Players Review of Facebook's The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In Game

The Good and the Bad

You're new to Mystic Falls and it isn't long before you're meeting all the denizens of the show, The Vampire Diaries. They'll give you tasks to complete. You have to do some clicking to find objects, as well as rewarded items after taking the trivia tests. And that's about it. It isn't complicated.

The good is the game is billed as being a living thing. I get more of a kick out of it when the game turns to night and there's little lights in all the houses. There's even a light at night in the tomb. I also like the graphics. Gives you a real feel of the show, if you're a fan. You also get a new stamina point every three minutes which is good, so you have have to wait for your stamina to build up to complete tasks.

The bad is some of trivia questions in the trivia games you have to answer have wrong answers. The worst one is the one where they ask who Elena danced the first dance with at the Miss Mystic Falls thing. The answer is Damon. Unfortunately, they give names of universities, so answering that question right is virtually impossible. Through trial and error I found out the right answer to the questions is Duke. There's a couple of other questions I question the answers to. Like Luka and Martin were working for Elijah because Klaus was threatening to kill Luka. Wasn't it because Klaus had Greta? And they ask why Damon wanted to become a vampire, and they say the answer is because Stefan got Damon to drink blood and told him about all the cool vampire powers, but Damon wanted to become a vampire because he was in love with Katherine and wanted to spend all eternity with her.

Another problem with the mini-trivia games is you're only given 20 seconds to answer as many questions as you can, and some time the game is draggy. By that, I mean it runs so slow it takes forever for the trivia question and answer to display. Of course, the kicker is the timer ticks off normally, so you're lucky if you have enough time to answer two questions.

The other mini-game is the Mystic Pixs. They show you two pics and you have to spot the differences. The ideal game is to get through two pics in twenty seconds. I haven't been able to do it, once. Whatever you do find, you do get credit for it.

The mini-trivia and Mystic Pixs games are hidden in the fog. Sometimes you're stuck in a part of the game and need to collect all of items in a particular collection. The scissor one was the worst one for me. I'd been through the southwest fog five times and couldn't find the fountain pen, so I choked out the money to buy it so I could move on in the game. Of course, fight after that I got it. Once you clear all the fog, you have to wait sometimes over 24 hours for the fog to return to try and find the item you need. The alternative is to fork out some money for the Facebook gold coins or to take some surveys or complete one of the offers and get rewarded the gold coins. I ultimately had to do that.

Another problem, well not really a problem, is the Mystic coins. You get rewarded them, and they say you need to collect them to buy items, but you can't buy anything with them. The only way you can buy items is through the Facebook gold coins. Which I kind of find rather annoying.

And I think that's basically the gist of it. They've only got one chapter done. I found that out when I finished all the tasks and found out that's all there is for now. I really don't care for the storyline in the game. The ending was so creepy and corny. There were a couple of other scenes that were also the same. Like having to go get my diary to go to Elena's house to write in my diary. Isn't that supposed to be something private. Made me feel like Stefan and Elena are in some diary writing cult where all the members meet at Elena's house to write in their diaries simultaneously.

What follows is the fog areas you can find the items to complete the necessary collections to get to the end of chapter one:

The High School Bleachers Fog:

The party collection and the and the MF high school collection.

The Bus Stop:

The sapphire ring collection and the grimoire collection.

The Southwest Fog:

The study collection and the gold collection.

The East Fog in the Cemetery:

The emerald collection [to unlock the church] and the lapis lazuli collection [to unlock grave 1].

Grave 1:

I didn't need to unlock grave 2, and I was able to find all the pieces of the map collection in one clearing of the fog. I got lucky.

One last tip, buy Vervain Tea to get your full stamina refilled, and buy it from the collections and not the store. For the collections box it's only 5 gold Facebook credits. If you buy it from the store it costs 14 gold coins.

In conclusion, it's a bit of mindless fun, especially if you're a fan of the show. And if you're a Damon fan, at one point in the game, you get the pleasure of having him kind of come on to you, which was fun. I can't wait until chapter two is done and available.

