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 FreeJack Parkour Racing Game is one of the most played online 3D Cartoon games on the internet. Parkour racing is set in New Jack City, which is describes as every runners paradise! The city is named after legendary freerunner Freejack. You have the top trainer called MoMo, who trains the best free runners in the city. MoMo is the leader of an Elite running club in the city that everyone wants to be part of. This is called 'Triple Rockets', and members of Triple Rockets are known as the best runners in town! The appearance of the Triple Rockets has caused quite a stir in New Jack City, with thousands of runners forming rival clubs in order to race the Triple Rockets and gain respect of the city. Do you think that you've got what it takes to challenge the Triple Rockets and FreeJack? If so then this game is certainly the game for you.

FreeJack Parkour Game Trailer

Characters in Parkour Racing..

Characters in Parkour Racing include:

  • Jin - The ex hot headed leader of the biker gang!¬†Now left behind him in order to become a leading free runner.
  • Nadia - The former gold medalist in Gymnastics. Private dectective and always in pursuit of criminals.
  • Goodspeed - The most famous fullback that New Jack have produced from their City.
  • Tina - Known as tiny but tough, is a master of physics and deadly arts! Watch out for this one.
  • FreeJack - The mystery man who started it all, but who is he?

How to Play

FreeJack Parkour Racing Game is totally free to play. All you need to is visit the site and perform the neccesary downloads. Once this has been done you can play untill your heart is content. This is a real fun game, and can be played with friends and family - Interactive and modern.

Play FreeJack Parkour Game!

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