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A game based and influenced by the steampunk story, which takes us back to having classic 19th century technology. There are a series of wonderful machines, characters, architechs and creatures in the game, and you must build your very own elite team in order to battle and combat other online players. Completely unlike any other game that you would have played before as it is very unique with fresh and new ideas that make for a fantastic gaming experience.

There is a series of different battle in which you can commence on the shattered continent. You can even play your friends and battle one to one, or you could simply place attack on a fellow online player by invading them when they least expect you to. There are lots of kingdoms, underworlds and much more for you to explore throughout the game, and there will always be more to see.

It is important that you create your player/creature at the start of the game as this character will stick with you throughout. You are also created with a pet which stays with you throughout the game and lends you a helping hand from time to time. Your character and your pet will become very attached! you have the option to make your character entirely customized so that you look unique and individual.

This unique game play is really phenominal. There is no downloads involved and the game is totally free to play online. You will experience no lagging (depending on your computer!) and you will become really into the game in no time at all. Signing up takes no more than just a few minutes, and logging in takes just seconds. There are no hacks, cheats or hidden secrets for this game, and the best way to suceed is to have a game plan and to adapt it to your changing environment.

You can become a fan on facebook or follow the game using twitter. All completely free and most definately lots of fun!

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