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Pictionary Games - Great Gift Idea

Shockwave's Inklink Game is played in all countries of the world. It is a wonderful multiplayer game that allows the players to draw and guess pictures, objects, or words that are assigned to them. It is a totally unique game that hasn't been matched since its release over 6 years ago. There are some ways to become very good at this game and over time your brain will become faster and faster. Therefore I am sure that many players actually use this as a brain training , almost memory game, to keep them on their toes and quick.

Inklink really is the world wide webs answer to Pictionary which is a game that has been played by millions throughout the world over many years. Pictionary allows you to draw a picture that your opponents must guess at and is really where the game inklink stems from. Lets just hope that pictionary doesn't die out as a result of it!

The idea of the game is that you are in a room with 7 other players. Each player gets to draw something that they are told to draw by the game. Whilst drawing the picture all the other players can guess what it is that is being drawn. The first person to guess the correct answer gains points. The quicker that you guess the correct answer, the more points you will get. There are different difficulties and different game rooms to enter, so you can play from easy to hard opponents, and spend hours really enjoying yourself.

Recently when I tried to play the game I found it quite difficult to actually get on the site to play it. You can still access it through shockwave, so if you have come to this page in search for the game then I assure you that shockwave is the best way to go about it.

Alternatively there are lots of other games available on the internet that are more modern and also fantastic fun. I recommend trying these games out.


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