NOTE: To purchase Facebook gold coins you need to go to your Facebook account settings and click payments and then click more options. When you click the radio button for earning credits, you'll be taken to offers and surveys you can do to earn the gold coins.

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Dan 5 years ago

I want to earn some Facebook credits but there is not "More options" button when I click "Payments." What do I do?

Charlotte Woods profile image

Charlotte Woods 5 years ago

Yh, i have the same problem!

Terrie Pierce 5 years ago

I'm on level 13 and I'm having to go to Fell's church to drop off vervaine... but apparently the only church I see is not Fell's church. Nothing is happening there. So, I may have gotten to the end of the game... argh.

Jane Mamintong 5 years ago

You can find fells church if you go to the mystic falls estate in the background is fell's church

Liz 5 years ago

it's impossible to find the invitations at the bleachers

Jackie 5 years ago

when will chapter two be ready to play? this game is addicting.

Erin 5 years ago

I am stuck on level 11 with the tyler's rendevous mission.

Where do I find the map collection?

sharon 5 years ago

i cant seem to find elenas house been told to go into gilbert house but its empty hav done the bus stop fog and nothind im on level 9

angela 5 years ago

If you can get to grave 1 or 2 you can get to the Bare Tree which spits out lots of everything randomly and refreshes fast

kory 5 years ago

Where is the southwest wood ?

Please answer :(

Erica 5 years ago

i hate how theres not a faster way to get stamina cuz i hate waiting 3 minss nd i dont want to buy the stuff:(

Liin23 5 years ago

@kory :its near the southwest fog.,.theres a little arrow ,u just need to click it.,.

guuys i need help.,.im stuck on level 9.,.does any one of u know how to call elena from my house??i found the cell.,.but cant figure out how to call her!!


Kirsty 5 years ago

The coins are used to buy things to help you in the mini games. It shows you when they pop up, example-extra time, x2 points etc.

Samantha 5 years ago

I am trying to unlock the church but I cant find the emerald pendent! I have cleared the fog in the east fog of the cemetery 4 times now and still havent got it! Is there another place where I can find it?

Hayley 5 years ago

I cant find the baton or mascot, could someone help me!

Samantha 5 years ago

Haley the baton and mascot should be in the bleachers. I think I have extras add me Samantha Pellerin and I will send them to you

Diana 5 years ago

having the same problem as Liin 23..can anybody figure out how to call Elena?

5 years ago

Hi i'm stuck on this mission "car accident", i've found the 2 articles but i don't know where i have to go by now ? Can somebody help me please ? (I'm French so sorry if my english is bad u_u)

Linda 5 years ago

Where do i get the diary at? I'm stuck

5 years ago

how do i write in my diary? im on lvl 13

Tania 5 years ago

I am trying to unlock the room in the old church! I have cleared the fog in the east fog of the cemetery several times now and finding nothing! Am I doing something wrong?? AM I in the wrong place???

5 years ago

Can't get the emerald collection if anyone wants to help me out add Brittany Augot

Auuu 5 years ago

I have 'Party in the woods'. I found that note, but nothing happened. Please, help me, what I have to do???

tima 5 years ago


i have a problem with "dressing up" i need the red scarf. "you must ask your friend for the red scarf" ,But how does that work?

5 years ago

I looked through the east fog in the cemetary and only found 1 emerald ring through a mini game someone help me please

5 years ago

Can somebody tell me where is the east fog in the cemetery please ???

Tannisha 5 years ago

Please also add to your list that the evening wear collection can be found at grave 1. Thanks :)

Lara 5 years ago


Where can I find the Vervain Collection?

I´m on lvl 16.


And just add me then please

Lara Joan Bennett

Kristen 5 years ago

Does someone have the emerald pendant? I've cleared the east fog multiple times and still can't find it!!!

Ana 5 years ago

Kristen, I'm having trouble with that too! If you figure it out, please let me know!

