrooms at one time. You should eliminate them using Cob Cannons with no mercy when they just appear.

  • VS Bungee Zombie

They are very annoying ones. For the limited slots, we can't plant umbrella leaf. The only safe way is to terminate them by cob cannons as soon as they place their butt. Always launch the mission on time, remember!

  • VS Gargantuar

For normal Gargantuar with white eyes, we just need 2 cob cannons to finish. For a crazy one with red eyes, we need 3 cob cannons. Not big deal actually. As long as we have at least 8 cob cannons, it'll be no problem dealing with gargantuars.

  • Special Attention

Always remember to use a lmitater to copy a pumpkin to subsidize the overall defense of all the plants except cob cannons. Using two pumpkins recharging at the same time, replace the damaged ones as soon as possible to make a invicible defense.

A Snapshot of my playing 58 flags

Flag 58 with ease
Flag 58 with ease
Whoops!I only survived 80 flags for the first time I applied this setup.
Whoops!I only survived 80 flags for the first time I applied this setup.

I Only Made 80 Flags!

 Can't believe it! I only survived 80 flags for the first time I applied this setup. Probably thanks to a false click. I am now working on a new game of Survival Endless.Wish me good luck this time.

Defect about this setup: 8 cob cannons sometimes seemed not sufficient, we might need you use cherry bomb or something to subsidize that. While, if you can manupulate your mouse as well as Empty, it won't be a problem. Unfortunately, I am not that good.

About Dr. Nhan's Setup

About Dr. Nhan's Setup
About Dr. Nhan's Setup

Thank you, Dr Nhan, for sharing us your modified setup.I have studied it for a while. Let's talk about the Cons & Pros.


  • Good defense against Digger Zombie
  • Good defense against Bungee Zombie
  • Good defense against Catapult Zombie
  • Good defense on the first and last lines.


  • Dr Nhan, I actually don't worry about anything problem mentioned above. The crucial point is the problem of insuffcient Cob Cannons to make a continuous attack.I found only 8 Cob Cannons are not enough. 10 would be better.Maybe it's because I am not fast enough using the mouse. For that setup, the 80 flags seem the up limit to me. I am now working on a new setup to go further easily.

To conclude, it seems to me it's definitely better than my original setup. I probably could use your setup to go 100 or more. Maybe I'll try it tomorrow!

442 Flags —— Passerby's Strategy

Let's see Passerby's Strategy
Let's see Passerby's Strategy
442 Flags So Far
442 Flags So Far

Thanks, Passerby! Passerby has explained in details about the pick up strategy in his comment.

  • Check his pick up.Ice-shroom,Doom-shroom,Jalapeno,Cherry Bomb, Copied Cherry Bomb and Sqash.Than's just enough.
  • Of course, I believe in Empty's setup, while the only thing that bothered me is 8 Cob Cannons are not enough to make a continuous attack. I used to pick Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno to defend. It turned out still not enough. Thank you Passerby for waking me up.
  • While there's still a question. We can see that Empty's setup, only Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno and a Squash. How did he make it to 222 Flags? Passerby, can you explain? Or let Empty explain it. I'll try Passerby's pick up later.

JP's Modified Setup Version

JP has survived 252 flags for now. How do you like his strategy?
JP has survived 252 flags for now. How do you like his strategy?

Do You Think this Setup a Masterpiece?

See results without voting

 Thank you, JP, a pal from Chicago, for bringing us your modified version. I've uploaded the snapshot above. Here first I quote his words down below:

"Spikerock in the back kills digger zombies before they can hurt anything, Gloom Shroom kills imps, and umbrella protects those important plants from the bungees. Maybe it's even better to switch the umbrella and gloom shroom position there. If some plants get destroyed (jack-in-the-box accident, too many imps and can't replace pumpkin yet, etc.) and sun gets low, replace gold magnets with sunflowers as necessary.

I passed flag 252, and I think it can go forever if I don't mess up too bad."

Here's my comment:

  • It's wise enough to use spikerock to defend Digger Zombie. Nice move!
  • Indeed, as you said, it's better to switch the position between the Umbrella Leaf and the Gloomy-shroom.
  • In my opinion, it's a good alternative to Passerby's strategy.

Zorya's Survived 500 Flags

Is there anything human can't do?
Is there anything human can't do?
500 Flags Completed
500 Flags Completed

Survival Endless: 500 Flags and Beyond

Thank you,Zorya from Hong Kong, for bringing us your great setup.

  • It's brilliant to put ice-shroom into a slot for backup. Why not use 2? Would that be better?
  • 4 Umbrella Leaves can perfectly defend Bungee Zombies and Catapult Zombies since we can freeze the whole zombie legion at any time.
  • I'll try it right now.

890 Flags —— Crusher's Miracle

Can You Survive 890 flags with this setup?
Can You Survive 890 flags with this setup?

Can You Believe this setup can make 890 flags?

See results without voting

Crusher claimed to have survived 890 flags with this setup

 Thanks, Crusher. I spent couple of minutes to visualize your setup according to your verbal illustration with MS Excel. I didn't add the Pumpkins. But we know that. OK. Let's talk about this.

  • We don't know what plants Crusher Pick Up. Hope he can give us more info on that.
  • Yes, 4 Twin Sunflowers is the minimum to make the fund sufficient.
  • 8 Cob Cannons are the minimum as the main weapon.
  • So many Spikerocks, how do you deal with the Zombonis and Gargantuars? How to destroy them as soon as show up? If we can't, the Spikerock dies easily, can we afford the expensive replacement?
  • Only 2 Gloomy-shrooms, can they beat the huge amounts of Digger Zombies?
  • How do You Deal with the Bungee Zombies? The Position of the Umbrella Leaf seems not very ideal to make the best cover.
  • I have so many questions about this setup, can Anyone uncover all these?
  • We need your help, Crusher! We want to survive as many flags as you do.

My Best Setup & PickUp So Far

My Best Setup So Far
My Best Setup So Far
My Best PickUp So Far
My Best PickUp So Far

Do You Like it?

See results without voting

The Ultimate Setup So Far?

 I figured out this setup, with this I survived 100 flags so far. I don't have much time on games. If you are interested, please give me your test result about it.

  • All the plants are covered by Pumkins except the Cob Cannon and the SpikeRock.
  • The most interesting thing is I use two Ice-shrooms. It's very powerful and cheap indeed, while it takes longer to recharge, so I use an imitated one. You can check my pick up.
  • The First Three Plants of my pickup you can see above are to subsidize the Cob Cannon for a perfect cycle. Passerby had suggested that we use a copy of Cherry Bomb. While it seems to me impractical. It's gonna easily be squashed by Zombonis.
  • Four Umbrella Leaves can take care of all the air strikes.
  • Four Gloomy-shrooms can take care of all the Digger Zombies.
  • Blovers can be very useful to eliminate a legion of Balloon Zombies if sometimes your Cob Cannon does not cover all the Ballloon Zombies.
  • Ice-shrooms could be the ultimate super weapon to slow down the Gargantuars. We shall know what the value it is.
  • Give me your comments on mine.

200 Flags By Duncan Now

100 Flags By Duncan
100 Flags By Duncan
200 Flags Now
200 Flags Now

 Thank you, Duncan. I've just get his setup posted for you guys.

  • No offense, Duncan. I don't think your setup is better than mine just above.
  • Is the sixth line from left a little bit weak in defense?
  • Anyway, it's a very good setup. Maybe I'll try it when I get time.

My Super Setup —— the Freshest

Do You Like My Super Setup?
Do You Like My Super Setup?

Do You Think it Magnificent?

See results without voting

OK. It's the setup I recently figured out. Right now I am just in the 20th flag. You're welcome to comment on it.

Well, things are not going smoothly as I thought. I am in 30th flags. While it's easy for super Gargantuar to destroy the Gatling Pea's lines.

Something that looks good doesn't mean it's gonna be good.

My Setup July 13th

Do You Like My Setup?
Do You Like My Setup?

Do You Like it?

See results without voting

 I newly figured out this setup. I know the Cob Cannons on the 5th & 6th line from the left in the pool are fragile, but I can fix it by using Ice-plant. When there's a red alert, just use a Coffee Bean to activate the ice-plant. It's done.What do you think of it? Leave your comment.

My Setup July 14th

Do You Like My New Setup?
Do You Like My New Setup?

My Setup July 15th

My Setup July 15th
My Setup July 15th

500 Flags By Bobby J.

U Like Bobby J.'s Setup?
U Like Bobby J.'s Setup?

A Milestone, Cobless Setup Born!

By Draco, you're great!
By Draco, you're great!

Excited About This?

See results without voting

A World Without Cob?

 What can I say? Nothing. Why can't we figure out a cobless setup? Human Intelligence is no doubt unlimited. Here's the proof. Let's celebrate for the coming the milestone of Survival Endless —— A Cobless World. Congratulations, Draco!

Draco's Cob Setup (2 Versions)

Draco's Cob Setup 1
Draco's Cob Setup 1
Draco's Cob Setup 2
Draco's Cob Setup 2

About Draco's Setup

First let's talk about Draco's Setups with cob.

Draco is right, to use three Gloomy-shrooms is better than two Spikerocks. We have imps to take care sometimes on the second and third line from the left. I prefer the setup 2. We all know that the fifth and sixth line from the left is safe for Cob Cannons.

Since we have the Cobless setup, I'm gonna talk less about Cob Setup from now on.I hope we all change our focus.

About the Cobless setup.

Why I call it a Milestone? Because we all believed that no setup could survive 50 flags and more Coblessly before this setup was presented. I had hoped there was one. But we all aborted our pursuit, while rushing to the seemingly only setup mode with Cob Cannon as the main weapon to survive hundreds of flags. We were wrong. Draco is the one to accomplish the mission impossible. I am speechless. Who sets the limit on ourselves? It's us, ourselves that set the foolish limit. Anyone that breaks that limit or ignores that so-called limit will make great achievements. Draco is one.

Draco has made it clear enough the importance of the two Fume-shrooms. That's where the magic hides. I'll try it soonest to witness the essence of this magic. What's your idea?

Since this page has been overloaded, I made a separate hub Exclusively discuz the Cobless Setup. Welcome!

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Let's Discuz it. 456 comments

Mang Kanor 7 months ago

Here's my setup (inspired by Evil Naegleria):

vincy 2 years ago

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vincy 2 years ago

i farted

Evelinagoks 2 years ago

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tgktyur 2 years ago



A. Nonny Mouse 2 years ago

i really need a vid or a explanation on the "cobless" setup bcuz i can only get to 31 flags with cobs and im gunning 4 40 b4 im done.

juank huertas 3 years ago

he sobrevivido 7 porque necesito versión completa

Darksider2000 3 years ago

I see that the real prob is why do we need programs instead of normal planting ?

Tilkweali 3 years ago

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Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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threepeater 3 years ago

I find the best to always place two sleeping ice-shroom. I just wake them up when there is too many zombies.

Vladimir 3 years ago


Is there any way to bypass easy levels in survival endless? I've lost on level 103 and haven't saved the game.

CadaBreemia 3 years ago

We helpful to get at the top of living yet recently I've truly developed an opposition.

Futamarka 3 years ago

Фактически, мы любим и ненавидим того же самого человека, любовь и ненависть всегда вместе. Они не враги, они друзья. Действительная противоположность шествует между любовью и страхом. Они никогда не бывают вместе; если вы слишком связаны со страхом, любовь исчезает. Страх не может обратиться в любовь, любовь не может перейти в страх; они необратимы. Только любовь обогащает.

johnny 3 years ago


cool dude

Adam 4 years ago

I have survived for 20 flags even I have been using Sunflower power

321yip 4 years ago

Forgot to say you can replace the sunflowers in the pool with tall-nuts.

321yip 4 years ago

wARtist said 8 cobs are not enough. What about my 10 cob setup. Why is wARtist not writing comments anymore?

321yip 4 years ago

10 cob setup







w=winter melon g=gloom-shroom t=twin sunflower cc=cob cannon p=spikerock i=ice-shroom s=sunflower m=gold magnet or ice-shroom

To kill pool zombies that come on last flag shoot cobs at them. The right timing is after the warning a huge wave of zombies are approching disappears. Ice-shrooms are for bungees. Sunflowers( instead of twins) are there just in case huge blobs of dolphin riders land there. Of course all plants are protected by pumpkin. Please feel free to ask questions.

CWT 4 years ago

Just hit 3,000 waves

321yip 4 years ago

I dont believe Crusher. It is possible to survive 890 flags but with cob cannons in 3rd and 4th lines?

CWT 4 years ago

Just hit 2,500 next target 3,000 in 2 weeks time.

CWT 4 years ago

Just hit 2,500 next target 3,000 in 2 weeks time.

CWT 4 years ago

Absolutely genuine, no cheating whatsoever involved. It's pure technique and knowledge. Now 2,450 going to 2,500 soon.

kenken 4 years ago

more than 500 flags is impossible..maybe they have a cheat

CWT 4 years ago

2,316 aiming for 3,000 in 3 weeks time.

exstud 4 years ago

ts instead of sr was a fail, but normal sunflower works fine, gaining around 250 sun each flag with this one:

E wm wm wm cc cc s

E gs ul wm cc cc s

cc cc cc cc gs E gs (ds) (ds)

cc cc cc cc gs E gs (ds) (ds)

E gs ul wm cc cc s

E wm wm wm cc cc s

E = empty...

s = sunflower (without pumpkin)

most annoying is now fan-zombie nibbling sun flowers, believe it or not

exstud 4 years ago

or you could put a ts on the sr spot in rows 1 & 6, giga's never manage to hit those even once, gonna try that right now :P

exstud 4 years ago

u're right, no need for spikeweeds, figured that out a couple of days later :)

Changed the setup a bit, it's now 'repairless', as in nothing can damage it (not even dolphins/jacks):

E wm wm wm cc cc sr

E gs ul wm cc cc sr

cc cc cc cc gs E gs (ds) (ds)

cc cc cc cc gs E gs (ds) (ds)

E gs ul wm cc cc sr

E wm wm wm cc cc sr

E = empty...

no need for sunflowers with this one, plenty of sun falling from sky even if they send a million zombies :) but if you like dropping cherrys and doom shrooms you could replace the leftmost wm in rows 1 & 6 with a ts...

lolol 4 years ago

Exstud actually the spikeweeds are unnecessary. the gloom itself can handle all diggers and imps. and that gold magnet and empty pumpkin can be used for cattail, since money caps at 999990 and its better to save one seed slot for delaying the gigas

CWT 4 years ago

Just touched 2,000; averaging 500 waves in 2 weeks time.

CWT 4 years ago


CWT 4 years ago


CWT 4 years ago

Just hit 1,500. Took me 14 days to clock up 500. Next target is 2,000 in 2 weeks time.

exstud 4 years ago

MUCH better setup than anything on this page or youtube:

sw ts ts wm cc cc sr

sw gs ul wm cc cc sr

cc cc cc cc gm p tn (ds) (ds)

cc cc cc cc is ul tn (ds) (ds)

sw gs ul wm cc cc sr

sw ts ts wm cc cc sr

sw = spikeweed

sr = spikerock

ts =twin sunflower

wm = winter melon

tn = tall nut

gs = gloom shroom

gm = gold magnet

p = pumpkin (empty)

is = ice shroom

ul = umbrella leaf

cc = cob cannon

ds = doom shroom


1) way less vulnerable to jacks without the glooms in front of the pool

2) 4 pool spots to place doom shrooms

3) every pumpkin on row 1, 2, 5 and 6 should be LADDERED so the imps can walk over it, that's 12 ladders in total

4) spikeweed (instead of spikerock) in the back makes replacing the spikerocks in front cheaper

5) no damage from digger zombies

6) tall nuts to block the dolphins

7) empty pumpkin in the pool where you can drop a cherry bomb in case something pops up and starts eating your pool plants in columns 5 or 6


1) keep an eye on the spikeweeds in the back when bungee zombies are around, you don't want diggers to damage your pumpkin in column 2 since a repair will cost you your ladder (good luck getting that back in later levels :) )

2) euhm, that's it, no cons i can think of

CWT 4 years ago


CWT 4 years ago

Just hit 1,234.

Tyo Borbz 4 years ago

i have never seen my ultimate setup here. how can i share it? unfortunately, i have tried every setup in this page, but it didn't go well compared to my own setup.

CWT 4 years ago

Just hit 1,000. Wish they didn't max money limit at 999,999; little incentive to collect more coins.

Jamato98 4 years ago

I got to 146 flags using 6 cob setup on Ipad, but it's so unforgiving...Switching pumpkins is a big problem because half the time it pulls out your plant...Any tips on pumpkin reup for Ipad?

CWT 4 years ago

Just hit 800.

CWT 4 years ago

Just hit 726. My format is different from what you've posted so far.

CWT 4 years ago

I've just hit 570, do you want a pic of it? How can I send it to you? TQ

Vallejo 4 years ago

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is coming! Here's the news release:

PopCap Games recently announced that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will come in the first half of 2013. However, the company is yet to reveal a list of compatible platforms. Well, chances are high that it could make its arrival for mobile devices as well, considering that the first edition is playable on various systems.

For those inquisitive on knowing what this game might bring at the time of launch, the developer states that it will tag along new features, setting, situations and designs. The first installation was launched back in May 2009 and was exclusive for systems running on the Windows and Mac OS. It later landed on mobile and gaming platforms such as iOS, Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Network.

Jamato98 4 years ago

Hi, I'm new to PvZ, but love the game. I play on IPad only. The most I've made have been 57 flags because the touch screen can cause mis-hits a lot. Questions:

When zambonis come out in force after about 30 flags I find it difficult to survive. I've used Passerby, Zorya an JP's set ups from this list and still they overrun me. Are there any tips I can have to defeat them? I use 8 CC

Viper_118 4 years ago

I posted a comment yesterday that I will try using the cobbless setup and I did , but I made it to,47 flags only ... but it was great not having to control everything now I'm going to try the 10 cobs setup :D

erty 4 years ago

i would like to play this game

mehh 4 years ago

these are all excellent strategies but how the hell do u build up to get to thses?

