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Faunasphere is a new and exciting online game, exploring virtual worlds where only one type creature exists - Fauna. It is free to play and you can have bundles of fun doing so. You will need to sign up to play the game, which will take just a couple of minutes or you can simply log in by using your facebook account log in details, it's that simple!

Your role in the game will be to adopt a fauna. The fauna world is full of pollution and damage and you should play your role in making their world a little bit better. You will find yourself becoming more and more connected with your Fauna and your relationship will blossom the more you play. Fauna are great characters and they are very dependant on you in the same way that a real pet would be. It will be your job to attend to their needs in oder to make sure that they have their own customized space in the fauna sphere and that they are well looked after.

There are 3 Fauna's available for you to choose from when starting the game. These are Scooter, Sniffer and Hooter. Each Fauna have their own strengths and weaknesses. After a while you will come across more Fauna's - there are 12 in total. By exploring and meeting new Fauna'd you might find yourself in the position where your Fauna can lay hatch an egg, and you will have a unique fauna to look after. There is no limit to the number of Fauna you can have. However it will be hard work and therefore many players trade eggs between each other!

There are also some fantastic places to go exploring, inlcuding The Rock Garden, Swamps, Artic Areas and Forests. This really is one game that you love from first play.

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ravagon 5 years ago

faunasphere is the best game in the world!re open it!

flory 4 years ago

pe ce sait pot gasi faunasphere ca sa joc online?

vreu un raspuns cat mai rapid

FaunaSphereCraz 4 years ago

Bring FaunaSphere back! *dies in a hole due to boredum*

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