Play Warzone Tower Defence Online

Defend your Tower NOW!

Game Intro -  What you see in the picture is your battlefield.. it will not be long before you have the enemy trying to enter your grounds and laying out an attack on you. Lets the straight - This is war and you are being invaded. The only thing you can to is to defend yourself in the possible way, by killing off any enemys that enter your path.  

Why War Zone Defense - Warzone defence is a quick loading online flash game, that is 100% browser based. It is 100% free to play and there are not downloads. Super addictive and great fun to play - once you start you will not want to stop. There are a number of levels and in the game and you are scored throughout.

Warzone on Mindjolt & Facebook - You can play Warzone tower defence on Mindjolt and also through facebook. By doing this you can play against other players to see who can get the highest scores of the week and also of all time. By introducing other players into the game you will find the competiveness gets hotter and hotter and the game simply gets better and better.

Hacking / Hacks / Cheats / Tips - The best place to find all the tips cheats and hacks is if you want to find a way to really impress your friends with a higher score than they could ever imagine then this is worth taking a look into the tuturiols available!


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