Play Zuma Online Game

Zuma Online Game

Zuma is a web based flash game that is extremely fun and a great strategical and skillfull game. I found the game whilst on facebook, and ever since I have been totally and utterly addicted. My friends are also playing the game and we compare scores on a reguar basis - competing to be the best!

What is Zuma All About?

The game is basically as follows. You are a frog that is sat in the middle of a moving spiral of different coloured balls. You mission is to clear the balls by aiming balls of the same color at the balls that surround you. It's simple to play but can be become quite tricky when you get through to harder levels!

Zuma on Facebook

If you have facebook then you can play zuma through game apps. Your scores are recorded and you can share them with your friends and family. You can also get the interested and start your own private little league and competition.

Super addictive, and lots of fun! So enjoy :0)

If you know of any Zuma Cheats, Cracks, Codes, Tricks, Tips, Secrets or Hacks for this game then please feel free to share them with the world at the bottom of this page in the comments section. ThereĀ are also some other great games listed below that will be sure to keep your mind racing wanting more!

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