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World of Lordcraft is a new and exciting online game that is 100% free to play. The game reqires no downloads and you start playing in web browser straight away. All you need to do is sign up which takes just a couple of minutes. The World of Lordcra is a mystical game in which you are based in a mysterious world that was once built and run by strong titans. The titans had dragons that would guard their wonderful world. However the titans and the dragons no longer exist and nobody knows what happened to them. Since then the once wonderful world had turned into a complete war path, whereby alliances fight one another in battle in order to gain bigger and better territory.

There are 11 areas in the world to explore and conquer in the game, so there is no chance of getting bored playing this one! The areas are numbered and named. You have twilight forest, moonglade, coldridge mountains, the barrens, stranglethorn vale, boundless prairie, swamp of sorrows, forsaken lands, blasted lands, dragonblight and searing desert. Each land has its own story behind it, and a variety of different quests and challenges for you to experience.

A ranking system defines where you are positioned amongst all players in the world. By having the ranking system it means that the game becomes extremely competitive, so if you are one for winning then you will really find yourself getting stuck into this game. Resource and Equipment are of key importance, and you should not underestimate the importance of research either.

There are no cheats, tips, secrets, cracks or codes for this game, which means that the only way to succeed is through hard work and determination!

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AAAdd 5 years ago

One big fail

this game dont exist now

Alliance 5 years ago

It sure do!!

HEYYY 5 years ago


mohamed 5 years ago

ilove this game thx

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