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 Game intro - Staries is a skill game in which your challenge is to clear as many stars as possible. In order to do this you must line up as many of the same colour stars as possible, by moving the ones that you already have in the screen. Don't be fooled because it is not as easy as it sounds and requires some deep thought and plenty of concentration! See how far you will get!

Why Staries - Staries is a fantastic, fun, quick flash game that allows you to play quickly and easily without any hassle. This is a completely web browser based game which means that there are no downloads or long waiting times involved. As soon as the site loads the game will appear and be ready to play!

Playing on MindJolt or Facebook! - Mindjolt and Facebook have this game available to play. this is a great way to enjoy playing the game as you can challenge your friends to play and beat your score. Before you know it you will have all your friends and family battling it out to see who can get the highest score! There is also lots of other great games available that are free to play, quick, fun and skillfull.

Hints / Tips / Cheats / Hacking - If you are not completely straight up and you would like to find out some tips to get a better score than your friends then you might be able to do so. The best place to find a tutorial is on

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