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Here's a plastic microwave I prepared earlier. For more Minecraft mod reviews, visit:
Here's a plastic microwave I prepared earlier. For more Minecraft mod reviews, visit: | Source

Duct Tape. Night Vision Goggles. Plexiglass. Microwave Oven. Batteries. You'd be forgiven at this point for thinking that I'd played entirely too much Minecraft and gone off my rocker completely. But these are just some of the tools and materials you'll be able to make if you install PlasticCraft, a Minecraft mod.

PlasticCraft does so much that it's actually going to be difficult to do it proper justice in this format. It's also somewhat eclectic in its range and scope. Some recipies are apparently entirely frivolous, like the recipes for plastic wrap, and others are merely whimsical, like gelatin, which is created from pig parts and a bit of wood.

Others add real functionality to the game, like the microwave oven, which cooks faster than a furnace and is more efficient in doing it.

Night vision goggles are also insanely useful, especially if you're the sort of person who doesn't enjoy spamming torches everywhere. I personally find that doing this has the effect of making the countryside look like a matchstick farm.

There's also a darker side to PlasticCraft, a darker side of explosive proportions. Using gunpowder, plastic blocks and the integrated circuits that come with PlasticCraft, you can create plastic explosive, which has twice the blasting power of TNT, making mining a much more exciting prospect.

To protect yourself from your newly made plastic explosives, you can make plexiglass, a material that is resistant to explosives. What's really nice about plexiglass is that you can also make doors out of this material, which gives one the capacity for blast proof rooms. Creepers need never bother you again! To shake things up a bit, there is also a recipe for glowing plexiglass, which emits some light. Handy for when you find yourself deep in a mineshaft, far from any other sources of life giving light.

Other recipes in this mod include:

Plastic Tree Tap – Put this on a tree to extract rubber.

Plastic Bottle – A vessel that can hold water and milk and is drinkable.

Milk Bottle.

Synthetic String – No more hunting spiders for string! Make your own in your peaceful, technologically advanced world.

Needle – This sounds awful, but needles can be used to give yourself a shot in the arm and boost health if you're low.

Duct Tape – Can be used to repair tools.

Plastic Wrap – Can be used to wrap chocolate bars, if you're using Nandonalt's Chocolate Mod.

Glowstick – Brighter torch substitute.

Batteries – For powering Microwave ovens.


You'll need Rigasumi's Mod Loader installed if you want to use PlasticCraft, and best of all, this mod installs with TFC's mod manager, which is the holy grail of mod managers.

Download PlasticCraft

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