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Sigmastorm II is a 100% free online web based browser game that is played by hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world every day. Sigmastorm offers you as the player the choice to choose between 4 characters when you first sign up. Each character has their own strengths, and their own weaknesses. It is up to you to decide which character you think will best suit you and your own personal strategy! You should bare in mind that there is only one account per person, in order to stop people creating too many accounts and too many players. Therefore you will find no cheats, cracks, secret codes or walkthrough's for this game! However you will be ranked on your performance, and you will be able to compare this with your online competitors.

So, the first thing to do is choose between the 4 characters....


Mutant's Strengths

  • Unique DNA
  • Reknitting damaged flesh
  • Channeling into bladed weapons
  • Claws
  • Biting jaws and tentacles


Cyborg's Strengths

  • Reinforced skeleton
  • Attach cybernetic implants
  • Attach cybernetic weapons
  • Very strong and powerful
  • Difficult to damage fierce outer body


Soldiers Strengths

  • Combat trained
  • Deadly with firearms and weapons
  • Combat Suit for protections
  • Durable and a survivor
  • Many Skills


Purist's Strengths

  • PSI Power
  • PSI Weapons and Shields
  • Deadly¬†Attack and Defence
  • Undefendable
  • Psionic Energies

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