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Dark Orbit is a free online web based browser game, in which you are based in space. It requires no downloads to play and you can sign up and play within seconds - it really is effortless. There are many games on the internet that catch a gamers eye and they find themselves play for months or even years in some cases. It is fair to say that this is likely to also be the case with Darkorbit. Darkorbit claim to have over 31 million players, which makes it one of the biggest, most popular internet games on the web - and most definately the most popular of its kind!

The game begins with you being offered a job to work for one of 3 large companies in space. They will provide you with your very own spaceship. There is not much difference in your salary and the perks of the job are all pretty much evenly balanced out, so it comes down to personal preference of which company you would like to work for. Your options are as follows:-

  • Mars Mining Operations: - Pilots are used to flying alone and their main concern is money. Do it alone and reep in the rewards.
  • Earth Industries Corporation: - Become part of a concept that is encouraged by humans who are working in space. Sacrifices will need to made for the good of the company.
  • Venus Resources Unlimited: - Be part of a team that protects citizens and galaxies. Employees here are well looked after.

Once you have chosen your ally you will be presented with quests and missions from which you should aim to complete. You can build credits, trade your assets and battle untill your heart is content. There is a cash prize for the winning battler of the month, which helps to make it that little bit more interesting!

The great players are recorded in the hall of the fame, and you can check your standing at any point. This is a very addictive and fun strategic, skillfulĀ and challenging online space war game!

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Anime MMORPG 5 years ago

Great game, tons of players!

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