Vallejo 4 years ago

I passed 3000 waves a week ago. For fun I started building another setup under a different name. It's been a couple of years since I started my game, and I've almost forgotten what the beginning was of an endless game was like (I still play the 10-wave hard games all the time). I forgot to leave space for sunflowers in my game, so I'm going to have to get back in there and replace something. But the beginning goes just as the others have said:

Start planting about six columns of sunflowers, in all six rows. Use the squash and potato mines alternately to take out the first few zombies. Plant two cattails in the fifth row (if you're doing an eight-cob setup; otherwise, wherever your setup requires them) to take out the next few zombies. By this time you've got 36 sunflowers and (and a growing number of twin sunflowers) and you've got enough points to start laying in the heavy-duty plants.

I plant mellons in the third column (not in the pool) to take out all the zombies for a while, and plant wall-nuts in the 7th column while I get my cobs going. Meanwhile, 6 gloomshrooms in the front of the pool.

Then I spend the next couple of waves slowly replacing the single sunflowers in the fifth and sixth columns with cornpults, and then the cob cannons. I want four cob cannons ready to go as I slowly replace the back eight twin sunflowers in the pool with four more cob cannons, giving me eight total.

Check an earlier post I made months ago with a picture of my setup.

Leave yourself at least 4 twin sunflowers, and keep your two cat-tails. No matter what anybody says, cat-tails are useful against balloon zombies, and they provide extra ammunition against Diggers and the last straggler zombies in a wave, leaving your cob cannons for the main action.

huskar 4 years ago

Anyone here said that gigas take 3 cob cannon before dead, but i played and it takes 4 instead of 3. Maybe that's because cob damage is 90 instead of 100

4 years ago

I can offer some advice about how best to start a survival endless (assuming that you have bought all the upgrades from Crazy Dave's shop).


- Have a plan about how you want your lawn to look (a design that you think will take you through as many flags as possible)

- Even if you don't intend on using Cattails in your final design, they are a good plant to use to get you through the early stages, as they will shoot at any zombie on screen.

- When planting, know where you want your next plant to go while they are on cooldown.

- Plant as quickly as possible, to maximise the amount of Sun and defences you get at the start (due to cooldowns).

- At the very start, sometimes it's better to wait 1 second for a normal Sunflower to finish it's cooldown, instead of planting an Imitator Sunflower, as the Imitator takes a couple of seconds to turn in to the plant it's imitating.

- At the very start, the nearer you place Sunflowers to your bar of plants at the top, the more efficient you will be with cooldowns. The sooner you plant, the sooner you can plant again afterwards.

- It takes the same amount of time to plant 3 Sunflowers as it does for the first zombie to appear.

- A Potato Mine needs to be planted at least 4 spaces away from an approaching zombie. Less than 3 spaces and it risks being eaten, by not having enough time to grow.

- In the early waves, don't put Twin Sunflowers on the front line. If you lose a normal Sunflower it's not a big problem, but the Twin will cost more each time in Endless Survival.

- Place your special plants where you want them in your final design. Swapping plants around during later stages can be costly (both in Sun and in accidents due to holes in your defences).

Wave 1 Plant Selection:

Sunflower x 2 (Imitator), Twin Sunflower, Lily Pad, Cattail, Pumpkin, Potato Mine, Fume-Shroom, Coffee Bean, Gloom-Shroom.

Wave 1 Strategy:

- Anywhere in the first 3 columns nearest the house, Plant Sunflowers as quickly as possible.

- Plant a Potato Mine in the row that the first Zombie appears in.

- Keep planting Sunflowers within the 3 columns nearest your house.

- When the Potato Mine comes off cooldown, place it in the row that the 2nd zombie appears in.

- Keep planting Sunflowers within the 3 columns nearest your house.

- When you get to 12 Sunflowers (3+3+3+3), plant a Lily Pad in the Pool (ideally, somewhere within 4 or 5 columns nearest the house).

- Save all of your Sun until you can plant a Cattail. Then plant your Cattail as soon as you have enough Sun.

- Save enough Sun until you have enough to plant an active Gloom-Shroom, with a Pumpkin around it, in the pool (nearest the zombie entrance).

- Aim to get at least 1 more Cattail next to the first Cattail.

- Aim to get at least 1 more Gloom-Shrooms next to the first Gloom-Shroom (all with Pumpkins around them). Ideally 4, in Wave 1.

- Then keep filling up the lawn with more Sunflowers/Twin Sunflowers.

Wave 2 Strategy:

- The exact setup that you want will depend on what zombies are attacking your house in this wave.

- Start replacing at least 1 Sunflower in each row with Winter Melons (this will slow all the zombies down and give your other defences time to kill most zombies that are likely to appear in Wave 2).

Wave 3 and beyond:

- Start slowly replacing Sunflowers with the plants you want in your final design.

- Choose the plants from your final design that most suit each wave of zombies.

The rest is up to you.

zorya 4 years ago

d' answer is Sun Cheats...

321yip 4 years ago

Hi. Iwas wondering how other people survived 500-2000 flags. I only got to 95 flags. I'm dead. Pleassssssssssss explain. Another question I'd like to ask is that other people earned more than 800,000$. Pleasssssss... explain. Wonder how you did it...

321yip 4 years ago

Can any one give facts about plants vs zombies. I'm trying to make a book of the facts about plants vs zombies. Or else give me idea of what I shoud write about. Pleeeeaaasssssssssssssssssssss...

321yip 4 years ago

3 comments ago I made a mistake. vto=to

321yip 4 years ago

I died at 95 flags because of stupid jacks bombed away my glooms in the pool at 92 flags. On the next 2 flags Ifor got to choose lily pad so I cant replace. I worried and kind of forgot about using corn cobs. The zombies ate almost everything. Atlast a snorkel zombie went into my house. How did Zorya survive 500 flags? Can you help? Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssss...

Hii 4 years ago

It's great that I want to do one thank you for putting in your afferet!

321yip 4 years ago

Hello it's me again I now want vto say that I'm still at 38 flags and the gloomy-shrooms in the pool are very easy to replace From Jacks. I looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this Zorya's setup

321yip 4 years ago

Hello I'm new to here. I'm using Zorya's setup to survive right now. I'm at 38 flags. Everything is going well. I didn't use the gold magnet and instead I used ice-shroom. But I have one thing to tell. How did you guys get to 100-890 flags? I only survived 15-40 flags. It's weird. I'll write again when I die.

angrygirls 4 years ago

To Nesson, you can hcaiuafkajsjflwief

Robert Yang 4 years ago

Im only 8 years old and i wana write a hub. Is there any way I can skip the annoying sign up? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase answer and give me a way to write a hub.

Robert yang 4 years ago

Can anyone show how to build a cob setup? Im a little confused about your hard to build setups. Do it step by step. Also in Crushers miracle has any one noticed 6 of the cobs can be eaten by imps? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase answer these ,Im really comfused. Im also only 8 years old.

Vallejo 4 years ago

@goblog - I would say try planting as much sun as possible in the beginning waves. Use the squash to kill the first few zombies, and alternate with the potato mine. By the time the zombies really start coming, you should have plenty of sun to plant the heavy-duty plants, like the melon-pults. Plant some wall-nuts to gain some time. Spikeweeds will take their toll until you get your setup in place.

goblog 4 years ago

i have a question, with what do you defend at first few flags when sunflower is low, i tried using kernel so that i wont waste any sun to covert them into cobs but it still dont give enough damage only to kill buckethead. please i'm very confused, did you use it with fumes

goblog 4 years ago

i have a question, with what do you defend at first few flags when sunflower is low, i tried using kernel so that i wont waste any money to covert them into cobs but it still dont give enough damage only to kill buckethead. please i'm very confused, did you use it with fumes

Jason 4 years ago

I am not able to access the link "My Story with Plants vs Zombies", which has me very curious. I am always interested in how people play PvZ at all leves.

As far as Endless, I have reached 100 flags with 8 cob and 10 cob setups three times. I died while trying to ladder myself. I have one profile that's still going strong at 124 flags. I have never used the Warhead setup, although I don't find fault with it. I am interested in damageless 8-10 cob setups.

anonymous 4 years ago

angrygirls the strategies work i got at least 200flags on almost all of them with you they dont work with you because you suck at plants vs zombies

Plants vs Zombies Master 4 years ago

It says at the top This game isn't for children. I guess thats true but im 10 and i got 111 flags in survival endless with my own original strategy. Just saying.If you dont believe me suit yourself

angrygirls 4 years ago

that shit didn't work u douchebags! i only survived for 27 flags!!!

Vallejo 4 years ago

2876 waves so far. But I haven't been playing a lot in the past few months. They need to put out Plants Vs. Zombies 2! It's been long enough.

Nesson 4 years ago

A word of advice to anybody playing pvz endless on an IPad, you need to make room for AT LEAST 1 gold magnet in your setup. I was going strong at 130 flags when I suddenly couldn't access my cob cannons because of the crazy amount of gold in front of them. While I believe in the pc version you can just scroll over the coinage with your mouse to pick it all up, on the iPad you have to tap each coin individually before you can tap whatever plant is underneath or place plant on that spot. Coins laying around killed me :(

Nesson 4 years ago

Just wanted to shout out I've decided to give Zoryas setup and so far I'm at 80 flags and going strong. Full sun, and while I lost a cob cannon here and there, it was easily recoverable. I'll post again when I die

interlink 4 years ago

Thank You, Passerby!

Bullet 4 years ago

How do I set it up at the begining so that they do not get to my lawn mowers?

Impossiblarg 4 years ago

Commenting on Draco's cobless setup, if my math is right, lose one gloom shroom and it will cost around 1275 sun to replace, if you count the pumpkin. Seeing as this setup heavily relies on cherry bombs and the like, eventually you are going to run out of sun and then die.

Timothy 4 years ago

I did not start I'll do it tomorrow

chris 4 years ago


9999 4 years ago


pvz_pro 4 years ago

1500 flags can u beat it???

jenny lisa 4 years ago

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Nickzz 4 years ago

tmps3 - if you problem is jack-in-the-box zombies you have to be prepare. you have to choose the plants correctly before going in actual game.chosen plants is so I suggest this setup. its not cobless but this will help you 100% and you will enjoy the game!! and i bet you will break your own personal record!!! look up this new setup. NB's sutup...

Zombies 4 years ago

tohot - Infinite Sun.) It's Not working with me , what I have to Do ?

tmps3 4 years ago

I have been doing a cobless setup, and the only problem I am having with it is the Jack n the box Zombies... They seem to always make it just barely far enough to take out a corner......

It takes out everything fine except the box zombies.

Basically its 4 Gloom-Shrooms in front mid 2 water rows, and then 4 more G-shrooms 4 rows back on the next 2 rows.

Nothing in the outside rows at all except 1 frozen melon and 1 unbrela in back. (Frozen melon on all rows, sunflowers in middle)

Again this strat works perfect EXCEPT against the dang jack in the box zombies! Any ideas?

Nickos 4 years ago

guys i discover new setup for survival! NB setup is the new and best setup i ever used!! try it! more than 2thousands flags now and still counting!! look up this site for the picture!

plss have comment on that site or reply on this messege for your comment! thanks in advance . :))

Nickos 4 years ago

guys i discover new setup for survival! NB's setup is the new best setup i ever used!! try it! more than 2thousand flags now and still counting!! look up this site for the picture!

PVZ 4 years ago

Is a 8 Cob Cannon bulid good?

jilan 4 years ago

bisa die mainin gaxxxxxx : (

Person 4 years ago

@Dewa It takes practice.

Person 4 years ago


You said it only got you to 48 Flags. It takes a bit of practice, so that doesn't surprise me. Here are some tips.

Bring Ice-shroom and its Imitater to freeze Gigas in the inner rows when they're in range of all 4 Gloom-shrooms in the pool and the one on land.

DO NOT Pumpkin that front Fume-shroom in the outer rows.

Always bring what you need to replace destroyed Gloom-shrooms in the pool, blasted by instant Jack-in-the-box explosions.

With Ice-shroom and its Imitater, the only explosives you'll need are Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno. This takes care of everything by itself other than Jack-in-the-box Zombies and Giga-gargantuars. Outer rows, just hit them with one explosive. Bring Squash just in case.

Get Wall-nut First Aid from Crazy Dave and replace Pumpkins as soon as they're chipped.

yo yo yo nigga 5 years ago

aw hell naw

Anas 5 years ago

thanks for the advise

i reached 982 flags and still going on


anonymous 5 years ago

the (milestone)cobless setup only made me survive 48 flags and i had a pick up of all the the bombs and freezing things

Vallejo 5 years ago

2700+ waves so far!

Survival Fog Hard is actually pretty easy. The secret is to have enough sun. Instead of two columns, try three, whether it's sunflowers or sun-shrooms. Then, in the fourth column, plant scaredy-shrooms. Their long-range attack makes them ideal for the last line of defense.

While you're planting sunflowers (I use sunflowers on this board) also plant puff-shrooms and sea-shrooms, and don't stop. Fill up the fifth, sixth, and seventh columns.

As soon as you are able, plant a cat-tail in the fourth column of the pool. (First three columns are lily-pads with sun, remember.) Plant another one next to it, and then replace the sea-shrooms as you move further right.

In the seventh column, you'll plant two planterns in the pool's top and bottom rows. In the eigth/ninth columns in the pool, you'll plant fume and gloom shrooms, for a total of four glooms.

So the pool will be sun-sun-sun-cat-cat-cat-plantern-gloom-gloom... for both top and bottom rows.

While you're setting up your pool, start planting spikeweeds in the ninth column, and then put spikerocks on them. I normally don't even get to the spikerocks until the third board (fifth and sixth waves).

Also, start replacing all the puff-shrooms, from left to right, with starfruit. One starfruit doesn't do much, but a lot of starfruit magnifies the attack immensely. Plus, the stars shoot backwards, and this plus the cattails will take out diggers.

In both rows closest to the pool, plant a gloom-shroom in the eighth column. This magnifies the attack of the pool shrooms and takes out most anything in the very top and bottom rows.

In the third and fourth columns, take out the sunflowers and the scaredy-shrooms and replace them with the winter-melons. I don't even start planting them until the third/fourth waves. The first and second columns in the pool will be replaced with winter-pults, too. These are the last plants I plant, and I don't even get to them until the ninth-tenth levels. So by the end the pool is wintermelon-wintermelon-cat-cat-cat-cat-plantern-gloom-gloom, for both rows.

You'll have two twin sunflowers in columns one and two, but not in the pool, for a total of four twins on top and four on the bottom. That's all you'll need by the last few waves.

Put pumpkins on everything.

If you do it right, you'll end up with everything except spikerocks pumpkined, no pumpkins harmed (you'll replace them as they wear away) and maybe a few spikerocks pulverized, though I've come out with those in perfect shape, too. The secret is just to pulverize the zombies in the beginning with puff-shrooms, scaredy-shrooms and sea-shrooms, and then steadily replace them (from left to right... let the zombies deal with the free/low-cost plants until you've replaced everything) with starfruit, cat-tails, winter-melons, etc. I'm now at the point where I try to end the Survival Hard games with perfect pumpkins, and everything pumpkined, just to increase the challenge.

Ha ieyma 5 years ago

I wnt to have more gift for my zen garden.

but i can't

Dewa 5 years ago

how can they survive till 200+ flags?? i use those setup and only last 47 flags..its very hard~

Dewa 5 years ago

how can they survive till 200+ flags?? i use those setup and only last 47 flags..its very hard~

041scratch 5 years ago

I found a setup better than everything on this page, you should really check it out, it survived over 15000 waves, im not kidding, watch this youtube video

PvZ 5 years ago

My setup I'm currently working on right now:

G = Gloom-shroom, F = Fume-shroom, T = Twin Sunflower, S = Spikerock, U = Umbrella Leaf, W = Winter Melon







For a better picture, look at this:

If you have any questions or additions, feel free to comment about my setup.

PvZ 5 years ago

Back again.

I'm working on a cobless setup by myself, influenced by some of these strategies and some of those on YouTube. When I get the setup, I'll show it.

If anyone has a setup they're using right now I'll be happy to try it - just post the link.

Someone 5 years ago

Anonymous Source,

I also had a bit of trouble with Survival Fog Hard. Still am. I beat it once, but I have no idea how the heck I did it. I'm not sure how well this works in Hard, but it works with standard Survival Fog quite easily, and it seems like it should work for Hard. Here it is.

On land:

2 Rows Sun-shrooms

3 Rows Kernel-pults

1 Row Split Peas

2 Rows Spikerocks

(optional) 1 Row Spikeweed

In water:

2 Rows Sun-shrooms

However many Cattails and Sun-shrooms you want (the 2 rows is because they're pretty much mandatory), and try to use at least 2 Cattails

3 Rows Gloom-shrooms

And, of course, work on Pumpkining these. Basically, just bring Blover, consumables, Pumpkin (and Imitater if you can afford it), and plants for maintenance.

Anonymous Source 5 years ago

Gah! I don't even have Survival: Endless...I'm stuck on Survival: Fog (Hard). I lose at about 6 or 7 flags...any help? I REALLY WANT ENDLESS!

Ryan 5 years ago

I think I did a setup with 73 flags.Beat my dad with 52 flags so far

zombie 5 years ago

LOL I had already used the cobless setup on my own bwfore I checked this site, only reason I hate cobs is because it takes so muc clicking XD

yhaz 5 years ago

im in 492 flags and still going but im not sure if its really endless as it says or it will come to an end?

jake 5 years ago

on the very first setup, how could you get the catapult zombies?

lolwut 5 years ago

There are no cheats but saying someone cheating is stupid without the evidence. 9990 sun is the max. Gaining sun at first 10 waves is important. (By planting a lot sunflower while handling the zombies.) Slowly building your endgame build and you see it. If still you are accusing someone cheating, look probably, most cheaters use firepeas (most idiots use them) without sun-producing plants. I have to admit, if I see one more comment saying cheating, I will say that guy cannot play hard games.

weeeeee!!! 5 years ago

i survive 68 and i will continue it!! wdout cheat!!!!! hehehe

mystery man 5 years ago

you are so beepin bad at this game cheaters

Vbolejack 5 years ago

I'm confused. Everything makes sense except the little puff-shrooms. What are they for and why haven't they gotten a coffee bean?

PvZ 5 years ago

Wow I missed a lot :P

Anyway, I'm doing a cobless setup, at 50 flags so far.

Leonardo 5 years ago

Men, you really have to see these video.