Clair 5 years ago

I am stuck of Circle Of Choice and it says to go home and write about thus so far in your diary. Once I got back to the house there's to bubbles or anything. What do I do? Please help

verna 5 years ago

does anyone know which fog or spot you need to clear to find the summer flowers collection?

saskia 5 years ago

i am stuck on the emerald collection. if anyone has any spare, add saskia anderson and message me

stéphanie 5 years ago

Me too I'm stuck on the emerald collection and I'm fed up with it, please help me!! Add me on facebook: stéphanie godefin

profile image

apelt01 5 years ago

I'm level 9 and stuck on the study collection. If someone wants to add me my email is we can help each other

Carina 5 years ago

Ich bin in level 12 und da wo ich in mein Tagebuch schreiben soll aber bei mir sind nicht die dinger wo man drauf drück und dann kommt wasserflaschen oder so. das ist gar nix und ich will unbedingt weiter spielen. Wisst ihr vielleicht was da los sein könnte ?

Liz 5 years ago

Hi im level 16 and have just found carolines scarf in matts house however when I click on caroline, and complete mission it wont actually let me complete it. Does anyone have any ideas? I have no more missions so am literally stuck til I can get the scarf challenge done...

Reena 5 years ago

I'm stuck on level 14. Mine mission is to head home and write in mine dairy. The problem is that there is nothing happening at home. And i have been looing for the dairy no for 4 days in every fog i found, but no dairy.

Kristen 5 years ago

Has anybody found a way to get the emerald pendant yet? I've cleared the fog countless times and still can't find it. If somebody has it, please add me on FB!

-Kristen Grisamore

Ellen 5 years ago

I cannot find the Tomb..............

Cara 5 years ago

I am on level 14 and it says to go to the house and write in the diary "Circle of Choice" and once I went there was nothing there to find the dairy.

Please help!! I've been waiting for 2 weeks and nothing happened.

bethishood 5 years ago

How the heck do I unlock the bus stop? Where do I find that last Gold and Ruby Pendent? This is really annoying. Please help. Thanks.

liina 5 years ago

im havin the same problem as Liz.,.its been 2 days now.,.

help pls!!

julia 5 years ago

i am stuck on getting the chearleader outfit and pompoms. hw do you get passed the fog if it keeps appearing?

Caroline 5 years ago

I am stuck in the quest of the cheer uniform and the pom poms. I passed 5 times the fog and nothing found. Anybody can tell me how to find them?

profile image

paula-jayne87 5 years ago

i am stuck on level 9 after getting the vivrian flowers its not coming off my missions so i cant move on in the game can anyone help me please?

s-a-r-a-h123 5 years ago

Have you taken the vervain back to whoever set the mission?

betsy 5 years ago

im on level 9 and i can not find the tomb please help

jasmyn 5 years ago

i need the pink flower from rhe flower collection

Damon 5 years ago

the tomb is in the background of the estates, its a little orange glow.

does anyone know where i can get the gold collection other than the southwest fog? (ive cleared that)

profile image

paula-jayne87 5 years ago

sarah no its not telling me who to take it to ive looked every where

sellenia 5 years ago

In the mission a walk in the woods,I found all items, but when I go to the southwestern woods... nothing

Can you help me please?

ann swindon 5 years ago

I'm level 16 just finished act 1 chapter 2 and iv just been told to go home where it is safe until i figure out a game plan, I dont knowwhat to do next


Mer419 5 years ago

I'm on level 9 and can't figure out where to go to call bonnie on my cell. there are no woods near "home" like it's telling me to go to. help!

BabySkittles 5 years ago

Mer419 if you go to the map where ur home is located there are woods up by the mystic grill.

5 years ago

Can anyone tell me how to find Caroline's dress, its the only thing I'm missing from the formal collection

Mer 419 5 years ago

Thx Baby Skittles! I'll try that. :-)

Stephanie 5 years ago

ann swindon you just have to wait few days, that's what I did!

Soph 5 years ago

I'm on level 11 and really struggling with Tyler's rendezvous. It says complete the folding map collection at the graves however there's no specific location named "the graves". So I'm just clearing the east fog in the cemetery. Is that right? Cuz I haven't found one piece of the collection I need yet but don't know where else to go. Please help! This game is so addictive hahaa.

