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Tribal wars is a fantastic online war game that is web browser based - with over 300,000 players playing at most times of the day! This is a stategic and tactical war game that can be ultimately challenging and also very addictive. There are 44 worlds to explore and enjoy. You are given the opportunity to build you own tribe and attempt to conquer your opponents, who happen to be other players. This is an extremely competitve game where you need to build up the best possible tribe you can in order to battle it out to become the very best. Tribal Wars also offers a free forum,blog, and chatrooms for users to interact on - for some it becomes a global community. There is lots of statistics and you can also trial for speed rounds to see if you can be the quickest. Follow the maps set out for you and see what you can achieve.

Players are only allowed one account for Tribal wars. This stops people from being able to create endless accounts and build bots. If you get beat then you must build your way up from the start again - there is no cheating. However you do have the opportunity to play various team games on multi player mode.

Each player is rated on points and there is a points table that can be viewed to sit where you are sitting.  You should aim to build Village headquarters, Barracks, Stables, Workshops, Academy's, Rally points, Statues, Timber Camps, Clay Pits, Iron Mines, Farms, Warehouses, Hiding Places and walls in order to allow your army to grow, be strong, stay competitve, keep safe, and basically be the best!

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