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Travian a wonderful browser based farming game that is available to all to play on the internet from a home computer, laptop or smart phone. In Travian you will start off with a field which looks something the one in the picture to the right. As you can see, the field is empty and it is up to you to make it harvest and gleam into something special that can make a satisfactory living for your player.

It will be entirely up to you how you resource your land, and which resources you would like to provide and produce. You have a choice of 4 immediate resources, which includes:

  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Wheat
  • Iron

In order to make you village successful and profitable it will be your responsibility to build and then upgrade buildings on your land. You need to be aware of enemy raiders so you will need to build Cranny's to protect your resource. Resource should be stored in warehouses and granary buildings.

The thing that makes this game so amazing is that you are not playing alone. In fact there are thousands of other members playing online at the same time as you, who are all competing for resource, land, crops and rankings! You should also take special notice of your neighbours as to whether they can be trusted of whether you can work together with them.

Travian has its own online chat facilities including chat rooms and forums so that you can interact easily with other players online. Therefore this makes the game similar to a social networking site but with the added fun! Registration is free and takes just a couple of minutes. As soon as you completed registration you are able to sign in and start building your world!

There are 3 worlds to choose from. These are:-

  • Server 5
  • Classic Server 6
  • Speed 3x

The most popular of the servers tends to be the Speed 3x but it does vary throughout the day as different players throughout the world join at different times and tend to prefer one server for one reason or another. There is a great manual and tutorial also to help get you started! Travian does not welcome cheats, hacking, codes, cracks or botz!

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