William 5 years ago

Do your cob cannons get stealed?

edw4rdcull profile image

edw4rdcull 5 years ago

I love this game for its gameplay and the difficulty

Vallejo 5 years ago

I'm up to 1982 boards now.

About two nights ago I was talking on the phone with someone while I was playing and I somehow lost control and the horde ate my four non-pool cobs. It took some fancy footwork, but I got them all replaced and built my sun back up to 9990. On the way I lost a couple of glooms to a jack, but I finally got everything replaced and regained full sun. Should hit 2000 by the weekend.

many  5 years ago


Survivalist 5 years ago

I'm doing fine with 6 gatling peas, 10 gloom shrooms, 5 wintermelons, and 4 cobs. So far the only problem at 100 flags are the Jack explosions :)

Mr-ex777 5 years ago

i survived 502 flags using this setup.

what do you think about it?

Furries 5 years ago

No cheats used. Just started with many sunflowers from the early waves to complex and yet expensive at 20+ flags.

Undead.vs.salad 5 years ago

lol u noob. Just cuz people are good at a game does not mean they use cheats.

LastWish 5 years ago

All cheaters obviously

Gman95 5 years ago

I don't know if anyone will ever see my comment, but all I wanted to say is that I'm grateful that so many people have shared their ideas and methods with everyone. I would also like to add that I have found an ideal setup for Last Stand--as many others have before me.

Cob-Bless 5 years ago

okay - im looking for a setup that is strong enough to make it to wave 50 but WITHOUT using cobs or gloomies

Lamok 5 years ago

370 in counting...

Vallejo 5 years ago

Me again... the biggest thing to emphasize if you're going to try that 8-cob setup is getting the pattern down. Not the pattern of the plant setup, but the pattern of the consumables use plus the cobs. I've mentioned it before, but I'll repeat it:

Use the cobs, 2 at a time, 4 times. While you're waiting for the first pair to recharge, the zombies will swarm like always. I use a cherry bomb on one side of the pool (either side), which takes care of that side, both rows. On the other side of the pool, I'll use the jalapeno. Which row depends on whether there's jacks coming. If so, use it on the inside row close to the pool, to protect your glooms from jack explosions. If there aren't any jacks, use the jalapeno on the outside row, which will have more zombies coming. With the inside row, the only row now left that hasn't been bombarded by you, you will use either a spikeweed plant (for zombonis) or a squash. It's either/or, depending on the situation. I like spikes for zombonis since they regenerate faster.

Now I have the spikerocks set up in front of the cobs to protect them from balloon zombies and backup dancers--the only zombies that will make it far enough to endanger your cobs. Since spikerocks are expensive, I throw the cheap spikeweeds (100 sun) down in front of them to make the spikerocks last longer.

So, it's like this: use the 1-2-3-4 pairs of cobs. While they regenerate, blast one side with the cherry bomb, blast the opposite side with a jalapeno (inside or outer row depending on jacks), and the final row not touched by the jalapeno, use the spikeweed/gourd.

This will give you enough time for the first pair of cobs to regenerate. Generally, I'll shoot off one round of cobs, then the cherry/jalapeno/squash-spikeweed combo, then the cobs again. By this point, there's usually a lull in the zombie waves, and I'll have my first pair of cobs back again just in time to attack the zombies again. Then it's 1-2-3-4 cob pairs, and then I'll have to cherry/jalapeno/squash again. Repeat until the final flag. It's all about timing, which you just have to learn by experience.

We Game 5 years ago


Thanks for the nice strategy, will try this

PvZ 5 years ago

Great strategy! I'll try it today.

Vallejo 5 years ago


It's pretty basic; after some experimentation I followed the advice given here and found success with this setup. I can't get past 80 with a cobless setup, but this seems to work excellently for me.

I always pick these exact 10 plants, too, when I have Jacks to deal with. Otherwise, I always get pumpkin/clone pumpkin, cherry, jalapeno, squash, spikerock (for zombonis, if any) then bean, fume/gloom, and cornpult. I usually alternate between fumes and cornpult/cob for no particular reason, mostly just to pick something. I hardly ever use the freeze shroom.

One more thing: I play on a laptop, with no mouse. I do everything with the touchpad and its buttons. I don't know if this helps me or not... I never had a mouse for the laptop and so have learned to do without it.

PvZ 5 years ago

Can I see your setup?

Vallejo 5 years ago

Now past board 1616. Going for 2000, but I don't play everyday.

PvZ 5 years ago

@Andrew Kopacz

I'm surprised your setup didn't last shorter. You need some Twin Sunflowers on the yard to survive a long time. In your case you didn't, and you didn't survive long. Also, we use more upgraded plants than regular in my opinion.

PvZ 5 years ago

Ok, my bad. Maybe the zombies ate the cob cannon 2nd spot (collumn 6). I couldn't tell.

Draco 5 years ago

Never an insult to point out inaccuracies. I checked out the Warhead build and if you count from the left, that's column 5 and 6 for his third pair of pool Cobs, but I meant the right 4 spots. Notice how the front of the Cobs are within 4 columns from the right. Notice how the Super Freshest Twin Sunflowers are 5 from the right. Only columns 6,7,8,9 from the left, or 1,2,3,4 from the right are vulnerable to ambush zombies.

PvZ 5 years ago

I'm not trying to insult you Draco, but on youtube, a guy named TheHardinero made a setup called WARHEAD, and 2 cob cannons were on the 5th and 6th collumns. Zombies ate them in the video, and when I did the setup, the zombies ate the cannons too.

Draco 5 years ago

Only the first 4 columns are in danger. You can try it out yourself.

PvZ 5 years ago

As for the Super Setup Freshest, the two Twin Sunflowers in the pool are in danger of Zombies coming under the pool. Unless you were planning to cover the sunflowers with pumpkins, not in danger, but if not, that's a big sun loss.

geobreed 5 years ago

ok, thanks

Draco 5 years ago

Since only user 4 has an Endless save, Game4_13 is your save. Change that to Game4_70 and back once you're done.

geobreed 5 years ago

@draco i'm still confused about the faster laddering process. in my data folder there is no game1_13












what file should be rename

Draco 5 years ago

You must have them as Winter-Pults before the ladder is placed. You can achieve this easily in the inner row by making them before the ladders even come. It's trickier for outer row. If only 1 comes, you have a Winter-Pult that'll kill your ladders, right? Well, you can do one of two things. You can permanent remove the Garlic to let all zombies come through. This will preoccupy the Winter and not kill your ladder. Or you can work backwards, and have the spot be empty so the ladder zombie places his on the back one first.

There is a much faster way to do it, too. Completely make your build in Survival Endless, where you don't want any more changes. At the start of a new wave, make your last card slot Spikeweed. Put Spikeweed back and replace it 4 more times. (So it gets placed 5 times) Start the wave then leave the game and find your save in your data folder. It should be game1_13. Rename it to game1_70. Then open up I, Zombie endless. Your build will be in I, Zombie Endless mode. Wherever you place the Spikeweed, a Ladder zombie will appear and place a ladder down so you can ladder them quickly that way. DO NOT MAKE ANY OTHER CHANGES, IT WILL CRASH AND DELETE YOUR SAVE. Once you are done laddering quit and save. Rename back to _13 and you have them laddered for good.

Curious  5 years ago

How do you initiate the no damage setup.. If I place the mellons after the ladder is there, I lose the ladder, but if the winter mellon is there the he doesn't survive to place the ladder.

Draco 5 years ago

Nope, no need for cheating if you got what it takes.

Going to bother you guys with one last video showing how a build can be strong even at its darkest hour:

has mich en 5 years ago

wow.. i cant believe it.. have all of uused cheat engine??just asking

Andrew Kopacz 5 years ago

I'm just a beginner at Endless, but I 20 flags survived with this setup:

W = Winter-melon G = Gatling Pea M = Magnet-shroom T = Tall-nut S = Spikeweed (didn't have the upgrade, and only nine slots) C = Cactus







And on the levels with balloon zombies, I'd replace the fourth "W" (Winter-melon) with a "C" (Cactus), then undo this when the level didn't have balloon zombies.

Then, I would use this pick:

Lily Pad, Repeater, Gatling Pea Upgrade, Melon-pult, Winter Melon Upgrade, Tall-nut, Spikeweed, Coffee Bean, Magnet-shroom.

The reason I don't use or pick Sunflowers or the Twin Sunflower Upgrade is because I use Cheat Engine to keep my sun at 1425 because the upgrades cost more per purchase.

Draco 5 years ago

Here's a video of Harmless:

Anthony 5 years ago

Leave it and Sorry

Mario 5 years ago

GGWWCCGBB. W= winter melons. G=gloomy-shrooms

TGWWCCGBB. T=twin sunflower. CC=cob cannons





Pickup (no repairs, no balloons, and no jacks) : Pumpkin, imitated pumpkin, kernel pult, cob cannon, cherry bomb, Jalapeño, squash, fume, coffee bean, gloom shroom

Pickup (no repairs, no jacks, balloons) : Pumpkin, imitated pumpkin, kernel pult, cob cannon, cherry bomb, squash, blover, fume, coffee bean, gloom shroom

Pickup (no repairs, jacks, balloons) : Pumpkin, imitated pumpkin, kernel pult, cob cannon, cherry bomb, blover, fume, coffee bean, gloom shroom, lily pad

Pickup (no repairs, jacks, no balloons) :Pumpkin, imitated pumpkin, kernel pult, cob cannon, cherry bomb, squash fume, coffee bean, gloom shroom, lily pad

Pickup (repairs, no jacks, no balloons) : Pumpkin, imitated pumpkin, kernel pult, cob cannon, cherry bomb, squash, (repairs as needed)

Pickup (repairs, jacks, balloons) :Pumpkin, imitated pumpkin, kernel pult, cob cannon, cherry bomb, squash, (repairs as needed)

I survived 300+ flags with this

Ps: all Ts, Gs, and Ws are in pumpkin

Draco 5 years ago

Hey guys, I know it's been a really long time since I posted. I haven't been playing much of PvZ until this week because it's my spring break. I found some Chinese forums and learned a lot of strategy, like ladder pumpkins and pool slots for a Doom rotation, and I noticed that a new type of build emerged. It was the "No Damage" build. It usually involved 6+ cobs and either clever use of those extra Cobs to kill Imps/Diggers, or use of ladders to let them completely walk by. I noticed that there were no Cobless variants of "No Damage" so I gave it a shot.

Here's what I came up with:

With proper Freeze Shroom usage, nothing important will ever get eaten. The Fumes in the front can still get eaten, but the need for Pumpkins has been eliminated, which frees up a card slot for something else (usually Puff Shrooms) I'm going to post more specific details in the Cobless section.

Mario 5 years ago

For those using only 8 cannons, fire only if you see the dancer get separated from the legion then fire, or when the first dolphin / snorkel jumps in. This way you can deal with a perfect cycle without any problem. (PS: I use a 10 cannon setup. I have 2 spare for bungees. )

Zombie 5 years ago

stupid guide, don't use trainer lol

FAF 5 years ago


deblipp profile image

deblipp 5 years ago

With Crusher's layout -- where are the sunflowers?

msihabudin 5 years ago

256 flags with my setup... more sunflower is better

andrew 5 years ago

Thanks for this page, all...having fun trying out these various strategies. Skullxxx, I used a setup very similar to yours but could not get past 50...I think I was using my cob cannons too often / when I didn't need too, and then didn't have them avail when giants come...trying a no cob cannon solution now, similar to Draco's. just getting started but will post update.

el virtual 5 years ago

esta chevere toas las mneras de jugar q waaaaaaaaaaaaau

skullxxx 5 years ago

skullxxx 5 years ago

I use blover whenever a slot available and if there are balloon zombies. though proper timing of cob cannon will do. And also, I have kernel put and cob cannon in my slots,

so that even if I lost one or two cob cannons, I can easily replace.

Fengmiyilei, can you post your strategy?

Fengmiyilei 5 years ago

You'd better not use Cattails but blover,just in case the balloons fall down and eat your Cob Cannon.

Fengmiyilei 5 years ago

You'll be shocked.

skullxxx 5 years ago

after getting some challenge from my friend to continue to 1000, I managed to try some few games and reached 300 flags.

here is the new screenshot ->

by the way, I don't pick spike rock whenever there's no zomboni and giga-gargantuar to save slot for bomb plants. if there are balloon and football zombies, I have cob cannon(with kernel) because there are times balloon zombies fell in front of my cob cannon.

I don't know what happened but my 200 flags didn't work, here is the link for that ->

skullxxx 5 years ago

after getting some challenge from my friend to continue to 1000, I managed to try some few games and reached 300 flags.

here is the new screenshot ->

by the way, I don't pick spike rock whenever there's no zomboni and giga-gargantuar to save slot for bomb plants. if there are balloon and football zombies, I have cob cannon(with kernel) because there are times balloon zombies fell in front of my cob cannon

skullxxx 5 years ago

I managed to go beyond 200+ flags with my setup(am not yet finished since it's been boring after reaching 200 flags) ->

I have spike rock combo every time zombonie appears.

Whenever I hear jack in the box, i just target second rightmost column using cob cannon, but I also have lily pad, fume shroom and gloom shroom so that I'm ready to replaced plants that were destroyed by jack in the box

cattail helps me with balloon zomboni, though I usually use cob cannon with that type of zombie.

I have at least two extra bombs: cherry bomb, jalapeno and doom shroom(with coffee bean).

I always replaced torn pumpkin at 75% health.

Domich150 5 years ago

"Hey, can someone explain exactly what the rules are for the cost of consumables like the Spikerock and the Gloom-Shroom? I know they raise 50 Sun every time you use one, but I've noticed the price goes down after a certain time. I've had Spikerocks reset to the lowest price several times now in my game and I'm wondering what the rule is... every time you pass a level where you don't use a consumable, it drops 50 Sun? Or do you have to survive a level and then it starts dropping the next? I'm usually too busy to watch for the pattern, so has anybody else picked up on this?"

For each upgrade plant you have on the lawn,its cost raises for 50. When an upgrade plant is removed from the lawn in any way,its cost goes 50 sun less. In other words, the cost of an upgrade plant raises for 50 for each upgrade plant of the same type you have on the lawn.

plants vs. zombies ppl 5 years ago

my set up is good i guess

yellovv 5 years ago

I've currently just reached 200! Guess its just the starting of a battle now.

Up till now, I only use 4 cob cannons. Which I think its still sufficient. I use 6 glooms in the water lane and about 2 fume shrooms on each of the outside lanes. They seem to handle even the red eyes. But I have to cob them at least once in the inner lane and twice on the outer lane.

krr 5 years ago

Is there any non-believers left ? In case there is: --- I just caught a short video with my iphone.. as I'm on iPad, there's no cheat available. so, this strategy works.

Vallejo 5 years ago

I'll also add that the cost of the expensive stuff seems to go down 50 Sun after using them, after a board or two. I don't know the rules or why, but I'll deliberately leave the cob launcher and gloom off my list sometimes because I'm wondering if you don't use them, maybe the cost goes down 50 Sun per board. I can't figure out the system, but my twin sun has gone down dramatically, and the cob launcher stays at 900 and glooms at 600, going down to these numbers after i haven't used them/selected them in a few boards.

Vallejo 5 years ago

Am now up to 1350+. It would be more, but I don't play it that often these days. I know it sounds impossible, but it is possible to get to 200 boards and beyond. I literally couldn't get past 50-70 boards no matter what i did, and then somehow I made it to 100, and then that was it... the next thing I knew, I was 500 boards in. I still don't know what if anything changed, but I think I finally got into the rhythm of the game past board 70. You just have to keep at it until you do.

Again, I use the classic 8-cob setup with 6 glooms in the front of the pool, 2 cattails, 2 glooms on each side of the pool in the back for diggers/imps, plus two umbrella plants on each side. Two winter-pults on the outer rows, one on the inner. Spikerocks in the front, though those are optional to me now. It's all about pacing your eight cobs so you're not too short-handed, then covering for that gap between cob regenerations with cherry bombs/jalapenos/squashes. Always have the pumpkin/clone pumpkin combo. I don't use freeze shrooms at all.

- Always pack a lily pad/fume/gloom/coffee bean combo when you have Jacks, no matter what.

- Drop cobs directly on the Michael Jackson zombies when they stop advancing to cover all the riding dancers, too.

- when I run out of cobs on zomboni boards, I use the cherry on one side of the pool, the jalapeno on the other side's inner row (takes out any Jacks that could damage the glooms) and then the spike to take out any zombonis in the outer row not covered by the jalapeno. It takes some practice, but following this exact procedure between cob cycles will ALWAYS take care of zombies and give you the time you need until cobs regenerate.

- don't panic; I've gone from 9990 sun down to 2000 or so, and fought my way back up to 9990 again. Ride out the hectic waves and concentrate on getting sun during the quieter ones (no gigas, no Jacks)

- here's what I typically carry, in this order (so you can grab it easier without having to search for it) -

* pumpkin/clone pumpkin - always;

* if there are Jacks, fume/gloom/lily/coffee bean

* no Jacks, then cherries/jalapenos/squash

* then corn-pult/cob launcher, spikes and/or gloom/bean (it all depends on whether you have Jacks... no Jacks, then pumpkin/clone pumpkin/cherries/ jalapeno/squash/corn-pult/cob launcher/bean/fume/regular spikes (mandatory on zomboni waves)

krr 5 years ago

I'm on iPad, which got a slightly different situation: you have only 9 slots, but you can use several fingers, for instance, to launch several cob... and I took pictures, so, if someone thinks it's a cheat, well it's not.. there's no cheat in the ipad for Plants Vs Zombies at the moment. I'm only 80+ flags but "alive and planting" (: my setup is pretty close to the ones here. can post pictures if anyone want me to.

Andy Milne 5 years ago

@non-believer: believe me, I am sceptical too. But my record is 49. No cheating. I still have a hard time believing someone actually reached 800 or 1000 flags. The is a trainer available at cheathappens I think.

