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Empire Universe was rated the best online web based strategy game in 2007, and Empire Universe II is a solid improvement on the first game! Empire Universe 2 is free online game, which requires you to sign up in order to play. The are no registration fees and no small print expenses that come with the game.

Empire Universe is set in space and is the worlds first 3D space graphics game on the internet, which is played by millions of people throughout the world every single day. Empire Universe offers you the opportunity to be a peace maker or a trouble maker in space - how you decide to play is entirely up to you, and you will be rewarded for both types of game play.

There are over 100,000 people playing the game at any given time of the day, so there will always be plenty of competition - and believe me this game does get competitive. Empire Universe allows you to battle with other online players, and participate in races also. There are over 120,000 planets in 10,000 galaxies so you can be assured that this is one game you will never get tired of. When you start playing you will simply see no need to play any other online game, because it becomes incredibly addictive and enjoyable.

You are able to interact with other online players, and you also have the option to join and talk in online forums and chat facilities - all available when you sign up.

Build you own spaceships from scratch, choosing from 66 components available and test them out in battles and races.  When you are doing well you will be able to join empires with other players of the same callibur. You can update and upgrade your spaceships once they are already established, to keep up with competition. You are faced with a number of challenging campaigns that will really test your skills, and spaceships to the max! There is also a fantastic feature of player trading, whereby you can trade your resources with other online players in order to better your game.

The game requires minimum system requirements, and therefore can be played by the majority of computer users.

Empire Universe is updated frequently and improvements are always being made. Again, this will ensure the best possible gaming experience. It should also be mentioned that there are no cheats for this game, and the only way to succeed is through hard work, determination, skills and sometimes a little bit of patience will take you a long way.

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