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The Basics

Grepolis is a NEW internet browser strategy online war game that allows you to build tribes and alliances, and conquer other tribes in order to gain more lain and more bonus rewards. Grepolis is extremely easy to start playing and required just a Username, Password and an email address to get started.


You begin Grepolis with a ranking that is usually quite far down the pecking order. It is then up to you to improve your ranking as you play, and you will find that the better you get and the more that you build and conquer - the higher your ranking will become. By using this ranking system the Grepolis game becomes highly competitve and there are thousands of playing that are all aiming to work their way up the ladder in order to become the number one!

Forums and Messaging

With Grepolis Tribal War Game you are able to interact with other players through messaging and also through the online forum. You are able to do this from the moment that you sign up.


It is fundementally important that you build good alliances in order to help you suceed. At the end of the day one man can not do it all by himself! You should start off by makin alliances with people that have a similar rank to yourself. That way you can both support each other and grow together as you learn new things and work your way through the quests and stages.


When the time is right you might feel the need to place an attack on other cities and troops. You can do this easily by choosing the attack tab on the right hand side of the game screen.

Gold Coins

Just like any real city you will find that money plays an important part in your success and therefore you must aim to achieve as many gold coins as possible. You have the option to play at premium rate whereby you can buy coins to help you in suceeding.

Happy Gaming!.........

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