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Desert Operations is a unique online browser game that is played by hundreds of thousands of people throghout the world. Desert Ops is the best realistic online war gaming experience. As a player you are set in a world whereby a mass war is taking place and there are no rules. Your mission will be to defend yourself whilst trying to raise your world dominance! In order to do this you will need to join and form alliances. There is no quick way of doing this, and there are no cheats or cracks for this game. Therefore you will need to build relationships with other players and gain trust in order for them to allow you to join their alliance. To start with you might be more successful by creating your own alliance, or joining a new alliance with other players who are also new to the game. Players are able to trade certain things between one another, including weapons and good and are able to use spies in order to find their defence and attack capability. In order to play desert operations you need to complete a quick registering process which takes no more than a few minutes. Once you have done so you can begin straight away by signing in using the username and password that you have set up. There are no downloads required and nothing to pay.

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Common Questions & Answers - Desert Operation

Q. How much will it cost me to play?

A. Desert Operations is completely free to play online.

Q. How do I know how well I am doing?

A. Ranking system! Keeps the game extremey competitive.

Q. How to form Alliance?

A. The best way to forms alliances is to gain trust, respect and have common strategies to other alliances. You should begin with new alliances, and then once you have build up your ranking you should be able to join more and better alliances.

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WEB GAME 6 years ago

it is cool...

Raykhel 4 years ago

It used to be a cool game BUT Looki and the support has destroyed it. They are not taking care of the players and are not very polite if they do answer a message.

In some servers Looki has lost their control because people are cheating and support doesn´t care or maybe it is people from Looki who is playing?

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