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Dawn of Nations is an online strategic war game, that allows for fantastic, unique and highly competitive online gaming. The game gives players the opportunity to build cities, train troops and battle it out against other online players . It will be your job to protect and to build on your city and expand as you war with other players. Set in a world war 2 like environment, this is one game that will bring you closer to realistic war-like gaming. Most war games do not offer war by sea, but this is also major part of Dawn of Nations WW2. Use the Navy to your advantage and conquer your opponents!

Dawn of Nations quick overview:-

  • Free to play
  • Fantastic War Gaming
  • Addicitve and Competitive
  • Unique in style and game play
  • Extremely Fun
  • Challenging
  • E36 experience
  • Offers the choice to play premium
  • Urban Management

E36 Experience

E36 is a new and wonderful creation that will change the gaming world, and set games like this totally out of reach from other games. E36 offers in game, and out of game, gaming experience.

Cheats and Tips

There are not any known cheats for this game. It is still relatively new and the more the game is played the more these avenues will be explored. However, for the moment this is a completely clean game, giving every single player the same equal opportunities to progress and to work their way up the ranking ladder! If you know of any cheats, cracks or codes for this game then please feel free to leave a comment at theĀ bottom of the page in order to share with other fellow cheating gamers!


No other war game gives you the complete experience in the way that this one does. It really has excelled online war gaming and before long we expect to see millions and millions of players, playing online at any given time. Other games will surey follow this one, but it will be very hard to match up to!

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