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The West Online RPG was voted game of the year in 2008. Since then there have been many new features, quests and exciting extras that have taken the game to a new level.

The West is a a free online web based browser game that allows players the chance to tough it out in the wild west. Begin the game as a poor labourer and work your way up the ladder to become something better. You will start at the bottom, picking sugar cane, tobacco and cotton in order to earn your living. As you battle in duels, win quests, gain experience and make money you will able to progress into joining and then beginning your own town.

This is not a game for those who do not enjoy competing! There is a ranking system, which ranks every single player throughout the world. Therefore you can monitor yourself against others on a day to day basis.


With over 300,000 players, you will need to gain yourself some experience points and some cash. Participating in Adventures and Quests is a fun and challenging way of building your player profile!

Adventures & Quests


The choice is yours! Whether you would like to join an existing town, or found your own with other players. If you are interesting in joining towns then you will want to join the ones that will suit to your needs, and join better towns as you progress through the game. If you are more interested in founding your own town then you will need to find a way to attract other players in, otherwise it might be a little lonely in the west - well untill you get in a duel anyway!


This is your legacy. Your chance to really show the world what you are capable of doing. Will you make it to become a legend that is never forgotten in this amazing world. The game will not be spoiled by other players because there are no cheats, cracks, secret codes, or walkthroughs so enjoy playing a game that is fair to all, where only strategy, hard work and concentration will take you to the top. If you find yourself getting good then you have the choice to play at premium! The choice is yours.

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