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Farmerama Online Game..

There is so much choice these days when it comes to online gaming and even more so when it comes to playing farming games. I have personally tried and tested them all, and my personal favourite is farmerama a number of reasons. So if your looking to play an exiting online game thats competitive and fun then look no further and continue reading on.

Farmerama is a new alternative to the extremely popular Farmville game that is played via Facebook. Farmerama is expected to become the leading farming game on the internet in 2010. The idea of the game is to make the most of your land, whilst playing against other online farmers! Farmerama is totally free to play, and is a web based online game. Therefore no downloads or discs are required to get playing. In fact you can start playing right now if you choose to do so.

To start with you are given your very own farmhouse, mill and barn from which to start building a future. Your barn is for storing your crops, trees and animals, and your mill is where you can produce the animal feed. You have a water tower for watering your crops and giving to your animals. The cattle and crop play an important part in your success and it all comes down to how good you are at managing your own farm, to how successful you can become. You need to pick a strategy and stick to it. Be patient and prepare to become addicted as you will fall in love at first gaming experience!

In Farmerama you will find customers come by from time to time, so it is important that you open the door when they come knocking! Your manure is a great source of fertalizer so be sure to use it effectively when planting your crops.

Farmerama City is where all the money is made. There is a market where you can trade with fellow players. In the city you can visit the bank, tourist office, pick up your mail, send letters and much more..

Occasionally you will receive the County Herald which is the local newspaper. Giving you advice on crops and your animals! The sports section shares the best farmer of the week and who has the best homestead! Enjoy playing and have fun!

There is also a number of cheats that you can use on this game, and there is huge potential when it comes to creating macro botz. If your interested and looking for that little helping hand then I have listed a cheat site for you to explore...

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aris4ever 6 years ago

farmerama is the best online farmer game i have ever played i join the game thee times a day!!!!

ang3l1ca 6 years ago

how do you make yourself visible on the game so you can chat with other farmers?

Awesomewird 6 years ago

farmerama is an awesome game!

blondey 5 years ago

there is no cheats!!!

i am stck @ level 17 and am ex ex bored

wot do i do!?!

daniel 5 years ago

there is a cheat


nozone 5 years ago

How do you enter the cheat?

de_boer1996 5 years ago

guyz to at codes like mashable go to news then the weird thing on the left klik type code and 17 u can go to a other piece of land but u need u can get friends really fast just go to forum and ask nicely if peeps wanne be friends most people will and then the piece of land should be clean (de_boer1996)i am now at lvl 16 almost 17 :-)(dont invite my)only ask my things good full friends list :-)

hadit 5 years ago

tks it realy work

blondie 5 years ago

how do u get codes???

TWIE 5 years ago


ian 5 years ago

perpek na ako sa agmes


sebapon 5 years ago

do u know any good cheats THAT ACTUALLY WORK for some quick Barnyard Bills?

emmmmm 5 years ago


Not really 4 years ago


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