Non-believer 6 years ago

I've read you're entire post and have played your setups and don't believe you've gotten past the high twenties without cheating in some way. The Zombie's are just too many to keep up past 27 flags.

abcdef 6 years ago

I see not one or two players use a combination of peas+torchwood and winter melons. Big fail. Up to this level of difficulty you should have realized that fire removes the effect of ice slowing down zombies. So by using fire and winter melons you don't get the advantage that the melons give you. An advice the first 10 or so levels are not difficult and therefor it's wise to use many sunflowers (two slots with the cloning flower - forgot it's name, looks like peanut with a hat :D). With the cloning flower you'll get a nice amount of sunflowers and you can save suns for later on when you'll be needing them.

infoels1 profile image

infoels1 6 years ago

Are you like these combination.

infoels1 profile image

infoels1 6 years ago

hi wARtist ,i like you because your comments is very nice.

Catapult zombies are gay 6 years ago

Whenever a catapult zombie comes in i always lose my freeze melons thats why there should be umbrella leaf in second row near pool then catapult zombies are no threat and u don't have to worry about getting bungee zombies when getting ready for cobbing the bungeesof course i usually only have 4 cob cannons but i did get achievement for passing 40 waves of endless in XBLA. INSANE game 5 stars

pvz 6 years ago

i can only get to 14 flag before my set up gets overwhelmed by gargantuars and giga-gargantuars(those with red eyes)+incorrect cattail timing

a$$quatch 6 years ago

i thought it was impossible without cannons. the pvz God's strategy got me 2 flag 240 these can't get me past 20-30

tonycandra 6 years ago

i love this game...never make me boring..thank you PVZ

nef 6 years ago

500 flags and counting if you want to use the magnet just place them without pumpkin next to the spike rocks. usually it works although you might have to replace them at times with cheap investment 150 sun.

you can easily hit 9990 sun constantly only jack in the box might screw it up but you can easily replace them the next round

no need for 4 spikerocks since the gloom schrooms kill all the zombonis only the red gargantuar needs to be hit once with a cob or any other big damager which would happen anyway considering you have to kill the outer edges gargantuars and zombonis

i honestly think i can keep this up forever

kamen 6 years ago

I reach 54 flags w/o cheating... and my average flag is 40+ flags... but im not bragging about it guys....hhahahah gud luck with your PVC cheaters....;-)

AAnthony 6 years ago

How to survive 500 flags and Beyond

rockraiden 6 years ago

survived 26 flags and still counting on...set-up is 2 columns of winter pults, 4 cob cannon, star-fruit, lily pad, tall-nut, spikerocks,twin sunflowers, and pumpkins...ill try the 8 cob strategy and find out how many flags i could get...

SilentPandA 6 years ago



WTF 6 years ago

Shut your CRAP...panda-DUDE You Lying Basterd...

Elson Lee 6 years ago

I survived for 200 flags without cob cannons.

My best setup:No Cob Cannon,10 Gloom-Shrooms,4 Winter Melons,16 Gatling Peas,10 Cattails,8 Spikerocks,4 Torchwoods and 2 Twin Sunflowers.

All should be protect by pumpkins.

Always bring along Jalapeno,Cherry Bomb and Squash and always use imitater pumpkin to survive till level 200.

SilentPandA 6 years ago

Dude thats not cheating....its just takes time and skill.

WTF 6 years ago

FYI... 8 cob connons doesn't work in real PVZ your just cheating...what's up with that?

PVZgaz 6 years ago

Nice Achievements, CHEATERS LOL!!!!!

mindy 6 years ago

a setup 4 the slow ones ;)

four cobs, good for the red eyed

the spikes help, but are not necessary

bungees very rarely get a plant

BUT dont forget to blow away the surviving balloons

RoM2cUiSiA 6 years ago

crazy gargantaurs,sometimes u dont need explosives to kill it. (only white eyes)

Vallejo 6 years ago

Currently up to 1180. I might just keep going to 2000! I have the 8-cob set-up. 4 twin sunflowers. Two winterpults on the outside rows, two umbrella plants on each side of the pool, two glooms on each side in the back (2nd column) to cover the diggers, and spikerocks on the right to stall the front-line zombies. no winterpults in the pool, just cat-tails. The setup is pictured on this page somewhere.

smibbity 6 years ago

This setup is still working. A snow watermelon got taken out, but that's easily replaced on the next round. Like I said, very easy to keep up with.

zombielover 6 years ago

Hi all, I tried using Zorya's set-up, but im not even close to half Zorya's achievement. 1st attempt got me thru 56 flags, 2nd attempt was worse only 30 smthg flags, i felt ive tried to be as quick as i could ever be, but 8 cobs r just not enough for me. then again where am i gonna plants more cobs???

i also tried passerbys strategy, got me to 48th flag.

any suggestion?? anymore line ups possible?

smibbity 6 years ago

Well, this setup cannot be defeated. Even when the front doomshrooms are jacked, even when a couple of cobapults are taken out, it's very easy to stay on top. Pumpkin replacement is never difficult to keep up with. I just alternate between a Squash and a Blover depending on balloon zombies showing up. The levels aren't getting any more difficult, so I don't see the point in continuing.

smibbity 6 years ago

Still going with this setup. I think I've already experienced the worst the game can throw at me, so I don't know how much further I really need to go.

Ton2xmilton 6 years ago

One thing all pvsz players, the hardest zombie combination that I experience constantly were jack-in-the-box, dolphin zombies, red eye gargantor and with only the low class or regular zombies. It will alwayz gave me a dam shit specially when flag is at 70th to hundredth. The jackinthebox explodes very aggresively back up with the red eye gargantor to hummer and dolphines to eat what's left on the explosion.

The rest of the combination were not that hard like this even if iether the 3 zombies mentioned above is combined with the white eye gargantor, jackson, and football.

smibbity 6 years ago

The star fruits in my setup are really effective at helping to control the zombies that get to close to the front cobapults. In fact, the addition of those is what all of a sudden allowed me to get past 100 flags, even when exploding zombies take out my front doom shrooms.

smibbity 6 years ago

200 flags and counting...this setup is flawless.

Master4902 6 years ago

I am currently at 110 flags with this setup:

The 2 spaces at the bottom-left is used as temporary Freeze shroom storage.

The 2 glooms are unpumkined since the Zomboni squashes them (very rare)

Snow Peas are stronger than you think!

Benefits of Military Loans 6 years ago

You know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that gameYou know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that gameYou know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that gameYou know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that game

Vallejo 6 years ago

Hey, can someone explain exactly what the rules are for the cost of consumables like the Spikerock and the Gloom-Shroom? I know they raise 50 Sun every time you use one, but I've noticed the price goes down after a certain time. I've had Spikerocks reset to the lowest price several times now in my game and I'm wondering what the rule is... every time you pass a level where you don't use a consumable, it drops 50 Sun? Or do you have to survive a level and then it starts dropping the next? I'm usually too busy to watch for the pattern, so has anybody else picked up on this?

Ton2xmilton 6 years ago

Hey guyz, I have seen several videos even comments on how they deal with jack's.

Here is some tip for you by my experience.., when you dealing with jack's, you must always load the shroom package in the pool, that includes the lily pad. You must realized and expect that jack will explode any time as the game goes on. Also, segregating your pumpkins accordingly limit you to consume much of your sun power.

Watch and observe my video's on youtube. How I deal with jack's and the other zombies. I always upload videos showing hard combination.

UPPER 6 years ago

for me,i am in 154 flags!!! i used the setup

i did not even expect it to happen

Jpazz 6 years ago

I didn't want to repeat the cobless, 8 cob cannon or 10 cannon set ups. So I made a 6 cob cannon set up. I am at 210 flags now. Three unfair jack-cidents cost me. Rebuidling was a pain. Sun is low. (Using two sets of twins) :) I'm still alive. Thinking of scrapping the set up and one day start over with a new attempt,

Ton2xmilton 6 years ago

Only when I hit near 200 flags, I was searching and wondering what other cobless formations that was set by others. And oh! I've seen draco's cobless set up seem very similar to mine. hahaha!

So guyz, please see my video on youtube and made some comments. Thank You!

Ton2xmilton 6 years ago

I invite you guyz to see my cobless and 8 cobcorn set up on youtube and how I play it. The 8 cobcorn set up delivers me to 2100 flags and hold for a while to play cobless set up. Currently, I've reach 330 flags.Inadvertently, before I made this cobless set up, I never seen that draco's set up is similar to mine.

@javier 6 years ago


the game is way too stupid and boring because it's just a fantasy and all that those who are fools playing chicken

To Javier:

Why bother visiting the site :p

javier 6 years ago

el juego es demaciado tonto y aburrido porque es solo una fantasia y todo los que los que los juegan son unos tontos pollos

Master4902 6 years ago

How's my modified setup:

lol 6 years ago


Enigma PHP 6 years ago

@Master4902 - I have done a similar set-up too before, but that can be crushed in about flag flag 230 or higher. Plus 4 flowers cannot hold it that much in higher flags with red eye gargantua continuously coming almost 3-4 consecutive flags... the peas just cannot hold them.

Master4902 6 years ago

Enigma PH 6 years ago

The Draco set-up is great lead me to 225 flags but there are levels that the baloon zombies became so rampant that the cattails cannot handle them. I need to use cherry bomb or jalapeno to lessen them so that the cattails can kill the rest. Therefore I created this hybrid; replacing cattails and one winter melon and one twin sunflower into two cob cannons. I have reached 280 so far. Hope you enjoy the hybrid set-up. Its more easy to manage :).

Riley 6 years ago

I'm a fan of P VS. Z. My friend is the one who has it but because of this guide I'm better than him!!!

I'm craaaaaaazy! 6 years ago

20 cannons can it?

I'm craaaaaaazy! 6 years ago

20 cannons can it?

Draco 6 years ago

If you have more links, I'll document all the unmodified builds in them.

Leoning 6 years ago

Come and see this:

1263 flags WITHOUT Cob Cannon!

If you wanna see more, click here:

BTW, it's in Chinese

yyc 6 years ago

your setup are not well~~some people in our BBS have survived for more than 12000flags~

Stone Guo 6 years ago

It's easy for lots of PVZer in China to survive for more than 1000 Flags.There's also a person survive for 12345 Flags.

Draco 6 years ago


Everything looks great except for that top Umbrella placement. The outer row is exposed and it will eventually die to Catapult zombies. And, no, you can't kill them fast enough. =)

Master4902 6 years ago

Draco 6 years ago

It's been a really long time since I first published my guide, but there have been a lot of advancements in PvZ strategy, and enough people interested and contacting me that I decided to do a real update. And not just a small update, but a revamp. The amount of builds covered has vastly increased ever since I got access to some Chinese PvZ websites. I also added a consumables guide and a construction guide and just a lot of things here and there. I tried to cram all of my knowledge of this game into it, so there is quite an overwhelming amount of information, but I know you'll just eat it up anyway. =)


(most of the updates are at the latter end of my guide)

mo654 6 years ago

i figure out a set with 10 cobs that not easily eaten. its inspired by your setups here is a pic im currently at 53 but im well confident to go beyond 200

the idea of protecting the 3rd cobs in the pool is to launch a cob right after the "A huge wave of zombies approaching"

fourletterlie 6 years ago

im proud of all who finish endless game with 100 flags or more without using any cheat.. infinite sun or coin?.. but i guess some who post this strategy use infinite sun.. if you want a thrill in this game dont use any.. :) so dont be arrogant to say you finish 500, 1000, 2000 flags.. i bet you only achieve this flags by using cheat.. i admit i use also cheat and achieve 800 flags and more.. it is fun to use cheat especially those who are impatient.. but it is best to play a game at your own hardwork..:) so far i finish 98 flags and going without using cheat.. and by the way thanks to your strategy..

jasper012 6 years ago

You know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that gameYou know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that gameYou know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that gameYou know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that game

Master4902 6 years ago

I lost at Flag 97 because of the stupid jacks. 6 years ago

I survived 89 flags.

I use 6 Cob, 2 Umbrella, 10 Gloom, 10 Winter Melon, 7 Twin Sunflower, 1 Gold Magnet, 4-8 Spikerock

allmost space is full of pumpkin

Aaron 6 years ago

Okay, alot of people are saying they must be using an unlimited sun cheat. I don't think so. For one thing, in draco's setup is using 6 DOUBLE sunflowers, which is equivelent to 2 rows of regular sunflowers. Plus, when they get get all there defences situated, then they just keep collecting sun until there is an emergency or they need to replace something. I think people commenting should really give the people who came up with these more credit.

mAriAni mAriAni 6 years ago

70? not to brag but i'm already on my 700th flag. 702 to be exact. i'm PvZ maniac but not good at hubs like this. Teach me how to post a pic of my PvZ encounter here so i can help you PvZ addicts. I also video'd myself to prove that i was playing the actual game itself. If you want, guide me in attaching the video so you can see it for yourself. Honestly, the arrangement of the plants is just very easy, the real trick of the endless game is how & where to hit the enemies using the COB cannons. After that, everything's a piece of cake. Honestly, i took a break of playing it because i got bored. from flag 100 to 700: the same strategy, same enemies; only many. sun's at 9990, flag's at 702 and coins are at 990,000 (limitation - can't reach a million or more).


> COB cannons are priceless! they're the IT of the game. without them, you should not be playing the endless mode

> don't use gold magnets (waste of space - replace it w/ flowers instead)

> if there's a zombie that you need to prioritize to kill, that would be the "jack in the box" - the cruelest zombie of all especially if you're running out of sun

> never underestimate the power of the umbrella leaves. they should be present in the army

> use blover to kill balloon zombies (NO NO: cattail)

> always catch your sun. forget about the coins. IGNORE the coins. just get the gifts and sell your plants on your garden once they grow. you'll earn more by doing it

> lastly, you must have QUICK EYES and FINGERS to overcome those nasty zombies.

oblak86 6 years ago

hey people, I'm new here, i really admired your setup people, but i was wondering, how can you have such a large sum of suns

when you only got 8 twin sunflowers??

bobo 6 years ago

bob took a crap

Master4902 6 years ago

Do Winter Melons slow down Zombonis?

************ 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips!!!!!

Weak 6 years ago

Here's my modification of ProZ's setup. It gives me an extra cob cannon so that with 9 cannons in the rotation + 1 cherry I'm good. I don't like imitator cherries because they can get eaten before they explode.

Row 1: gloom, gloom, wintermelon, gloom, cob, spikerock

Row 2: cob, wintermelon, gloom, cob, spikerock

Row 3: gloom, cob, cob, 2xsunflower, gloom, gloom, gloom

Row 4: Cattail, cob, cob, 2xsunflower, gloom, gloom, gloom

Row 5: wintermelon, gloom, 2xsunflower, 2xsunflower, cob, spikerock

Row 6: umbrella, gloom, wintermelon, wintermelon, cob, spikerock

Everything that can be pumpkined is (except spikerock).

The point of this setup is that with 3 glooms shooting I can protect my back cob in row 2 from ever getting bit.

It is very rare for gargantaurs to throw all the way to column 2 since I keep a constant barrage of cobs on them.

In multicob setups umbrellas aren't really necessary since you cob before catapults can shoot. I always target top half first when cobbing, just to make sure the catapult won't get a shot off (since the bottom half is protected by an umbrella plant).

Since there is a constant barrage of cobs it is very rare for a balloon zombie to get by so that it isn't necessary to have 2 cattails. For bungee zombie I use freeze. It makes it pretty easy.

I find that with 8 cobs I occasionally have no cobs ready and I then need to use cherry + squash + jalapeno which throws off my timing. Here when the 8 cob rotation fails I can always toss in the 9th cob + 1 cherry which still keeps my timing good. I have plans to try to make 10 cob setups although it becomes difficult to get the necessary number of sunflower plants.

Mousy 6 years ago

In all the setups I see little or no suns set up... Are the people empoying these setups using a cheat for sun?? Cause otherwise it just doesn't seem feasible...??

pedja 6 years ago

igrica je odlicna

Albert 6 years ago

I'm still currently playing and I'm at 1,400++ flags with 9,990 suns and 999,990 coins without using any cheats. It has more to do with the right set-up with only 8 cob cannons, 10-12 gloom shrooms, 9-10 winter melons, 2 cattails, 2 unbrellas, and 3-4 twin sunflowers. It is also about knowing when and where to attack with your cob cannons, cherry bombs, squash and jalapenos. Also when to defend using, surprisingly, puff shrooms.

Bonzilla 6 years ago

how do you get all that sun? i read something that talked about going into the userdata documents but it didn't really say what to do from there. all i have left is zombotany2. please help! please

Christian - Norway 6 years ago

Sorry for the mistake. Hope the picture will show now.

Christian - Norway 6 years ago


This is my setup for the survival endless mode. As you can see I have completed 124 flags with ease. I was up to 172 flags with a similar setup, but the game crashed for some reason and I had to start all over again. (Doh!) The idea is just slowing down the zombies as they walk by the gloom shrooms for a slow but painful death. For Giga-Gargantaurs, keep all the instant damage plants at hand. Squash, Cherry-bombs and double Jalapeños. Use the cob cannons often and efficiently. On levels with balloon zombies i usually bring the Blower. This is because they sometimes get a bit to close to my beloved lawnmowers for my comfort. This has been an airtight setup for me and I guess I could go on forever as long as the game doesn't crash again. Please feel free to copy this setup and let me know how you did :)

Christian - Norway 6 years ago


This is my setup for the survival endless mode. As you can see I have completed 124 flags with ease. I was up to 172 flags with a similar setup, but the game crashed for some reason and I had to start all over again. (Doh!) The idea is just slowing down the zombies as they walk by the gloom shrooms for a slow but painful death. For Giga-Gargantaurs, keep all the instant damage plants at hand. Squash, Cherry-bombs and double Jalapeños. Use the cob cannons often and efficiently. On levels with balloon zombies i usually bring the Blower. This is because they sometimes get a bit to close to my beloved lawnmowers for my comfort. This has been an airtight setup for me and I guess I could go on forever as long as the game doesn't crash again. Please feel free to copy this setup and let me know how you did :)

GTFrank 6 years ago

Why are there flowers on the ground to the right of the lane? Anybody know?

XXXaviCE 6 years ago


10 cannon?

can you send me a screenshot? :)

ladyviolet 6 years ago

teah mo eh

LaiJiye 6 years ago

10 cannons . 1438 flags. and move on....

zeng ge 6 years ago

chun ge chun ye men tie xue zhen han zi

chun ge 6 years ago


hubo 6 years ago

Crusher's Miracle??????????

iiiiiiii 7 years ago

its pointless getting 200+ flags and so on, its not getting any harder with this build :

J. Kessels 7 years ago

Best of both worlds with only 2 cob's. Very strong and easy to play. See the snapshot: 123 flags completed and 9990 sun.