Angela 5 years ago

I can't find the cheer uniform and the pom poms. I've been looking for over two hours and I can't find it. please help!!!

sue 5 years ago

Been stuck on getting the scissors for over a week now, no matter how many mini games I play I can't get a calculator or study pen which are the last 2 items I need. I have multiples of the ruler, chalk and binder if anyone can swap?

Add me - Sue Wall

sue 5 years ago

Should have added email so ppl can find me!


profile image

Mer419 5 years ago

If anyone would like to add me so we can help one another out on this infernal game, send request on FB. Email is

Rachael Heaton 5 years ago


Trinity 5 years ago

Go to Fell's Church. There is Bonnie. If you click on her,you can ask your Friends for the Holy Water.

sabandmar 5 years ago

stuck trying to find the pen for the scissors

Engie 5 years ago

I need to find a blue Grimoire to finish the collection so I can get Emily Bennett's grimoire. Anyone that can help me figure out where to find one?

Daniellejake Moomookiki 5 years ago

Really need the ruler! If anyone has any to spare, it would help a lot. Please add me.

-Daniellejake Moomookiki

PS: Even if you dont have a ruler to spare, still add me. I have NO friends who enjoy TVD as much as I do.

Mallory 5 years ago

Is it even possible to complete the study collection?! I've been trying for forever. Any tips?

Emiree 5 years ago

Im on level 15 and im stuck on unlocking the basement.

I cant find the vial of vervain

does anyone know which place to find the vervain collection?

Leona1333 5 years ago


Can anyone tell me where can I find the amulets and the candles? I have to go to Stefan's room. Should I search in the Salvatore fogs?

Thank you!

sarah 5 years ago

i am on level 8. i cant find the baton that i need to unlock the mystic grill. i have been searching the bleachers everyday for several days now and i get other things from the collection that i already have. but i never get the baton.... help ?

Susie 5 years ago

Hi, I'm on level 16 and I it says to take a walk in the Salvatore Woods and I need the tree collection to unlock it and I've been searching got it everyday and I can't find anything. Please help?

Amber 5 years ago

i'm on level 16, and they are opening the tomb and i have to wait with a hurt jermey by the bare tree till stefan and elena come with help .. nothings happening and i cant even see jeremey around... am i at the end now till the next chapter comes out or ?

Nelle 5 years ago

I cant't find a ruler can anyone help me I've been searching 4 days for it

Luana 5 years ago

I'm on level 12.

Where is map piece 2 ?

Sonia 5 years ago

I'm stuck on level 12, I can't seem to find blue, red and green grimoires! I've cleaned up the east fog multiple times, what am I supposed to do to get them?

Liana 5 years ago

Sonia, you should search for the grimoires at the bus stop fog, not at the east fog

Sonia 5 years ago

Yes, yes I know. I wrote the wrong place, but I searched in the right one! Still nothing, though... :/

Kristen 5 years ago

Does anyone know where to find the goblet collection? I need that and the community service collection to unlock areas of the Salvatore house. Then I have to search for the amulet collection. Help please!!!

amber 5 years ago

can anybody send the emerald arm band in the free gifts?if so please send me a friend request because i am stuck on that part.thanks it's under amber hoffman

Chichi 5 years ago

Help I am stuck. I can't find the woods to go to the party...

sophia 5 years ago

the woods are behind the mystic grill right at the back. I'm still trying to find this emerald collection.

Sonia 5 years ago

Amber, I have four of them, but there are many "Amber Hoffman"... you have to give me more details to find you.

rachael 5 years ago

red scarf? how do you get it???

Jayme 5 years ago

does anybody have an extra calculator for the study collection they can give me?

