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Caesary Online Game! The Romans Attack!

Caesary Online Game is a new and exciting web based browser game that is already being played by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. It looks set to take over from other dominant games that have been on the internet for longer lengths of time and never really changed anything.

The road to success in Caesary is to build and to manage your own city, engage in trainings, manufactuer troops units, seize engines, and organise leagues to battle against your enemies.

How to Build on Caesary

Empty space is reffered to as a "Clearing". You are able to erect buildings on a "Clearing" in your city. In order to build you just simply click the clearing,and choose what you would like to erect. To start with the only thing that will be available for you is the cottage. However later in the game you will have the opportunity to build the following:- Warehouses, Barracks, Stable, Workshops, Ampitheatres, Outerost, University, Academies, Temples and Plaza's.

Completing Quests

There are many quests that will need to complete in this roman empire, and by doing so you will be rewarded in many ways in order to strengthen your soldiers. You must also care for soldiers by feeding them and motivating them on a regular basis! Therefore you must strongly consider growing crops in order to sustain a source of food for your team.

The Farm

Crops are grown on the farm. You must assign your clearing space on the farm to workers who will do as you intruct them to. Produce crops for construction, technology study, troops training and expedition.

Ranking System Caesary

Each player is given a ranking. This accounts for the game becoming extremely competitive with each city trying to become stronger and more powerful than the others.

Acquiring Gold

Gold is the main source of attempt. Gold can buy you a whole range of items that will make your city much much stronger. Without gaining gold you will find it extremely difficult to become anything other than a middleground player on this game. You want to enter the highest leagues as possible in order to gain more rankings from your battles, so don't be shy collecting your gold!

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