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Binball Wizard Game!

Binball Wizard is a fantastic online flash game that is simple, fun, quick, very challenging and also very addictive. The game can played using simply just a mouse. The idea of the game is to get the ball into the bin in a little time as possible. The time is then taken account in when your scoring takes place. You can continue playing in order to become the very best of them all - aiming to reach the no1 global rank, which is shared with all the online players. Beware this game is not easy and if you want to be the best then lots of pratice will be required! Play and enjoy!

Binball wizard has been voted amongst the most addictive flash games on the internet for 2009. So if you start playing then be sure to be carefull! If you are a person that is easily addicted then maybe you shouldn't start because as soon as you do you will struggle to get away!

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