Fee 5 years ago

Red scarf click caroline as if you handing it in and it gives you the option to ask your friends for it

damonfan :) 5 years ago

when will second chapterbe out!!! anyone?? :)

sophia 5 years ago

if anyone can help with the pendant collection add me I'm level 16.

betsy 5 years ago

how do i find map piece 1 and 4 i have the rest please help

Ann 5 years ago

I am on level 18 and I am serious need of the Vervain Amulet to get in to Stefan's room! I have been in Salvatore Pond now for almost a week as that is where it said I could find the amulets. I have all the other ones but I cannot get the last one!! Please help. Add me if you can help and I will help you.

Silvana 5 years ago

hey Amber, im on the same mission and nothing happen. Could you help what to do ?

charlotte 5 years ago

I'm stuck on The Salvatore Woods collection. I'm not sure which fog i need to search to get my missing items as none of my friends seem to have them :s

silvana 5 years ago

Silvana 5 years ago

I was found that on Facebook..........

Have you reached the Bare Tree mission? Congratulations! You are the closest to uncovering the secrets of Mystic Falls that any resident has been! You have completed all the currently available missions - see if you can complete your remaining collections before the next set of missions is released, and help your friends get ready!

sophia 5 years ago

well stefan told me to wait with jeremy at the bare tree and that I need to wait for the remainder of the chapter. What does that even mean? Does that mean I've completed it for now?

Ann 5 years ago

I am almost at level 19 but I need to get into Damons room but I need the candles. Anyone know where those can be found?

Debbie de Roo 5 years ago

i'm on level 16, and they are opening the tomb and i have to wait with a hurt jermey by the bare tree till stefan and elena come with help .. nothings happening and i cant even see jeremey around... am i at the end now till the next chapter comes out or ?

rachael 5 years ago the marigold for the summer collection? any specific place i should go? please help!

kristine 5 years ago

can someone help me? im on level 10 and it says i have to go to the fog near my house and call bonnie on my cell, how do i do that? please email me ...greatly appreciated!!!

Katherine 5 years ago

I need to find Goblets Collection, can someone tell me where I can find them?

Katherine 5 years ago

I need to find Goblets Collection, can someone tell me where I can find them?

Valérie 5 years ago

I'm stuck on clean up the field, I have the three cup and nothing is happening? what i'm suppose to do?!thanks

melissa 5 years ago

i have read every ones blogs and if you can not find fells church then go to the estate area of the map and look in the background of the big fields and you may find it and for people who can not find the party invitations just keep looking you can get the invitations from getting really good points on mystic prix and the other games. and can you guys help me i need to unlock the bus stop but can't can you tell me how to i need to find the gold collection i need the last very rare one the heart pedant thingy and thanks.

and if you are stuck on the clean up field then go to the woods if i remember correctly that is where i found him.

Zowie 5 years ago

I can;t find the east fog to complete the emerald collection. Help?

tam parsons 5 years ago

hi i need help getting all the stuff for the emerald collection. if u can help please add me. thanks

Christina 5 years ago

the east fog is where the old church and grave sites are

Christina 5 years ago

whats your link tam? i can help u with that

Janina 5 years ago

Hey, where can you find the Community Service and Goblets collection?? :)

kellycollapse 5 years ago

need help or gifts? add me:

gift 4 gift ^^

courtney 5 years ago


i cant find the very rare map piece could someone help me please

profile image

jen salvatore 5 years ago

im level 17 trying to find the amulet collection to unlock stefan's room... cant find the amulet and i have played SEVERAL of the mini games trying to win them. i read somewhere that they are found in the "salvatore fountain" so now i cant find the goblet collection... please help!

add me email:

Hannah 5 years ago

These map pieces are driving me insane. I've got several of 2,4 and 5, however no sign of pieces 1 and 3 =(


Val 5 years ago

I went everywhere and I can't find Matt for the clean up the field mission. I found all the cups but nothing happened..what I'm suppose to do?

thanks for the help

Aliyah 5 years ago

Im on level 18 and i need a red scarf to complete my 60's Dress I have found the cardigan and the skirt i just need to know where can i find the red scarf i need Is Asap!

Lysta 5 years ago

I can't figure out where to find the gold collection to unlock the bus stop :( I'm getting frustrated. I think they should tell you where you can find these collections.

