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Dungeons of Daemonheim

RunEscape has quickly become the worlds most popular free MMO game of it's kind, with millions of players throughout the world logging in every day clocking up more and more game time. So what makes RunEscape such a popular selection and why do people play it? RunEscape hosts a global community of millions of players, which makes it a form of social networking as well as just a game. In many cases players may just log in to chat with friends or people that they have met playing the game! RunScape is 100% free to play and requires no initial payments or credit card details. All that is required to become a player is the signing up process which takes just a couple of minutes making the game accessible to all. There are also no downloads involved, so the actual game can be played quickly with very little disturbance. RunEscape is most popularly played in America, England, Holland, France and Portugal. You can see some normal gameplay in the below video from YouTube in order to decide whether the game is for you!...

Runescape Video Guide....

RuneScape is more than just your ordinary online computer game. You are able to use it as a search engine, as a social networking site, as a games station, for downloading backgrounds and wallpaper, joining polls and you can even do a touch of shopping online should you wish to! You see, once you have this game you could pretty much use it for everything on the internet and this is one of the reasons it becomes so addictive and popular. You have the option to upgrade to a members only world which opens up new doors and more options for you to explore and enjoy - you will gain many advantages should you decide to do this.

Cheats, Cracks and Codes for Runescape can be found by searching for video's on youtube. You will find Botz and all sorts of other crazy Macros that will work for you. However you should be aware that the server hosts will try to put a stop to it as soon as possible because it can potentially ruin the game for others.

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The Expert 5 years ago

Superb game and you have some expert tips here :-)

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