- Only red-eyed gargantuars will get far enough to do damage. That's what the cob's are for.

- Blow the cobs as soon as they are ready, and always on the one-but-rightmost square near the water.

- The spikeweeds are there to slow red-eyed gargantuars down. Replace as fast as possible.

- The 2 sunflowers in the middle have a small chance of getting lifted by bungee zombies. Easily repaired and no danger.

- Strong against diggers, imps, dolphins, and anything else.

- Strong sun economy.

- Disadvantage: it gets boring after a while! The zombies don't stand a chance. Only jack-in-the-box is dangerous, but can be quickly repaired because of the strong sun economy.

FlyinFree 7 years ago

Posted a video on YouTube showing my survival endless setup and how I use it plus some other tidbits. Hope it helps.

DenisG 7 years ago

Cattails are useless, in later levels there are so many balloons that they are taken down in the middle of all of your towers, and destroy them... I tried it once and nearly got served...

jelo 7 years ago

hi.. this is my low cost cobless set up.. survived 106 flags in d pic, but now im on flag 136.. =) im rly happy abt my set up.. =) no more worries abt diggers at d back. and yet i can still take care of the imps in the mid areas..

FlyinFree 7 years ago

I finally lost at 1678 flags.

Godfrey 7 years ago

all of this setups really cool but can someone show me how do you start this?

Draco 7 years ago

At least I have my trolls to comfort me in my time of need.

to draco 7 years ago

you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Draco 7 years ago

To be honest, you got me excited about these new tactics. Where'd you go? =(

Terror Tomate 7 years ago


I would have some new fantastic tactics, but I don't know how to load them onto the page, I am sorry.

Can anybody help me?

FlyinFree 7 years ago

Draco 7 years ago

Winter-Pults do more damage than Melon-Pults. Their damage is equal for blocked shots.

Clicky 7 years ago

Clicky 7 years ago

Hey guys,

Here's a useful trick for managing the game when you're overwhelmed:

Pause the game (using space), then mouse over to where you want to click. As fast as you can, press space-click-space. It will unpause the game, register the click, then pause again right away. Then mouse to the next place you want to click, and do the same thing.

You can do everything this way: pick up sun, pick up coins, launch cobs, plant plants, etc (if you pick up a seed packet from the bar, it'll stay on your cursor even if you pause, and same for cobs). You can manage as much of your defense as you want, then unpause to let the game continue.

Of course, it's kind of a cheap trick. If you consider it cheating, don't do it, obviously. I play on my laptop, and it's pretty much impossible to manage everything with the trackpad, so I like to use it so I don't get overwhelmed.

Also, just for fun, here's my current game, on wave 124 right now. The setup isn't as good as it could be -- I'll be making a lot of changes before the next round.

Draco 7 years ago

Well Blovers were to be used as the replacement for Cattails. I thought it was obvious that the pumpkined lily pads were the cob cannons.

FlyinFree 7 years ago

700 flags so far and still going with the same build as before, just lost one lawn mower to a balloon zombie that slipped through.


That build you posted either has no cob cannons or no cattails, either way missing an important component.

Draco 7 years ago

Well after another look over of your build, that one Gloom dedicated to Imp defense seems like a waste, even though it's technically emergency backup too. I seriously suggest you try double Gloom where the Umbrella and Winter-Pult are, using 2 slots instead of 3 to cover everything back there buys you another Winter-Pult for the inner row. The reason why the Fume is dying is because of patches of unsnared zombies, right? Double Winter-Pult will help against that. Let the Diggers nibble a bit since I'm sure with double Pumpkin you're doing fine with replacement.

You could also use that extra slot for an additional Gloom where the inner row Winter-Pult is, then all the outer row will need is one cob and proper snaring. Outer row defense is the probably the more pressing row, so I'd try that out. It also doesn't hurt with killing Jacks faster. the only issue is that the moved Winter-Pult might get get distracted by Imps if it's too far back, and that makes unsnared patches of zombies.

I know you're afraid of raising the cost of Glooms and possibly I don't know how often you have to replace them, but for me, I love Glooms. They make things Bungee immune and eat Imps for breakfast. Here would be my first build for testing with some other tweaks:

FlyinFree 7 years ago

480 flags so far and still going strong.


Took your advice about moving the cattails forward, though not as far as you recommended, helped a little. Also took your advice about freezeshrooms to deal with bungees so now I get a squash in the freed up toolbar slot. The unprotected fumeshrooms you recommended to add up front died too often so I scrapped them and I couldn't find any way of fitting in the extra glooms that didn't cost me in some other way too much.

Draco 7 years ago

Well, regarding the additional Gloom cost, it's 50 more sun each. So going from 1 Gloom to 3 Glooms is 100 more sun each replacement in exchange for far less Pumpkining for Imps. Gloom replacement also rarely occurs so I'd wager:

(Chance of Accident)*(100) < (125)*(Pumpkin Replacement)

It's technically 2 times that, but doubling the equation on both sides doesn't change anything.

Now, for the Cob/Cattail placement. I've also had trouble with making things Bungee immune and I consider it fairly black and white. Either the build is Bungee free, or you need to worry about spots. If you need to worry about spots, which your build does, then instead of replacing what's stolen, why not just use a Freeze Shroom? While 3-4 Glooms plus a Wintermelon are required to guarentee the Bungee safety,with a Freeze Shroom, it needs only 2 Melons/Glooms to attack and kill it while it's frozen. Since Freeze Shrooms trivialize the Bungee threat, I usually out-prioritize it with other threats. Ultimately, though, Cattails only have a noticeable effect on Balloon zombies and as long as no Balloon zombie is nibbling on your stuff, you're at least killing them fast enough.

FlyinFree 7 years ago


Only the back 3 columns are protected by the umbrella leafs, if I move the cattails forward they get grabbed by bungies, cob cannons are immune so can sit further up. I have found that only plants surrounded by at least 3 glooms are totally safe from bungies, anything less than that and I have to keep a copy of the plant on my toolbar for replacements (hence the melonpult and wintermelon up there) and can't spare any additional slots on my toolbar for any other replacement plants.

FlyinFree 7 years ago


True using glooms at the back rather than spikerocks would do a bit more damage to imps but also vastly increases the repair costs when my glooms at the front get popped from jacks. In past configurations running out of sunlight was a problem so keeping the number of glooms to a minimum meant I could handle more repairs.

FlyinFree 7 years ago


Very rarely I'll have a jack pop my water glooms which is only a problem when giga-gigantaurs are swarming at the same time, usually I can still rebuild before they overwhelm me. For the outter lanes the jacks tend to pop before they reach the gloom, sometimes blowing off the pumpkin but leaving the gloom intact. Again rarely the jack will make it far enough to pop my gloom and again usually it's not a problem to replace. My biggest danger is a jack popping a gloom and I don't notice it then the zombies start eating through my defences and I've got quite a mess to deal with. I have recovered from having all my defenses on the upper or lower half of the lawn destroyed and managed to carry on a few times, gets tense for a few minutes though.

Draco 7 years ago


Some more advice, in the last open tile in the inner row before they reach your Gloom, putting a pumpkinless Fume Shroom there might be worth your while. Since it's a 4 tile attack range, it'll attack Jacks offscreen and I think this affects the chance of Jack accidents, in addition to providing enough damage to not get squished easily.

Draco 7 years ago


I have a question for you since you seem to have a load of experience with that Fume/Gloom setup on the ground. How does it fare against Jacks? Do the cobs do most of the work to prevent accidents?

I also have some advice. 2 Spikerocks + 1 Gloom in the back isn't as good as 2-3 glooms in the back. It's simple math, 3 Glooms of damage equals a zero damage miner, so 2 Spikerocks do 3 Glooms worth of damage to Miners but 0 to Imps. But since you have 1 Gloom, it's 1 Gloom to Imps or a 3-1. Now, double gloom with just two spots does 2-2, already the same amount of damage done. Even if you want to keep the Umbrella plant where he is, it's still better to put Glooms in the back than Spikerock.

Cattails also don't need to be in the back. They're usually put back there to take care of Miners, but they're single target and won't make much of a difference. However, since it takes time for them to attack their target, the clsoer they are, the faster they can switch and do more DPS. You might as well put them behind the Winter-pults and shift the Cob Cannons back since their placement doesn't matter.

FlyinFree 7 years ago

I survived 349 flags with this setup:

Draco 7 years ago

It works too well, to be honest. It's very easy going and timing of cob cannon is really lax. I've already done flags 200-250 with it and no Jack accidents so far, so either I've been really lucky or those inner row Fumes lower the chance of Jack accidents. The biggest issue seems to be total number of spots, it seems so limited just taking out 8 spots like that.

Khenra 7 years ago

While I was on vacation I thought of a 'cobless' build with 2 or 4 cobs on the water row for support. I see you were quicker to test and post that idea, Draco :) I'm going to give it a try now, see how it works out for me.

Draco 7 years ago

That's all I got,anymore setups?

Cob Cannon 7 years ago

Whooops... I thought you were talking about my build below. My fault!

Draco 7 years ago

Also, here's a version for those who like money and bungee immunity.

DracoToo 7 years ago

As a general rule for plant placement,

-Fumes in the inner row get nibbled on by Football and Dancers, but reduce the chance of Jack accidents.

-Pumpkined Fumes get squashed by Zombonis.

-Spikerocks are vulnerable to Zombonis and Gigas to a lesser extent.

There's a lot of things you can switch out depending on what enemies are coming. A lot of cards are freed up since you no longer really need consumables.

Draco 7 years ago

Man, I don't understand what's up with the posting, but I wanted to post a new build otherwise my last post doesn't make a lot of sense.

Cob Cannon 7 years ago

Your cob-firing method works too Draco, but I just count to 4 then fire! You have to count to 4 because it gets way too intense in the 700's , and it's nice to have extra cob ready to fire.

Draco 7 years ago

There's a lot of advantages I discovered for this build.

-Uses the back 4 cobs in the pool so you never need to worry about replacing them.

-Pumpkin maintenance is still manageable with the original card. -Gigas die with a little more buffer area to work with.

-Jack accidents have a smaller chance to occur.

-Dolphin DPS can be halved with proper Cob timing.

-The build is versatile enough to adapt to any environment.

-Can be used for grinding cash.

-Can be bungee-immune.

-It's also one of the more relaxing endless survival builds, because it only uses 2-4 Twin Sunflowers.

-Constant refreshing of the wave from cob blasts really helps snare rotation.

The strategy involves cobbing every other wave, easy enough and requires minimal timing skills. Timing should be to hit every other Dolphin wave which is the easiest marker for when to do it, and works really well. Consumables are pretty extraneous because of the cobs; I've yet to need a Freeze Shroom more than once every couple levels.

Probably what makes these endless survival builds difficult, though, is Jack accidents, so I developed a strategy for you to get fully recovered 100% as long as you have around 2000 sun to begin with so you can replace those Glooms. The secret is just using all 4 cob cannons on the affected side. Instead of cobbing that side once every other turn, you're doing it every wave to pick up the slack. 2-3 waves in, both Glooms should be restored and then use a Cherry Bomb on the other side if it comes to that. There should be no added vulnerability at any point in time.

Cob Cannon 7 years ago

Yeah mine started out like that but I tweaked it to make it perfect.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Hey,Cob Cannon! Your setup is the classical one as shown on the very top.

Cob Cannon 7 years ago

Zefith 7 years ago

K thanks

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Hi,Zefith! Once you get tired of the cob setup, you can just try some cobless setups here

Zefith 7 years ago

O i see, i m currently playing zorya's set up and put them in front of the spikerock to stop jumpers and slightly delay gargantuams, i m only on wave 40 though

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Zefith, they're free, altho not as tough as nut, it could delay the crowd of zombies.

Zefith 7 years ago

Why are there sleeping puff shrooms in your july 15th set up?

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Hi,shapes112. It feels good to be helpful.

shapes112 7 years ago

i'm at flag 1060. some very nice builds here thanks!

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Since this page has been overloaded, I made a separate hub Exclusively discuz the Cobless Setup. Welcome! Thank you again, Draco!

Draco 7 years ago

Okay, I think I've run out of things to do with my build, but this (possibly) finalized iteration is definitely worth mentioning:


-Build has adaptability now

-It's Bungee Immune

-Retains 3 Gloom coverage for Imps (for the most part)

-Build not easily crippled


-Miners require a Pumpkin every 2 flags

To explain what I mean by adaptability, the plant defense can now change depending on what zombies come out. If there are Jacks, you keep both Fume Shrooms and replace them whenever you can. If there are no Jacks but Gigas are in the level, you can abstain from replacing the naked Fume to unlock a triple Gloom defense. Even if Gigas and Jacks are in the level, and your Fume gets squished, there's a lot less likely chance they'll squish your pumpkined Fume. This also works for Football Zombies that nibble at your front lines.

So, between aggressive stance and defensive stance, you can spend a lot less sun whenever there's an opportunity.

To explain what I mean by the build not easily being crippled, the additional Gloom means that even if an inner row Gloom gets squished, the outer row still has enough DPS to take out Gigas while you're replacing everything. Any bad Jack explosions or accidental squishings are minimized in impact, so the build itself becomes a lot more stable.

Draco 7 years ago

Hey Pamda Man, I checked out your page and a lot of your builds were a lot like my preliminary builds. The two Glooms in the pool idea I thought was interesting. But, like you, I ran into a problem with Jacks. I wracked my brain for awhile but it hit me once I realized how Fume Shrooms actually work.

The build you see today is a lovechild between


You recognized the usefulness of Glooms for a Cobless build, and I give you props for that.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Hey =( You should give me credit for proposing a cobless setup lol. =D

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Great discovery! I'll test how great it is later.

Draco 7 years ago

Haha, magic of Fumes. I didn't like the guys initially. Who knew they'd be the key to Jack immunity? Like his cousin the Gloom, he really shines when there's 200 zombies on the screen.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

The Glooms have a staring contest with the Bungee for like 4 seconds until the get off their lazy asses. I've witnessed firsthand Double Gloom and a Wintermelon fail.

Epic win. I lol'd. Epic.

I personally don't have any problems with diggers. I only need repairing back pumpkins ever 20 waves?? And 2 gloom shrooms can kill bungees just before they grab the plant. I trust 2 gloom shrooms. But they do it at the last moment every time it made me scared so I shoot cob cannons at them and they die before my cob cannons kill them.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Draco, I can't agree with you more. Gloomy-shroom does have a delay when against Bungee and Digger.Often I have to use a freeze to let them disappear. We do have to use either two Spikerocks or three Gloomy-shrooms to take good care of the Diggers.

Draco 7 years ago

These are what I find to be the most stable Cob builds, I made two versions based on preference of cob placement.

They're Jack immune, the second one's Bungee immune, so with proper Cobbing, you can survive on 2 Twin Sunflowers. I figure the only true expense will be Freeze, Pumpkin, and premature Jack explosions. One can always make it 4 Twins by easy replacement in the middle. I haven't really had a chance to test it out thoroughly; I get bored with Cob builds.

Draco 7 years ago

Regarding the Digger/Bungee discussion, the Glooms can have exaggerated delay before attacking. The Glooms have a staring contest with the Bungee for like 4 seconds until the get off their lazy asses. I've witnessed firsthand Double Gloom and a Wintermelon fail.

I think anyone who's ever played a Cob Build can tell you that Two Glooms don't kill Diggers fast enough to prevent all their damage. A third seals the deal. You get the benefit of less focus time on the back for Pumpkining, and letting you concentrate on the front.

Draco 7 years ago

Well to explain the last paragraph, I was basically telling you that those two extra Freeze Shrooms you see in the picture are not going to last long. Those spaces are usually left open, and I just place the Freeze Shroom in an open spot in the crowd.

The inner rows are the more powerful ones, so all they require to kill Gigas is a Freeze; time it when the Gigas are in range of the first ground shroom. 5 Gloom beatdown while frozen makes Gigas garbage.

The outer rows progress more slowly but require a Jalapeno, Cherry, or Squash for the Gigas. They can take care of everything else with no worries, not even Jacks. If a Giga does squish your Fume, he's easily replaceable. The inner rows are the difficulty, because if you mistime the Freeze, Gigas might squish your Gloom. So, the difficulty is maintaining a good Freeze rotation.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

First of all, I think you are awesome for being able to understand what I was writing.

Second, thanks for the stats of zombies. Now I need zombie speed and frozen zombie speed. And then plants stats.

Third, I think I'm confused with the last paragraph. Anyway...

And digger is 150 health, so 2 gloom shroom = 2x4x10 = 80 dps. 2 seconds for diggers to die. 3 gloom shroom = 3x4x10 = 120 dps. 2 seconds for diggers to die. Yes, they fire at different times. Possibly, they die in 1.5 seconds. But that wouldn't be much of a difference, would it?

Great job anyway.

Draco 7 years ago

If you have any questions, I've done a lot of Cobless testing. I can tell you that Gatling builds aren't looking good. I can tell you that moving back or forward any of those two Ground Glooms and those two Fume Shrooms results in Jack vulnerability or not enough DPS to prevent the squish from Gigas/Zombonis.

The Fume Shrooms in the outer row will occasionally get squashed, so sometimes I don't even bother Pumpkining them and 150 sun for replacement is pocket change too. If you play the build well, you can afford one Jack accident (immediate pool explosion) and still break even while doing Gigas. Cards are Freeze/Imitator, Jack Insurance, Pumpkin, Cherry, Squash, Jalapeno. If Jacks are not present, I bring Puff Shroom instead of Lily Pad.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Thanks, Draco. That's just what we need. It's great of you to figure out a cobless setup. I'm discussing it with my friends right now.

Draco 7 years ago

Imp is actually 6-7, I forget. Giga Imp is double.