Brittney 5 years ago

I am a daily player and none of my friends play add me will help out as much as i can thanks

Katilyn Marie Burnett 5 years ago

Lysta the gold collection is found in the southwest fog

Jessica 5 years ago

Aliyah You have to ask your friends to give it to you.

ariel 5 years ago

u can get the goblets in the mini games found in the salvator fog south as for the amulets for stefens room i had friends gift them to me and im stuck searching all fogs to get the trees for the salvator woods or untill ppl giftthem all to me

melissa 5 years ago

where can i find the trees

terri 5 years ago

Does anyone know where i can find the trees for the salvatore woods???

Plz add me

terri 5 years ago!/profile.php?id=100003199937162

punkneeter 5 years ago

how do i call elena in speed healing

ladyrayvn 5 years ago

I am lvl 14 and I am stuck on "oops, brb" mission. I found my cell phone in the classroom but there is no Caroline to be found. It doesn't tell me what I need to do next. I can't find anyone who will help me.

Http:// I would be happy for you to add me as a friend :)

AnneDemona 5 years ago

Need A pine tree from the trees collection to unlock the Salvatore woods! Can anyone tell me where to find it??

AnneDemona 5 years ago

Need A pine tree from the trees collection to unlock the Salvatore woods! Can anyone tell me where to find it??

RRebelishAngel 5 years ago


Zso 5 years ago

please anyone who has Tthe BLUE GRIMORE add me on facebook and send me one!

nicole 5 years ago

im a daily player and can help people out if can and maybe they can help me out so add me. names nicole colesy

michelle 5 years ago

hey I'm trying to get goblets/amulets/community service/etc to get into stefans room if anyone can help please add me?

Ean 5 years ago

im in level 13 n i cant complete speed healing, i found the phone but how do i call elena, i know i call her at my house but there isnt anything to click to call elena ,someone help me cause i have been stuck for many weeks n i love the vampire diaries

LaShaunda 5 years ago

I need help with the grimoires. Can anyone help?

Kayla 5 years ago

im stuck on level 7 cause no matter how many times i go to the bleachers and get party invitations it still says that the Gilbert house is locked...what do i do?

Ean 5 years ago

Kayla,next to the invitation, theres a butten thats in it and u should unlock the house

profile image

ice2485 5 years ago

I am stuck on Level 10. I have cleared the southwest fogs at least 5 times in the last 5 days and I have yet to get the "foutain pen" I need to finish the "study supplies" collection, so I can head to the tomb with my scissors. HELP ME

annie 5 years ago

i'm stucked too. i need the amulet collection but i don't know where to look for it???

profile image

ice2485 5 years ago

I am not quite that far in the game yet, I am not sure. But I have gotten a few amulets in the Southwest fog while looking for the pen. I am beginning to wonder if I am even in the right spot, even though it says I am.

ean 5 years ago

"ice" ur at the right spot but it takes a long time to

find it, but to get it faster find friends to send u one

profile image

ice2485 5 years ago

I have been clearing the fog at the southwest fog for more than a week now. It takes longer than that?

Tiffjr326 5 years ago


can someone help me! im on lvl 15 and i have to do the "dressing up thing" where you have to have a friend send you the red scarf..well my friends send it to me and it says i got a gift but when i click on it nothing shows up! help! what should i do??

Vampdiariesfan 5 years ago

Dow anyone know how to find the emerald collection!? I keep searching in the east fog but can't find it

DJMooMoo 5 years ago

I need more friends that play this game. Add me so I can gift and get gifted to on the Vampire Diaries game?

Facebook name: Daniellejake Moomookiki

5 years ago


just signed in for the game

and so I'm in level 1

I did about 10 clicks and now it's loading ..

is it normal that I have to wait as long?

kerrie freeman 5 years ago

anyone playing this add me kerrie-ann freeman email addy is i am stuck trying to get a ruler for the study collection hve been trying to get it for 3 days now everytime i clear the southwest fog its not there. please add me if u can send one thank you i in return will send whoever adds me a gift every day

zoya 5 years ago

help me m suck in "Tyler's Rendezvous" for more den 2 week now... i hav completed the folding map collection at the graves and compass at woods but i cant find Tyler were m supposed to find him or wht m supposed to do to complete it??? Please help! This game is so addictive!!!

hina 5 years ago

hey i have been tryin to find the grimoire collection but i cant find the red, green, purple, grimoires. help please!!!!!!!!!

