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 April the 9th saw a new and exciting version of the online game Karos, which has been widely launched and played by millions of people throughout the world.  With absolutely stunning 3D graphics, this free to play web game offers fantastic gaming, including many battles and castle seiges, unpredictable dungeons, mining, fishing, majestic mounts and survival of the fittest. It gives you something that other games do not, in the sense that you are playing a truly unique game that is never ending and will never get boring. There is a story behind the game which dates back to the year 666, which explains why things are they way they are in Karos. You should read the story before playing because your understanding will increase dramatically.

The idea of the game is to accumulate as many fletta gems as possible and to spend them carefully to move yourself up the ladder. You can spend fletta gems on 3 things, these are:-

  1. Enhancing your characters attributes
  2. Execute powerful high level skills - (only when you have become advanced).
  3. Save your points and receive, boost experience and gain bigger bonuses.

The choice is yours but you should put plenty of consideration into your game plan before spending your gems, as it could lead to your rise or fall. Great things come with patience and persistance so do not go wasting your gems early on.

Review - This is a fun and exciting game, the new updates and upgrades have a great impact on the overall game play. This is a game well worth experiencing and playing. There are very little cheats, tricks, hacks or codes available so the best way is through sheer hard work and determination.

Happy playing!

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caps11was 6 years ago from Maryland

Awesome hub man, great stuff :)

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