Draco 7 years ago

If you need stats, here you go:

Regular: 10

Conehead: 27

Buckethead: 65

Football: 80

Pole-Vaulting: 17

Newspaper: 8 hp Newspaper + 9 hp Zombie

Screen Door: 65 hp blocked, 10 hp penetrated

Michael Jackson: 17

Backup: 10

Ducky Tube: 10

Ducky Tube Conehead: 27

Ducky Tube Buckethead: 65

Snorkel: 10

Zomboni: 60

Bobsled: 14 hp bobsled, 10 hp per zombie

Dolphin: 17

Jack-in-the-Box: 17

Balloon: 1 for balloon, 10 for zombie

Digger: 15

Pogo: 17

Bungee: 23

Ladder: 25 hp for ladder, 17 for zombie

Catapult: 35

Imp: 3

Gargantuan: 150 (2 Consumables worth)

Giga-Gargantuan: 300 (3 consumables worth)

Yeti: 46

(Now do you have a real calculated value for those speeds 1, 2, and 3?)

Draco 7 years ago

First of all, Two Glooms is not enough for Bungee coverage all the time. Variable starting time for their attacks means that you do need a Winter-Pult and even that's not guarenteed. I Freeze if any potential spots are targeted.

Triple Gloom is for 0 damage Miners and for the Imps that get thrown farther back. It's either that or an extra inner row Winter-Pult to replace it which I decided wasn't that important.

Yes, Umbrella Plants are useful and that's why I got them. Fumes are there for two very important reasons. The major shortcoming of any Gloom intensive build is the Jacks. To prevent Jacks from blowing up my ground shrooms, the Fumes soften up the Jacks with just enough damage to eliminate the chance of any explosions. The second feature is that since it attacks any and all units within 4 tiles in front of it, it adds additional DPS to the outer row, enough of which where anything except for Gigas die.

Freeze Shrooms are temporarily queued, not permanently stored. Gigas get downed by the inner row with a well-timed Freeze, while outer row requires a consumable. Consumable every 2 Waves plus alternating Freeze Shrooms equals successful build.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

2 gloom shrooms can take care of bungee zombies with or without ice (i.e. wintermelon, snow pea, ice shroom)

Umbrella leaf is essential against catapult zombies.

Fume shrooms are useless. Speed 3 is very slow. Even cabbage-pults are better with speed 2. I suggest kernel-pults with speed 2 and they do more damage occasionally plus the delay effect. (Unless you want the seeping effect. Which MIGHT be able to kill 4 ice machines before they reach column G??)

I don't see the point of 3 gloom shrooms in the back. 2 is enough for digger zombies.

Your ice shrooms will be very likely to get smashed by giga-gargantuars. 3000 health, 5 gloom shrooms = 5x4x10 = 200 (Speed 1). 2 wintermelons = 2x40 = 80 (Speed 2). 0.5x(200x2+80) = 240 dps. Wintermelon slowing effect 0.4. Giga-gargantuar speed = 5 spc. 2 columns takes 10x2.5 = 25 seconds. 240x25 = 6000 dmg. If more than 2 giga-gargantuars come, you are in danger. I suggest replace with spikerock.

(Note: For the above calculations, if anyone has been confused check my factsheet.)

Again, I need help from Plants vs Zombie fanatics and help me finish the factsheet.

Plants facts

Damage, Speed of firing (Type 1, 2, 3), Health, Effect

(Note: Speed 1 is fast, Speed 2 is slow, Speed 3 is very slow)

Zombies facts

Health, Speed of walking, Strength


Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Now you can work out ice machine HP. :D

And I will work on speed of zombies.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Draco, you're a genius!

Draco 7 years ago

I also have the only successful Cobless build in the world.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Draco, you're cute!

Draco 7 years ago

Aight, after testing them for awhile, their plus is that they can take out Miners with only two tiles, at the expense of nonexistent Imp defense. Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to save the Spikerocks from Bungees unless they get Umbrella coverage too. So, in exchange for losing 2 Glooms worth of damage for Imps you gain 1 Gloom of damage vs. Miners. (3 Glooms also kills them no problem) So if there's the choice of Two Spikerocks and a Gloom for Imps, that's 3\1 vs. 3\2.5 so you get slightly better Umbrella placement which you could've done anyway with Glooms.

I understand why one would jump to such an unorthodox strategy, I even tried Garlic in the back row and Glooms in the pool once, but I ultimately realized nothing beats two vertical Glooms or derivatives thereof.

Draco 7 years ago

I take that back, they do kill them by themselves. I'll be damned.

Draco 7 years ago

So, what exactly is the advantage of Spikerocks as Miner coverage? Two vertical Glooms is perfect because it's not only 2 Glooms for Miners, but also 2 Glooms for Imps. Even if Spikerock did enough damage to kill Miners off before they did any damage to your plants, the use would still be questionable. It obviously doesn't based on the fact that those get repumpkined a lot. Getting more ideal Umbrella placement is a little overrated too. All tiles can be protected with a well timed Freeze Shroom, so I don't know the reason why one would cripple their Imp defense to take care of something so trivial. I'd rather be focusing on killing the Gigas themselves than worrying about taking care of their Imps. The Spikerocks still take up a tile, do not help against the Catapults, and do not help against the Imps.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Busy! Busy! My best wish is to have enough time playing games every day.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Tbh, I've been quite busy for the past week. Only got 4 flags in 7 days. You wouldn't want to be like me for I've been so busy.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

You know these days I've got little time playing this game. Too busy working. I hope I were you with so much time on that game.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Playing 370 flags of survival endless from scratch again is not expendible.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

That's just what I meant. To be careful is good, while sometimes we need take some expendable risks to gain first hand experience. Just my opinion!

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Yay. What is prudent? I've heard this word before. It's a virtue. I forgot what it meant though. Seemingly, it means careful? Am I right?

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

I didn't know that you were so prudent. To be prudent is good.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

I know that it will work, but I'm just afraid something wrong happens when I replace my userdata back. Probably not gonna do that.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

You're welcome, Jack!

jack 7 years ago

thanks wARtist

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Jack, just copy the Userdata folder to another place. When you need your former backup back, just copy that folder to its original place under the game main folder and replace the existed files. That's all.

jack 7 years ago

wARtist how do you backup user data?

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Oh cool. Same here. Working on fire setup.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Panda Man, I'll check your hub from time to time.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Okay wARtist, thanks for the facts. I've put my setup on last stand, cutting screenshots and sticking them together. Check my hub! =D

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Only Gargantuar and Bungee Zombie can hurt Spikerock as far as I know.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

oh and puff shrooms are good, but dont ever use them in levels with pole vaults.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

No, dolphins jump into the water at first and second gloom shroom boundary, then jump over second gloom shroom, landing in second gloom shroom and tall nut boundary.

So, gatlings can't hit bungee zombies?

How about spikerock vs catapult?

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

About the Bungee Zombie, we can activate the Ice-plant to freeze them, make time for the Cob's launch.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Hey, guys! Let's talk about my setup on July 13th.

!. It's the best option so far to use Spikerocks on the very left line to settle the Digger Zombies. It's the only perfect solution. You should try that.

2.Puff-shrooms. I used a copy. It is used to delay the zombies without spending a dime.

3.Tall-nut could stop the Dolphin Rider Zombie.

4.Catapult will always directly damage your plant rather than Pumkin. We have umbrella leaf.

5.Empty, You're right. And I knew it. It's risky to put the Cob Cannon on the fourth line from right. But do I have an option to make 10 Cob Cannons?

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

To sustain a cob cannon cycle safely exceeding the optimum number 8, one needs to put 16 cob cannons. 10 cannons for complete cycle. 4 needed for digger zombies on both sides. 1 for water zombies. And 1 for back-up.

empty 7 years ago

about july 13th setup, sometimes there will have some zombies come under the water, your cob-canon would be destroyed easily.

It 's hard if you want to go far.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

I have 2 questions.

1. If Bungee Zombies come, if there are gatlings in the back, can they shoot it? If they can, the firepower must be able to kill them. If they can't shoot them, then they shouldn't even be used.

2. If I pumpkin the last row plants, will the catapults hit the plant or the pumpkin? If back row is spikerock, will it die? How many hits can it take?

Maybe I should try them when I finish this game, which I believe is endless.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Puff-shrooms shouldn't be used if there are pole vaults. Otherwise its a very good defense. wARtist can you think of no cob cannon setups. Maybe we can share some of our views.

Hey, why a tall-nut??? Change them back to gloom shrooms.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Panda Man, I've got an idea. Just backup the USERDATA folder and start a new Survival Endless game. I'm working on my new setup too.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Currently I'm working on 2 setups that will work also. But I can't try them until I've lost this game, which isn't very likely. I am at 360 flags now. =/ I don't want to commit suicide yet, not until 1337 flags at least. Still a long way to go. Perhaps wARtist you could try them for me. Take some screenshots as well so I can put it on my hub. My goal is to find a perfect setup that requires no interaction apart from repairs. It's very annoying to fire cob cannons all the time and I always fire them for no purpose as I misclicked them when collecting suns.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Hope to see you soon, Dr Nhan. I'll post a super setup very soon.

Dr Nhan 7 years ago

Well, I've got an assignment. Seen y'all later in whatever weeks.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Thank You, Passerby. I've recently figured out a new setup, very powerful. I was inspired by Zorya's Hub. I'll post it later.

Passerby 7 years ago

wARtist, I'd always used your setup;so far I've achieved 442 flags and it's my last time to post the comment, cuz it's endless indeed and my tree of wisdom has reached 1000ft!

Oh, what's more important is after 200 flags, I used other's PC for faster speed three times faster than mine which will always lag cuz of large number of zombies, but once I adapted to the condition, I can also control the situation! And that's REALLY the survival mode! The most annoying zombie is the dancing zombie; as long as they appear, I have to change my location to bomb on.

BTW, the various setups you guys posted, especially in Zorya's Hub, convinced me that there are really several ways to play endless, so I don't talk about my experiece too much this time cuz maybe it will only reveal my naivete; besides, I've already shared almost all of my experiece in my previous comments though I was under a lag situation lol

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Dr Nhan, I am impressed by so many great players too. And it's kind of them to share with us their experience.

Dr Nhan 7 years ago

I missed a lot!!! In two weeks of my absent and ton of new post are up. Can't believe someone pass flag 800th!

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Congratulations, Panda Man! So far I have only survived 100 flags. That was 10 days ago. I'm too busy these days. I hope I can give another shot this coming weekend.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

I think I have conquered this game. If I don't mess up, this really is endless. 200+ flags now.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

I posted some relevant links.

Nah, I have wrote so much, I think I will stick with the name -.-, as long as you all know my name is Panda Man. Lol.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Panda Man, You're free to use any resources here as long as you have put the author's name on your hub. That's just what I did.

It seems to me that the name is very important. I strongly suggest you sign up for the correct name. It's crucial.

I appreciate your attitude not seeing this hub's great setups before you really make any great achievement on your own. That's good.

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Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Hey wARTIST, I made a guide. It's not finished yet. Mind if I add some of the ideas here to it? I'm at flag 50 now, 50 more flags and then I can read your hub. :P

Argh, I spelt my name wrong.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Zorya, I felt speechless about your hub. That froze me. There're so many geniuses in USA like you.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Panda Man, I really appreciate your attitude. That's good. That could make you the best player of Survival Endless. Good Luck!

Zorya 7 years ago

Now I have reached 800 flags by my setup.

Endless Eight? =P

Panda Man 7 years ago

A slow and gruesome death. Hey wARTIST, sorry I'm not gonna read anything on this hub until I reach 200 flag + (so far I've only read about Laura Shigihara and then I stopped lol) because I want to figure this out myself. I hope to have 100 flags at least by my fifth trial.

Panda Man 7 years ago

At flag 35 now and pole vaults start jumping over column G plants and start eating my cob cannons, this is my fourth time playing endless survival and it must be the best game but I know that I would make it to 70 flags at most. My death will be gruesome. Pole vaults kill my cob cannons, then the imps and digger zombies kill my pumpkins in the back. If I overlook, I will die of cancer. If I spend my sun on pumpkins, I will die of anexoria.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Hey, Panda Man. I've just post my best setup & Pick up. You can check it out first.

For your setup, I can say, it can't make more than 100 flags. The first two lines from the right should be blank.Cattail is not so useful if you want to survive more than 100 or 200 flags. For my setup, imps will never touch your Cob Cannons.I suggest you check my setup snapshot and read the long long comments by passerby. That'll surely help you make a great success. Good luck!

Panda Man 7 years ago

Hey well I thought for 20 minutes and when I reached flag 35 I realized I could not control the cob cannon to not hit the ****ing gargantuars before they reach the lawn and I found my sun reserve drop from 9990 to 0 in just a couple of flags because the imps eat my cob cannons, and that it was right to place them at EF columns. However, I feel it dangerous to put that thing in front, as the football player can kill it. So I decided to make use of column G. Although there are downsides as I will mention later, THe following is my setup:




reverse for the bottom 3 rows. its reflective symmetric.

L is cattail and T is twin sunflower, and the rest are obvious. P is pumpkin and pumpkin everything. The pumpkin in first row is ice shroom. and for the bottom i put gold magnet. My pickup is pumpkin, 2 spikes, ice, imitate ice or pumpkin (depends), cherry, chili, squash, coffee, anything useful for the last.

I am now at flag 33 and it is working better than my previous setups. Please comment on it.


gloom shrooms in river kills all rivers and can kill land zombies too. the only problem is dolphin.

gloom shroom in land can kill the 2 annoying zombies on land, pole vault and rugby guy. pole vault goes over my gloom shroom, scares me but can never eat my cob cannon, not even one bite, wintermelon slows them and the gloom shroom kills them b4 they can do any damage.

imps cannot touch my cob cannons now. dont need no worrying when to fire cob cannons.

gargantuars are not a problem against my cob cannons. spikerock slows them down.

bungee zombies cannot get anything from the back, i only need to care about the front 4 columns. back then, for the past 3 games, i lost due to bungee zombies stealing my DE columns. i was so concentrated in firing cob cannons i forgot about them and whats worse i couldnt see them.

umbrella leaf also takes care of catapults.

digger zombie is taken care by 2 gloom shrooms.

also note that as 2 and 5 row have gloom shroom in river helping, no need for as much wintermelons so replace that position with the gloom shroom instead of 1 and 6 rows.


dolphin zombies eat pumpkin fast and they come in large numbers, need repairing the river gloom shroom pumpkins at G column, this decides my choice of imitating pumpkin or ice shroom. (always look at the preview zombies before each level)

ice machine and catapult kills the spikerock when i need them to kill the jackin the box, ladder, rugby, and pole vault. the annoying ones. prevents me from having high sun, but my sun is constant at over 2000 right now. fluctuates from 2000 to 3500 at good times. it can be worrying but its okay i think.

because i put another weapon in front, it can be very dangerous when facing pole vaults(coz they can jump earlier) and gargantuars(when my spikerocks are killed). 8 cob cannons seemed not enough, but that is maximum. I find it impossible to put more than 8 without danger.

please give me ideas on this setup.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To j.o. Your new setup looks better. While I think the Tall-nuts are just not necessary, making the defense of the 1st & 6th line too weak. The 1st and last line need at least 2 Winter Melons to subsidize the damage of the Cob Cannons.

j.o. 7 years ago

thanks guys, that was indeed good information. modified my build a bit to hopefully use less recources. not sure yet if its good for later levels, but so far it plays well.

let me say im probably not the most attentive player and probably wont make it as far as you no matter what, but to me the fun is just figuring out a setup that works well.

-cat lilies to require less clovers which saves 100sun every time.

-the tall nut is mainly vs football zombies and vaulters, which despite slow regulary catch me off guard (collecting sun or something stupid). inner lanes are safe enough.

-because of the lillies to get in 8 cobs i needed to change the back a bit. reading what jp says taking away one catapult seemed least painful. the ugly part is that i wanted the shrooms to be able to always attack diggers/imps simulaniously, so theres not much room for moving things around.

now the back row is vulnerable to bungees(bottom left just got stolen in ss), i could put a second umbrella there but i´d hate to and so far it seems more profitable like this.

-tried to add another cob in the second row from the button, but couldnt make it work. it got constantly destroyed by imps.

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wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To j.o.

Zonya's right. Just forget about the Gatling Peas and the 8th line. Leave that line blank.

Always remember:

1. Cob Cannon is the main weapon.

2. The main function of Winter Melon is to slow down the Zombies and make secondary damage to reinforce the Cob Cannons.

3. You follow Passerby's tips down below. It could easily make you at least survive 100 flags. Hope that helps.

Zorya 7 years ago

"have big problems with the ice wagons from lvl 35+."-only launch cob cannons to destroy each wave of them. if you are using 6-cannon setup, use instant cards to fill the gap.

"how many cattails take care of balloons reliably at level 40+?"-two is enough even after 600 flags. but remember to place them at col 6. you cob cannons will kill most of them.

the link should be:

Zorya 7 years ago

to j.o.:

I found out why you used out your sun so quick after i saw your setup.

Here's my suggestion:

1. Do not place spikerock at col 8. They will damaged too fast there and cost you lots of sun.

2. Do not use gatlings, they are useless without AOE when there are too many zombies.

3. Try this setup:

It is easier to master than 8 cannons.

j.o. 7 years ago

hi.nice hub. im puzzled how you guys get this far unless you´re spiderman or something. my setup was very similar to Zorya´s, and i never got beyond level 45.tried between 6-8 cobs. but at least with less than 6 sunflowers i run out of energy every time. otherwise im a bit short on cob cannons probably.i have a huge sun reserve around lvl 30, then it all goes to waste for repairs and clovers (the balloon thing). have big problems with the ice wagons from lvl many cattails take care of balloons reliably at level 40+?also tried to add some gatlings for passive damage, to give me some time to collect sun, here´s a screenshot. well but in the end i ran into my usual problems. maybe you can explain why this sucks.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

I'm now 99% sure that it's a joke for some common senses I have acquired.

empty 7 years ago

absolutely, crusher's setup is a joke. i agree with Zorya.

easily, zomboni will clear spike rock (at flag >100 about 10 zomboni coming each land) and a huge way gargantuar will clear all your cob-canon with imps after that.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Thank You, Zonya, for explaining that for me.

Zorya 7 years ago

To Panda man:

Yes, 2 groom shrooms are enough at the beginning, but far from enough in later games.

4 shrooms are neccessary in most setups beyond 200 flags.

8-cannon setup is not suit for everyone. I think setup with 4 to 6 cannons maybe better for you.For example:

Panda Man 7 years ago

Hey wARTIST, I want to remind you one thing. You said

"Only 2 Gloomy-shrooms, can they beat the huge amounts of Digger Zombies?"