Aleyna 5 years ago

Im stuck on level 11 can´t find the emeralds necklace pls can someone send me this as a gift?

add me as a friend or please tell me a solution

I m done with the eastfog for the 3rd time but no necklace?!Help Needed!!!

hina khan 5 years ago

i have to unlock stefen's room but i don't know where to look for the amulets. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viktorija 5 years ago

Can sameone send me map piece 4, I am looking for it for weeks!!!! I have other stuff so I can help you! PLEEEAAASSSEEEE!!!!

Cassandra 5 years ago

I need the tree collection, but where do I find it ??

Cassandra 5 years ago

this is very helpfull! it says where you can complete the collections!

iselin 5 years ago

where is the bus stop?, cant find it anywere. please help me..

Rupert 5 years ago

The game asked me to find all the emerals to unlock the church by going to the old cemetary and looking in the fog but there is no fog so i tryed the others fogs in that area and nothing is happening! What do I do? Please help!

profile image

Fanelu 5 years ago

Did someone reached the level where you have to bring Caroline your outfit : a pair of sneakers, jeans and a LEATHER JACKET??? Aparently thje leather jacket a have to borrow from a friend...did someone find this lathear jacket?? Pls help me:)

hina 5 years ago

hi i need to take a walk in the salvatore woods but i need to unlock it first help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa 5 years ago

I've been stuck on Level 11 for a month now. Can't finish the emerald collection. I'm going crazy...

profile image

Fanelu 5 years ago

Melissa I can help you, I've completed the emerald colection many times and I have to spear. Add me on messenger or search my facebook accout under the name Stefan Cazacu from Iasi, Romania and I would gladly help you:)

Nihad 5 years ago

I really need the red scarf for carolines party, but dont have any friends to ask...x

profile image

Fanelu 5 years ago

And I nead a leather jacket from friends...WTF?!?!

I've found the red scarf...add me on facebook, maybe I can send it to you:)

Melissa 5 years ago

Stefan! Do you have a red shirt on in your profile picture? And THANK YOU!

emmalee 5 years ago

lvl 6 where the heck is the fog by the on the text message mission

Nicole 5 years ago

I need help.I'm on level 13 and I can't get the bus stop to unlock.Or does it have to be unlocked to get Mystical grimoires?

violetrose 5 years ago

can somebody please tell me where im supposed to find the season 3 fan rewards? i have no idea what to do now...thanks! =)

Jyn 5 years ago

problem with the scissor

gzdcn 5 years ago

@Nicole, maybe you can find some grimoires at pond but you have to open bus stop :)

lorraiine 5 years ago

need to find out about the ring from bonnie they say to go to the south east woods to talk if shes not there look for clues where she is help cant get passed it

Ellen 5 years ago

help i cant get the emerald bracelet. if any of you guys have a spear one could u please ask to be my friend My name is Ellen bellis with a pic of me that is black and white. and tell me that you have the spear bracelet to give me so i actulay know. thanks sososososo much and i hope somebody helps me out luv u guys

damon1864 profile image

damon1864 5 years ago from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

add me on facebook! just got started and need some help!


rkaterbe 5 years ago

I've cleared the southwest fog three times trying to find the binder to complete the study supplies collection... any advice??

Sarahh 5 years ago

Where's the bus stop??

