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Aqua Bubble is without doubt the internets most played bubble bursting game of its kind! It can be compared to other bubble shooting games, but not the same. The best way to describe aqua bubble is a cross between upside down tetris, and facebook's bubble spinner. The idea is the same, in the sense that you have blocks (bubbles in this case), which are slowly dropping from the sky. It is your job as a player to group these bubbles, by shooting the colour you are presented with into colours of the same kind. When you have 3 bubbles of the same colour grouped together, the bubbles will pop. You can use the walls in the same way that you can with Facebook's bubble spinner, and bounce them off in order to hit your targetted areas. The bubbles will continue to drop from the sky, and if they reach the floor then they will all burst and your game is up! Therefore you need to ensure that you are on the ball, quick thinking, and decision making as to where you should fire your bubbles.

Aqua bubble is a cross between a skill game and a strategic game, and can become extremely addictive. Many people go on to play with the intention of having just one game - but find themselves playing for hours trying to better their previous scores. The reason for its success comes down to the fact that the game is very challenging but has a great deal of simplicity at the same time. There are no downloads required, and no lengthy loading times - therefore making it a quick selection for your lunch time break, or inbetween cooking the dinner! Many would aso argue that this type of game is good for training the brain, and it will keep you alert and thinking logically right up untill your bubbles burst on the floor!

It should also be mentioned that aqua bubble is completely free to play and requires no sign up or registrations. This family game can be played by people of all age groupings, and can become a competition within the family to who can achieve the best score.

Game Ranking 9/10. * * * * * * * * * "Challenging but simple - A great mixture!".

If you know of any cheats, tricks, tips, hacks or codes for this game then please feel free to share them with us at the bottom of the page in the comments section. Thanks.

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Aqua Bubble 5 years ago

Aqua bubble is one of the favorite games we play here in Korea. Thanks for the post and kudos for the game!

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