Well, actually it is enough, because they do area damage. It doesn't matter how many digger zombies appear, they will all die in the same amount of time. The only problem is that they kill your pumpkin at the back faster, but AFAIK it takes a long time for the pumpkin to get killed so just make sure you imitate pumpkin is okay. And imps will destroy the cob cannons on land, so Zorya is correct that Crusher is a joke. Perhaps using Crusher's setup will be crushed by imps. Never underestimate babies. They kill.

Panda Man 7 years ago

I continued my game and died at flag 47. Third time at survival endless. Btw your hub is very nice.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Zonya, I can't agree with you more. Cob Cannons in the back are too fragile.

Zorya 7 years ago

I think Crusher's setup is a joke.

It's impossible to survive 890 flags, even 89 flags by this setup without cheat.

Imps will easily destroy cob cannons at col 3-4 on land.

And every people survived beyond 200 flags know that putting spikerock at col 9 is just a waste.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Hey, Crusher! I've visualized your setup with ms excel and I've uploaded the snapshot with my comments. It's amazing that you survived 890 flags. Congratulations! A new high score.

Crusher 7 years ago

Hi! I Got a brilliant setup so i thought i should put it up. I hit 890 with this setup!

WUCCWWTSS W = Winter Melon U = Umberella Leaf

WGCCCCTSS G = Gloom Shroom CC = Cob Cannon

WACCATGGG T = Twin Sunflower A = Cattail

WACCMTGGG M = Golden Magnet S = Spike Rock

WGCCCCSSS The Front Spike Rock May Be Destroyed. If

WUCCWWSSS They Are Try As Hard As You Can To

Replace Them, Otherwise NeverMind.

Pumpkin Everything That U Can

Hope This Helps!

P.S Send Me Any Tips And Tricks.

Panda Man 7 years ago

Well its flagg 44 now and I think I'm gonna stop here, since 44 sounds a good number in Cantonese. Lol. I find myself incredible really to survive 14 more flags since that fatal mistake. Indeed impressive I gotta say. Now (finally) I'm gonna read this hub. And I will check you out later. =D

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

What A Fierce Discussion!

Panda Man 7 years ago

It was not only a terrible mistake, it was fatal. It caused me to lose 1 of my 10 cob cannons at flag 31, and then 2 more at flag 33, leaving me only 7, at flag 34 I only had 6 cob cannons left. It's amazing I made it to flag 44 and still living. And almost every level had gargantuars in it. Taking all bets to guess which flag would I die, or would I be able to revive? Nah.

Panda Man 7 years ago

My guide:

Note: Almanac zombies have 5 rows + 1. My numbers are:

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10




26 (Zomboss)

Note: Lawn coordinates

A to I for columns from left to right, 1-6 for rows from top to bottom

You should not plant twin sunflowers early in the game, coz you will most likely evolve your legion. Plant many sunflowers at stage one even in the front line and don't try to protect them, if they produce more than 50 suns you are in a profit. Don't put them in the first column from the right for obvious reasons. If they die you can then replace it with spikeweeds (recommended) or another sunflower. This will be the basis of your defense. DO NOT UPGRADE TO COB CANNONS IN FIRST LEVEL. You will suffer, you could try. Keep them as kernel-pults until the second level. I have 10 cob cannons now.

As your frontline sunflowers die, choose 4-6 positions in where your sunflowers will be upgraded permanently. Put sunflowers there and mark the place. If you have sunflowers at the back, don't remove them until you got money and the cooldown time is over so you can replace them with weapons. This way you will earn more sun. I've got 4 twin sunflowers now.

I've got 2 lines of wintermelons and to me that is maximum. They have very high damage, kills the 1-7, 9-12 zombies. Football zombie (8) is really a nuisance so spikerock does the final hit. If they come in packs, then you should launch 2 cob cannons, one on H2 and one on H5. It should be enough. Spikerocks also take care of 13, so that 14 does not even appear. The 6 gloom shrooms at the front kills 15, and replace pumpkins when broken. I've never received any trouble from 16, but I still use cob cannons to take them down at G2, G5 if they get too close to the F column. The same goes to 22, but 22 is a threat. Use cob cannons to destroy the ladder, don't replace the pumpkin if it is new. 2 cattails (removed, now using cob cannons) take care of 17 and use blover (very rare) when you are evolving your legion (that is, you may have times without cattails when you are changing positions of plants).

The 2 gloom shrooms at the back in B1 and B6 takes care of all digger zombies, replace pumpkins when broken for the A column. 19 won't kill your plants, forget about him, I don't think I've seen him before, but your wintermelons will kill him so forget about him. 20 (LOL), if he appears, kill him by any means. Lol. Umbrella leaf at the back guards A, B, C columns. 23 is useless, and he only moves to I column so don't put spikerocks in I column! It's a waste of sun and can threaten your cob cannons at column 4, which imps may be thrown into if the gargantuar is not on the lawn. Your wintermelons can take care of 23. 21 cannot go to A, B, C column but 1 or 2 (4 at most) will got into your other columns and they are usually clustered attacks, so 2 cob cannons will do (If you see target papers on your plants, immediately shoot that place with cob cannons as cob cannons are slow in launching).

25 is killed easily by gloom shrooms at B1, B5, wintermelons at A column, and cattails (removed them from my legion after a while). Impossible to do much damage if treated carefully. Replace pumpkins when necessary. For 24, don't do anything until it enters the lawn, so the Imp can't kill the cob cannons. By then it will have 70% health, shoot 3 cob cannons for giga and 1 for normal at H2 and H5 depending on the case.

At the end of each level (2nd flag), water zombies will emerge and kill the cob cannons at 3-EF and 4-EF, when the screen shows "A huge wave of zombies is approaching, aim a cob cannon at the place between F3 and F4.

Always imitate pumpkin. And also recommended to forget about collecting coins if you don't need them. You can always pause game if the game is running too fast you can't think straightly.

(Made a terrible mistake by deleting cattails at the ballon zombie level, lost all cleaners, but whatever. Adding blover at every level with a balloon zombie [sigh])

My map now is like this.

Panda Man 7 years ago

You cannot put cob cannons at colum 3-4 for obvious reasons. 5-6 does not work for me, becoz the ladder zombies and football (this guy is hell....) will kill the vulnerable cob cannons in the front, which ultimately will lead to your death as 4(!) cob cannons are in the front, you will lose 2 of them at one time most probably.

Panda Man 7 years ago

Eh.... Column 4-5 is the optimum. Nobody told you to kill the gargantuars when they are not even in the lawn. You can see I put nothing in the first column from the right except garlic at the start of every level. Once the gargantuars starts to kill my spikerocks at the second column I shoot 2-4 cob cannons and voila, dead giants.

Zorya 7 years ago

To: Panda Man

I can see your pictures now.

And I know why you only survived 31 flags. Because you put your cob cannons on col 4-5. Imps may attack col 4 sometimes, without protection from pumkins, cob cannons are very vunlerable. You should put them on col 5-6.

Panda Man 7 years ago

Well now its showing the gallery of my 8 screenshots. =/

Evolution of my legion

Stage 1-6 starting from left top to right top and then left bottom and then right bottom.

Death of a Zombie Yeti

Before and after are the middle 2 at the bottom row.



Panda Man 7 years ago

Panda Man 7 years ago

I know but I am posting links and it doesn't show my comment when I post links.

Zorya 7 years ago

You cannot post pictures in comments.

You can only post links to them.

Panda Man 7 years ago

Agree with below?

Why can't I post pictures?

Zorya 7 years ago

Losing 4+ plants... that is quite different....=(

After 200+ flags, losing 1 cob cannon is ok, losing 2 cob cannons = death.

But losing 3-4 gloom shrooms is recoverable.

Panda Man 7 years ago

Why cant i post pictures?

Panda Man 7 years ago

"The Keypoint to quickly recover from a mistake is: always keep your sun level high."

I'm not talking about losing one or two plants, but 4+! Yes I can cope with the loss of 2 cob cannons and 2 wintermelons, but anything more I will lose, only a matter of time. I dunno if it's just my inexperience or if it applies to everyone but this is my opinion.

Zorya 7 years ago

"And if you mess up in one flag, you will continue to mess up as there are so many zombies. If you know what I mean."

The Keypoint to quickly recover from a mistake is: always keep your sun level high.

Once I lost one cob cannon at the beginning of two flags. I used Cherry Bomb/Jalapeno+Squash to replace it and hold on for the whole round.It is very important to keep calm after a mistake or an accident, and know how to handle it.

Panda Man 7 years ago

Well my max was just 31, so sorry then for being inexperienced.

Zorya 7 years ago

"from flag 25 on, the difficulty is just the same."

No, i don't think so.

IMHO 80- are nearly the same, 80-180 is another stage.

then 180-400, and 400+

Panda Man 7 years ago

HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY, a friend. LOL.

Hmm in my sixth screenshot there is a yeti zombie. lol. and he was going to run away but im not gonna let that happen.

Panda Man 7 years ago

Yes I figured the setup myself and I took six screenshots of my "evolution" of my vegelegion. And to tell you the truth, what kills you in the end is not the zombies, it's yourself. You either mess up by not killing the bungee zombie or other stupid zombies and then you die. Basically, from flag 25 on, the difficulty is just the same. And if you mess up in one flag, you will continue to mess up as there are so many zombies. If you know what I mean. How to post pictures here? Or do I have to go to Photobucket?

Zorya 7 years ago

>>>It's brilliant to put ice-shroom into a slot for backup. Why not use 2? Would that be better?

Yes, two ice-shroom will be better. but it will take another place.

One is enough for me till now.

>>>4 Umbrella Leaves can perfectly defend Bungee Zombies and Catapult Zombies since we can freeze the whole zombie legion at any time

Bungee Zombies are not a problem in this setup.

You even do not need to freeze them. only two sunflowers are dangerous when they are targets. And you can easily protect them by lauch cob cannon a square left.

>>>I'll try it right now.

Good luck!

Zorya 7 years ago

Here is the snapshot of 500 Flags completed

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Panda Man, it's good to survive 31 flags for the second time. Did you figure out the setup yourself? It's recommended to figure out your own best setup first to go as far as you can. This hub will help you find a better way. Do remember, only by thinking why and how can you really experience the greatest joy this game brought you. Good luck!

Zorya 7 years ago

Zorya 7 years ago

Here is my setup.

I have already survived 500 flags.

It seems really endless untill now.

I chose this snap just to show something interesting. =)

Panda Man 7 years ago

Ok so I just timed the cob cannon and it takes 4 seconds for the cob cannon to hit (my second death was due to this, the zombonis crushed my wintermelons and 0.1 seconds later my cob cannon hit them -.-) and 30 seconds after the hit to reload. 34 seconds in total. And so 10 cob cannons will be the optimum number. But 8 is okay, and that is the minimum from my experience, and you will need 2 line wintermelon.

There are only 3 zombies that will be a threat to you. The Imp, Bungee Zombie and the Ladder zombie. The main threat is the bungee zombie, so you need to kill them with your cob cannons when you see they put that paper thing on you plants.

Look in your almanac, the first row, second row zombies will be just the same because they come in such huge numbers except for football zombie and pole vault zombie. They can be killed easily by your wintermelons. This is the same to the duck and snorkel zombie. Spikerock kills the zombonis, and KILLS the football and pole vault, also slows down gargantuars. 2 cattails take care of balloons.

Your map should also evolve over levels. Which I will post some screenshots. (Wow how did you guys get 200 flags O.o, maybe I suck at this game lol.)

Panda Man 7 years ago

Hi I've played survival endless for 2 times now and now I'm on this page. My main weapon was cob cannon and the wintermelon was to slow the fast zombies down. The first time I got 17 flags, and I got killed by the Imp. So I used cattails and then the second time I got 31 flags, which I got killed by zombonis which crushed by frontline wintermelon. I could cope with the loss of 2 wintermelons but 3? Nope, maybe I suck in survival.

I need to record the time needed for a cob cannon to reload so I will be right back. Last Stand is your experimental arena =D!

JP 7 years ago

I never could get ice-shroom to work against the bungee zombies. It could freeze them, but they take the plant anyway. :(

I just lost after wave 267. A jack-in-the-box zombie destroyed a couple of my glooms in front, and I thought on the next wave I could live without replacing them, and instead I put sunflowers there. That was a very bad idea - and I got overwhelmed almost right away. (I also misclicked a couple pumpkins and explosives - sigh, it's not good to play this when tired).

My setup might not be the best one, but it seemed the easiest one for me to maintain. With all others I tried, I had to spend too much time replacing pumpkins/melons/etc. in the back rows, and I would get slowly eaten from the back and front. I'm just not fast enough to watch all that stuff at once.

Good luck everyone, and thanks!

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Ice-shroom and Umbrella Leaf both work against Bungee Zombies. I think Blover is more effective and safer against Balloon Zombies. Catapult-zombie is just annoying. To JP, you really need switch the position between Gloomy-shroom and Umbrella Leaf.

Passerby 7 years ago

JP, I've said before. (Ya, I know my comments are so long that will be tiresome to read all of them) You only have to use the Ice-shroom against Bungee Zombies. But if that is your stable method, well, just move on! I'll expect your new record! (I'll play it later, but maybe a week later...)

Marvin  7 years ago


JP 7 years ago

I don't like using cattails for balloons, because I don't want the balloons to get popped at the wrong moment, right above my cob cannons. Then they will get eaten. As I said, it's rare to use the blover anyway. The balloon zombies die 99% of the time to the normal cannon use.

Umbrella plant is not *necessary*, but it's very helpful, since you don't have to worry about bungee zombies or catapults harming your melons. There is plenty of space for umbrella, since you only really need one melon per column. The melons aren't there for damage, but only for slowing. One melon is as good as 3 for this purpose.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Edusena, it seems to me that it's not so necessary as it used to be.

Edusena 7 years ago

Umbrella Leaf is very necessary?

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Blover is really powerful. But I just agree with Passerby, what I want is a stable setup. Cattail can take care of all the Balloon Zombies, moreover, it can sometimes reinforce the defense against the imp.

I'm so happy that you guys come here sharing your ideas.

JP 7 years ago

Yes, blovers recharge *very* fast. Most of the balloon zombies die to cannons anyway. Only have to use blover rarely

Passerby 7 years ago you can see in the screenshot, my solar money was 9990, Cannons were well-prepared and Pumpkins were no any damage just like new. That all thanks to the torture (under Winter Melons' attack) to the Buckethead Zombies lol. 200 flags wasn't hard. Hope you all can do such challenge! of Survival Endless, I consider the Puzzle Endless to be more difficult. Those records from the screenshot was I made thanks to mostly good luck.

=>Sorry. It's supposed to be like this :

As you can see in the screenshot, my solar money was 9990, Cannons were well-prepared and Pumpkins were no any damage just like new. That all thanks to the torture (under Winter Melons' attack) to the Buckethead Zombies lol. 200 flags wasn't hard. Hope you all can do such challenge!

Instead of Survival Endless, I consider the Puzzle Endless to be more difficult. Those records from the screenshot was I made thanks to mostly good luck.


The only thing I'm wondering is: How did JP deal with the Balloon Zombies? Does Blover's recharge fast enough to handle the Balloon Zombies of the next wave? It's really unbelievable!

Passerby 7 years ago

JP, another pro! It's true that everyone has one's own way for surviving! He's right! "... and I think it can go forever if I don't mess up too bad." But I'm lazy. I just want to use a stable and secure method if it exists. So I keep share my experience...

-------the above and the following were not typed at the same time-------

"More haste, less speed" is the best motto for Survival Endless.If you're not a superman but only a normal person like me and just wants to survive as more flags as possible, just apply the normal way of defense I've just typed before. It will not be overemphasized that staying calm is the most important thing you have to command.In fact, these words are typed for myself. I was feeling bored cuz of lagging problem and wants to train my sixth sense (what the hell!?), and then one of my Cob Cannons was eaten by a Backup Dancer zombie cuz of my carelessness. It's more than 5 times my Cob Cannons in the frontline were eaten. I shouldn't take a careless attitude toward playing Survival Endless. To be honest, my lagging problem isn't that serious.And the next time I come across the several Gargantuars I shouldn't explode them into ashes so quickly that I don't have enough free time for my solar power money and my Cannons recharge. 'Cuz of not having enough ready-recharged Cannons, it cost me an additional expense on handling the large amount of zombies from the next wave. That's really "It never rains but pours." OK. Maybe this comment was just typed out of my regret.

-------the above and the following were not typed at the same time-------

There are some supplements of the tips I've typed before.

1. There is really a zombie composition that won't make any sound (I'd met just it before), but usually it isn't hard to survive under that situation, so just bomb them as they appear.

2. Just like what I've mentioned above, some of the zombies with high toughness, such as Buckethead Zombies & Gargantuars, was recommended that they should be left to let the support plants like Winter Melons & Gloom-shrooms handle them slowly before the 1st and 2nd flag erect per stage. As long as we doing so, we can earn our solar money and we'll have enough Cannons against the incoming waves! Catch those chances to recover your plants!

3. I emphasize it once again: we don't have to use the Imitater to copy the Pumpkin, just replace the damaged ones as often as possible. you can see in the screenshot, my solar money was 9990, Cannons were well-prepared and Pumpkins were no any damage just like new. That all thanks to the torture (under Winter Melons' attack) to the Buckethead Zombies lol. 200 flags wasn't hard. Hope you all can do such challenge! of Survival Endless, I consider the Puzzle Endless to be more difficult. Those records from the screenshot was I made thanks to mostly good luck.

To wARtist :Ya, you're right. I found that there seems no so-called the first one who came up with that perfect setup. Via the Internet, I've discovered the silimar setups that is just like the same as that of the snapshot you got from empty! They all used more than 2 Cob Cannons as their main weapon, and also used Winter Melons & Gloom-shrooms as the support weapons! It seems the pros will all take the same path of seeking for what's the most perfect setup! Look at JP's, it's also a similar setup! That's amazing! But I still love your version cuz this setup only have to use the Ice-shroom instead of the Umbrella Leaf to deal with Bungee Zombies!

ps: As my convention : If there is any incomplete paragreph, just tell me, and I'll correct it.

