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Canaan is a new and exciting browser game that is taking internet by storm. The game is set in a fantasy universe where mystical and magical things happen. It is completely free to play and gives the player the opportunity to interact with other players throughout the world online. It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up and start playing. There are also no downloads involved and therefore takes up no space on your hard-drive, and makes the game safe and fun! Once you start playing this game you will see how unique and well illustrated the game really is. As a player your first task is to create your character. You can do this by choosing from 4 classes that are all different. These include the warrior, priest, manger or mage - depending on your preference.

You are then presented with NPC's who will present you with challenges and quests. These will differ depending on the character that you have chosen. However you will need to be prepared to fight throughout the game in order to look after yourself against fierce opposition. Your character will need to accumulate as many skills and as much gold as possible. This is down to you as the player to ensure that your character does so. You will be able to see the skills that your player has by looking at the skill window that will appear on your screen.

Throughout the game you will "carry pets" with you who become your friends and biggest assets! It is important to keep your pet well looked after and fed, because they will be battling with you against opponents. The stronger and better pets you have, the more chance you will have of winning battles against other characters and players.

***** 5 Star truly fantastic game!

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