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Mindjolt's Tower Stack game is a super addictive game that leaves you wanting more, and more.... and more. This game as become more and more popular since it's release on facebook! Facebook allows you to play against your friends in order to see who can reach the highest score.

The idea of the game is to build as many blocks on top of each other as possible. Sounds pretty easy right? You have to release a block from the swining rope at the top, which goes from left to right. You will then be scored on each block that lands correctly. In total you can miss 3 block (3 lives) before you are out of the game.

Scoring - If you can get your blocks straight on top of one another then you will receive more points. If you can keep a continous number of straight line running blocks then you points will accumulate as you go along. A basic block that does not land straight will earn you just 100 points. The more your blocks land wonky, the more wobbly the tower block will become!

Why Tower Stack? - This is a flash browser game is super quick for loading and super fun for playing. The game time doesn't take long so you can have a quick game on your lunch break or whilst the dinner is cooking. It is super addidtive and before you know it the whole family and friends will be playing this one with you. Therefore it might be a good tip to keep this one under the hat for a while, untill you get really good, and then you can share it with everyone else and see if they can beat your score!

Hacking / Hacks / Cheats / Tips - If you want cheats tips to gain a great score that will shock the life out of anyone you play against then you should visit where you can find tuturiols on this topic.  

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