JP 7 years ago

This is a setup I'm using now, modified from ones I've seen:

Spikerock in the back kills digger zombies before they can hurt anything, Gloom Shroom kills imps, and umbrella protects those important plants from the bungees. Maybe it's even better to switch the umbrella and gloom shroom position there. If some plants get destroyed (jack-in-the-box accident, too many imps and can't replace pumpkin yet, etc.) and sun gets low, replace gold magnets with sunflowers as necessary.

I passed flag 252, and I think it can go forever if I don't mess up too bad.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

I knew that was not Empty's original setup. It doesn't matter. I suggest you get a PC with better performance in order to have a better experience playing games. I bought this laptop half of year ago. 2GHz core duo(65nm)/2Gb Ram/512MB graphic ram(NV GF8600 GS)/15.4". I am thinking about buying a new one with 45nm based CPU, 4 GB DDR3 ram and NV graphic with 256 bit. That's gonna cost me a lot. While it's worthwhile for me.

I like your LONG comment. Please go on with it.

Passerby 7 years ago

Whoops! Now Allow Me to Officially Grant Passerby the Administrator of this Hub. => Maybe I should apologize for this? That's truth my comment's too long :D

Passerby 7 years ago

After I read the comment in Plants Vs Zombies Strategy, I realized perhaps the first one figuring out that perfect setup cannot be traced. And sorry for my previous misunderstanding. In fact, you've misunderstood something, too :

"hehe, but that is not my build. It's my classmate. And i saw him play more than 200 flags easily. When I saw his build, my first think is: It 's really Perfect." says empty.

so the 222 flags picture may be his classmate's, not his.

Another truth.It's about me :

Maybe the reason why I can survive so many flags is that my PC memory is not enough to support so many objects that it lags while my playing Survival Endless ! LOL But when I play other games in Plants vs Zombies, this lag state won't happen.

I really want to challenge the "no lag mode." I've seen youtube. That speed is much more challenging!

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

You've done a good enough article, Passerby! Don't worry. Remember to email me.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Whoops! Now Allow Me to Officially Grant Passerby the Administrator of this Hub. Just kidding! Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much to share your precious strategies in such detailed words. Very professional. That will benefit everyone that needs to survive 200 flags or more. I really like guys like you. We are of the same kind. Is there any way that I can contact you regularly?

Contact me, Passerby! I'd really want to make friends with you.

Passerby 7 years ago

Please don't mind the words "(I've said it twice in this comment by now)" & "(3 times)" in the comment (or should I call it an article?).That's the previous words left, and I forgot to revise them. (That's too long for me to check the whole comment)

Passerby 7 years ago

(It seems that the comment has the word limit.... the following is the rest of my comment.)

That's all what I do to fight against zombies. Actually, my solar money was in the range from 8000 to 9990. It's all because of my carelessness. I was once in the situation that the solar money was about only 6000 or less! So don't worry about your solar money, if your setup is in stable circumstances, you will always have chances to regain it!

To Dr Nhan:I suggest you don't plant the Cob Canon at first. Kernel-pult will help you deal with the zombies in the beginning flags, so just settle other plants and save the enough solar power to get ready for planting the expensive Cob Canons.I don't know if this is the advice you want.

BTW, maybe Michael Jackson had joined the Zombies! Let's see the words about Dancing Zombie from ALMANAC: Any resemblace between Dancing Zombie and persons living or "dead" is surely coincidental. To my surprise,this game was presented just before Michael Jackson was dead!(Though that's more than one month before Michael Jackson's death) It's amazing! Maybe Plants vs Zombies will also be one of the collections of Michael Jackson's fans?

ps: This comment takes me maybe about 5-6 hrs to type....very tiring, almost turning me into Crazy Dave! barabarabarabara~~ I don't know before that it really takes time to transform the tips in my mind into words. I bet there're few people read my comment.

pps: If there is any incomplete paragreph, just tell me, and I'll correct it. (How to tell me? I don't know either. I'm just a passer-by~LOL Oh,OK. Maybe leave a comment here?)

Passerby 7 years ago

To wARtist:

The truth is: You are a player with passion.I believe that's enough for being a professional. And though the setup was figured out by your friend Empty, without your online sharing, I can't survived so many flags, and earn so many money for the fertilizers for The Tree of Wisdom. (LOL) That's one of the purpose of my playing the Survival Endless! Besides, from the picture "A Snapshot of my playing 58 flags" I realized that the "perfect setup" I applied is your modified version, I think this modified version is better than Empty's original! If making good use of your setup, it won't be hard to survive forever! (Just like what I'd just said.) You should trust your perfect setup!

I think there's no difference about the strategy between 150 flags beyond and 200 flags beyond. Although I don't know how Empty survived so many flags with his pick up, I can survive the same flags he did. Everyone has his method to survive, and I believe if you know the method, you can survive forever! (I've said it twice in this comment by now) Thus, I'll type all my points for attention in detail while playing Survival Endless, hoping the following will help you to enjoy Survival Endless. And the following will be a proof that wARtist's modified version is perfect! (3 times)

*My steps for playing Survival Endless: (Attention: You may feel dizzy when read such terribly detailed information on the following, so if you just want to find certain information to solve your problem, Ctrl+F may help you a lot)

1. Before put the plants in the slots, I will check the certain zombies on the right screen. Mainly I just focus on Dancing Zombie, Dolphin Rider Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Digger Zombie and Bungee Zombie. The former four kinda Zombies decide where I should bomb with Cannon, and Bungee Zombie remind me to leave the Ice-shroom for him (Gloomy-shrooms and Winter Melon will take care of them). Factually I will check all kinda Zombies; this act could help me control the situation.

2. Keep the certain zombies in mind and start to choose the plants. For me, I always choose that seven plants (look at it from the snapshot slot on the left), another slot always for Squash and other two slots for the plants that might be wiped out (for example, Spikeweed and Spikerock, Melon-pult and Winter Melon), just in case.

3. LET'S ROCK! And here comes the main point.

First, I'll talk about the basic defense cycle. Of course save solar power anytime, so the 1st to the 4th wave use Cannons (2 Cannons per wave). And because the Cannons need time to recharge, use 2 Cherry Bombs to welcome the next wave of zombies. (2 Cherry Bombs is cheaper than Doom-shroom+Jalapeno) After this wave, you'll have your Cannons ready! (Sometimes it might take time to wait Cannons recharge for a while, but be patient. It won't be too late to bomb zombies!) And if there are many many Gargantuars, you will not have to use Cherry Bombs. Just wait for Cannon recharge and get ready to bomb them. Gargantuar is naturally move slow, and Winter Melon will slow it down as well. But if you don't want it to damage your Spikerock, use the cheapest instant plant, Squash, to squash the nearest one. In sum, the waves usually come 9 times before the 1st flag erect, and 10 times before the 2nd flag erect (including the attack when the 1st flag erect), so you'll have to use 2 Cherry Bombs twice and Doom-shroom+Jalapeno once if no mistakes happen.

Second, when should we launch Cannons? Just listen carefully to the sound of Dolphin,the noise of the engine of ice machine and the music of Jack-In-The-Box, it won't be hard to choose the right timing to launch Cannons. But what if there's no any sound for we to order? You won't encounter that situation that makes you have no idea. If there were really no any sound, Dancing Zombie would definitely appear in the composition! As his buttom approach the borderline between the 1st & the 2nd vertical lane from the right, it's time to launch!?Attention! If there are lots of Gargantuars, the alternation of the waves will be slowed down. This has already been mentioned while talking about the basic defense cycle.

Third, perhaps the key point of all, where are the locations that the Cannons should be launch on? [1]If there are "no Dancing Zombies" and there are "Buckethead Zombies" (and there are "no Dolphin Rider Zombies"), launch Cannons on the borderline in the middle of each semi-lawn(by pool's standard, one above it & one below it) and on the 1st vertical lane from the right before the navy comes; after the navy comes, launch on the location just like [2]. [2]If there are "no Dancing Zombies" and there are "Dolphin Rider Zombies" (whether there are Buckethead Zombies or not), launch Cannons on the square on the 1st vertical lane from the right and near the pool (namly on the 2nd & 5th lane horizontally). [3]If there are "no Dancing Zombies" and there are "no Buckethead Zombies" (and there are "no Dolphin Rider Zombies"), just do like [2] at the 1st period; don't mind the navy, cuz Gloomy-shrooms will take care of them. [4]If there are "Dancing Zombies" and there are "Dolphin Rider Zombies" (whether there are Buckethead Zombies or not), launch Cannons on the square that on the 2nd vertical lane from the right and near the pool (namly on the 2nd & 5th lane horizontally). [5]If there are "Dancing Zombies" and there are "Buckethead Zombies" (and there are "no Dolphin Rider Zombies"), launch Cannons on the borderline in the middle of each semi-lawn on the 2nd vertical lane from the right before the navy comes; after the navy comes, launch on the location just like [2]. [6]If there are "Dancing Zombies" and there are "no Buckethead Zombies" (and there are "no Dolphin Rider Zombies"), just launch Cannons on the borderline in the middle of each semi-lawn and on 2nd vertical lane.

(Why I do this inconvenient arrangement? Because I'm Crrazzzzzy! Just kidding. That's because I think maybe that more closer to the explosion, more damage the zombies will get, especially dealing with Gargantuars. The red-eyed Gargantuar need four Cannons to exterminate!)

4. Here tells you unusual & skillful ways against Dancing Zombies and Digger Zombies. Use your sixth sense! (Just kidding) Launch the Cannon within 3 seconds (maybe?) after the previous wave were bombed or immediately after the caution words "a huge wave of zombies approaching" disappear, on the 1st vertical lane from the right! If there's no Dolphin Rider Zombie, just launch Cannons on the borderline in the middle of each semi-lawn and on 1st vertical lane.And if there are Dolphin Rider Zombies, launch Cannons on the square on the 1st vertical lane from the right and near the pool.The only cost in this act is that not all the zombies of this wave you bombed too fast will be involved in the Cannon explosion.That is to say, the zombies behind will be still alive. But don't worry about that if you have Cannons remain.You can bomb them along with the zombies of the next wave!(But you have to use the normal way)

5. Don't care about Digger Zombies, they merely do little damage to your pumpkin much less than the Imps, but if you really don't like them, you can use the skillful way I've mentioned above to bomb them while they're digging underground, and the underground Diggers will be exterminated.

6. Don't worry about Jack-In-The-Box Zombies too much. Of course you have to watch out, but there is very little probability that he will explode. It only happened less than five times since I used wARtist setup and survive up to now. That's because Gloomy-shrooms will always take care of them who're near the pool, so usually the exploded one will not do damage to your plant before you bomb them.

7. Gold-magnet can only collect 5 coins or diamonds at a time, and they're not fast enough to collect all the coins or diamonds.If you don't want to miss any chance to earn, spend a little while to click on them.

That's all what I do to fight against zombies. Actually, my solar money was in the range from 8000 to 9990.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Thank You, Passerby! Your words wake me up!

I'll upload your snapshot and share your strategy to everyone.

It seems I am really not a talented player.

Passerby 7 years ago

snd => 2nd that's a typing mistake...

Passerby 7 years ago

So it was your friend Empty the first one that figured out this perfect setup? I dare bet that's the most perfect setup in Survival Endless. I've survived 180 flags by now for the first time I used this setup! I think it won't be difficult to survive even more than 1000 flags if you want!

In addition, I provide some of my ways in defending the lawn from the waves of the zombies :

* Watch out the certain zombies :The Dancing Zombie, Dolphin Rider Zombie and the Digger Zombie.Depending on their different composition,choose the best position on which you want to launch the cannons, making the most efficient use of them.I believe many pros surely found this way.

*If you observed the pumpkin, you'll find there are three states.Replace them when they turn into the second state.(In fact, You'll have to replace the old ones all the time cuz of the zombies attack!) In so doing, you won't have to use the Imitater! (the left pumpkin is what I called the snd state. It has breaches.)

*8 Cob Cannons are absolutely not enough! Use 2 Cherry Bomb(one is the Imitater) or Doom-shroom and Jalapeno('cuz there will be one lane that can't be bombed)

*You can just use the Ice-shroom to beat Bungee Zombies with this setup.Place it after bulls being set.

ps: don't place it too fast, or you will regret that your plant had been stolen.('cuz you are uable to freeze them)

BTW, I apologize if my English is not good enough for you guys to understand...

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Nuan, of course no cheat here, or there's nothing we need to discuz the strategy here.

If you wanna know detailed info, please check this hub

I have posted some setups I played Survival Endless for early time. I can guess where your problem is. Using mouse  not fast and accurate enough.

There're different levels of players on Survival Endless.

By the same setup showed at the very beginning, I only made 80 flags, and I believe it's my up limit for that setup. While my friend Empty has already made more than 200 flags by the exact setup. The only difference is the mouse operating skill.

I suggest you play the mini game: Whack A Zombie. To practice your mouse handling skill, you'd better play this game without using Grave Buster once to win that mini game.

According to what you said, I guess you probably have never played any RTS games, such as Starcraft or Warcraft. If you have played that sorta game well, mouse handling won't be a big problem. While, I am just a middle level player.

Good luck playing the game, pal!

Nuan 7 years ago

How can you do that? 70 or 80 flags and more!!

No tactic you all lectured here surprises me. I also use cattails, cobs, winter melon and ... but I never survived more than 17 flags.

I know that my skill sucks but I wonder the difference between 17 and 70 with these same tactics

PS. No cheat right?

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Edusena, you've done a nice job passing 45 flags.Some tips for you.

1.If you don't wanna get distracted by the Digger Zombies(the mad ones with red eyes), you have to spare another lot for an extra Gloomy-shroom. This is an sacrifice. There's no perferct setup so far.

2,To deal with the Catapult Zombie, you should eliminate them with Cob Cannon as soon as they show up. Don't worry. The Winter Melon will always slow them down. You have to make a hard choice whether to use an umbrella leaf or not.

Good Luck playing the game.

Edusena 7 years ago

Only 45 . I go try again for 2nd time this setup maybe i do it better because i confused im pickup item, shot cob, pickup sun , do shields

Edusena 7 years ago

Nice your setup i survived 40 flags and i think i can go to 60 flags or more i'm not dead yet. But having problems with bungee and catapult zombies. The last line of melons are attacked by catapults and i do a umbrella leaf but when a digger come dont have a good defense with only 1 gloom-shroom and the gloom shroom on the pool are destroied. Maybe because its my 3 survival endless.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Empty, applying almost the same setup as yours, I just made 80 flags for the first time.I am now working for the 2nd time. I am busy working every day, you know, as a newspaper editor.I can spare little time during the work. You are a great player.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To crazy2win, we don't have to worry about how many gargantuars there are at one time. Cob can make massive damage, about 3×3, a single cob can take care anything within this area. While about gargantuar, the normal one with the white eyes needs 2 cobs to finish, the mad one with red eyes needs 3. Just remember to move your mouth fast enough to launch 2 or 3 cobs to the desired target, they'll surely be done. Is that clear enough,pal? You can check My Friend Empty's setup down below, almost the same setup to mine.

Mac Mission profile image

Mac Mission 7 years ago from bangalore

just not for the words .Its good one.I have never seen this type in any hub.

empty 7 years ago

crazy2win 7 years ago

how do u fend off all those gargantuars with just cob cannons if sometimes over 10 of them appear at once!?

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Sure, I will. Good luck!

Dr Nhan 7 years ago

Okay, I'll try it again, next time with more thinking. I'll keep in touch.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Dr Nhan,

1.I don't know what your sunflower problem is. But as long as you follow my sunflower setup, there won't be any problem.

2.I've told you how to deal with the Digger Zombies. Use the exact setup, what you have to do is replace the dying pumpkins.

3.Cob Cannon is always fragile. You have to click fast using it. Sometimes you'll encounter very tough situation when the all the Cobs are not ready to launch. At that moment, you can use the Cherry Bomb to make up for it. As long as you replace the Spikerock always on time, you don't have to worry about losing your Cob Cannons on the very front.

Is this helpful enough, Pal?

Dr Nhan 7 years ago

Hey, I made it to 37 flags. But I kind of ignored your advice about how to planting the sunflowers and died a GLUESOME ZOMBIE DEATH. I got too occupied with Cob Canon launching and forget about the digger zombies. They ate through my defences like eating cake. And sun problem grown out of control. And the 4 Cob Canons in the front line on land got eaten. How do I deal with that! Please help me out, pleassssssssss ... Thank you

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

Hi,Haddock! The Digger Zombies are not a big problem if you do plant four Gloomy-shrooms on the second line from the left.

I think the biggest threat comes from the Catapult Zombie, the Jack-in-the-box Zombie, the Zomboni and the Dolphin Rider Zombie.

Haddock 7 years ago

i use the similar setup, but without cat tail. i use blower instead, whenever the balloon zombie appears.

i only manage 49 flag though, kinda missed the attention on the digger zombie (with red eyes), while they hacked the winter melon at the back row they were stronger than the usual digger :(

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Dr Nhan, You're welcome to ask questions on Plants Vs Zombies. I really love this game and love to share my own experience.

Dr Nhan 7 years ago

Thanks, wARTIST. Replace the Spikerocks really suck away my sun. They die all the time. No I can rest with ease. Thank again :D

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Dr Nhan, it's crucial to replace the dead Spikerock only on the third line showed in the snapshot above. The main purpose of doing this is either make deadly strike to heavily armed zombies or slow down the Gargantuars, gaining time for the Cob Cannon's launch.For most of the time, it's gonna successfully work for Cob Cannons to doom everything before any plants get hurt. I think planting Spikerocks on the first and second line is unnecessary because they always die easily owing to the huge amout of Zombonis. In the late flags, the CPI is sky high, it's wise to save money if you really want to go further. Just my own opinion. Hope to help you.

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

To Quickclay, in the first ten, you should plant twin sunflowers the same position showed above.Build the six gloomy-shrooms in the pool, at least 2 melon-pults on each lane on the lawn.Leave the rest of the place to sunflowers to build up a strong economy.

Dr Nhan 7 years ago

I went as your setup told me and thing are quite good. My Spikerocks in the first and second line always take the beating by those Gargantuars and usually only leave behind the last line of spikerocks. Is it crucial to replace the spikerocks when ever they died? Or just only let the last line of them alive and Gargantuars still gonna goes down.

Quickclay 7 years ago

So whats the best order to build things? What should you build for the first 10 or so levels?

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

So far, I survived 70 flags by applying that setup. I'm not dead yet. I'll continue tomorrow!

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