Ptca 5 years ago

Sarahh, click at the map in the down right corner and choose the village. left from bonnies house (the Bennett house) is the bus station. hope I could help. If anyone wants to be "vampire game buddies" with me, send me a friend request on facebook. I help you if you help me^^

see you!

hleen 5 years ago

I've got the same problem as rkaterbe, can't find the binder, even though it's a common object.

profile image

jhayworth 5 years ago

I need to add some friends for the vampire diaries game so someone can send me a red scarf for the dressing up to bring to caroline's house.

teresa 5 years ago

can some one help me here please?? i am lvl 8 and i need to find three candles and a watter bottle or something in the problem is that everytime i go there, there is nothing to fin -.-" help me please!! my email is

Abdullah 5 years ago

the game is not opening with me why!??!

all game open in facebook exapt thats one

courtney 5 years ago

im on level 18 but i can't find jermey

tjarda 5 years ago

im stuck in the part that i have to go to mystic grill to give bonnie the ring but first i have to unlock mystic falls to find a ring but i cant find the ring can someone help me?

TVDaddict 5 years ago

can someone PLEASE! help me on the Grimoires! I can't finish 'Shazam!' can someone please give me advice onto where to find the Prple Grimoire

Kat 5 years ago

Somebody please help me find the mascot. I have at each five each of the other items (class ring, baton, etc.) but I can't get the mascot!

elena 5 years ago

i can't find mascot and corsage i try three days continuously and nothing not become. help

francesca Tomlinson 5 years ago

where do you speak to alrick on level 16

elena 5 years ago

i can't find the study supplies help me

Alisson 5 years ago

I just want the class ring u__u it's all i need

Nikki 5 years ago

How do you get in& out thing('s) in the "Vampire Diaries" Game('s) without getting stuck?

Alex 5 years ago

I hate waiting for 3 minutes to get one stupid stamina point, it drives me insane!!! XD

Amber 5 years ago

I cannot find the gold and ruby pendant to unlock the bus stop, and therefore I can't get this stupid green grimoire. is there another place? Or can anyone help me and have extras? Amber Saloka, add me and put TVD in the message box so I know why you're adding me. Please and thank you!

Amber 5 years ago

PS: I have many extras of the emerald, lapis, and study supplies (minus the pen) so if you need them add me too!

Liz 5 years ago

Hey everyone if you need help with gifts or need neighbors add this group that is made just for it... There is currently over 100 people that are helping everyone out...

Danielle 5 years ago

I'm stuck trying to get the scissors. I'm missing the chalk and study pen.. I have cleared the Southwest fog 10+ times and still nothing. Help?

elss 5 years ago

ive asked my friends for the red scarf, they send it to me, but now I dont know where it is and how to give it to caroline.. can anyone help me?

rosa 5 years ago

I have the same problem as elss, what can I do??

Kerry 5 years ago

I am stuck on the compromise mission, i cant get the vervaine been clearing the southwest fog for 10 days... am i in the right place? pleasehelp its doing my head in....


Heather 5 years ago

why dont i get new idems to send to people like from the new missions

katie louise bolger 5 years ago

Hi ive been playing the vamp diaries game for like 4 days straight where do u gt the cheerleading outfit from ive cleared the fog bout 6 times n still cnt find it help plz x

Isadora 5 years ago

i am stuck in level 10,cuzz i cant find de bonnie scissors,help me ?

Kayla 5 years ago

Stuck trying to get stefans room. i need the silver goblet to unlock the area to get the amulets or just the amulets Cutechick5 with no space.

Inge 5 years ago

hi guys,

I really wanna help out, but i have no idea how to add you to the friendlist. Do i need to become friends with you on facebook en then invite you to the vampire diaries game? if you help me, i maybe able to help you :P

Inge 5 years ago

Allright, now I need help myself. I can't find this damn lapis lazuli stone... Can anyone help me? I'm kinda desperate here :(

Taylor 5 years ago

my friends won't send me the red scarf and i really really need it can someone send it too me please

leanne 5 years ago

hi im on level 7 and ive cleaed the bleachers 4 times now and i can find the rare plant thing to complete the mf high school collection :( any help please !!! private mail me on facebook !!/profile.php?id=853559283

AMBER R. 5 years ago

i have a friend that sent me bandages but for some reason i dont have them. why is that?? why ask for a friends help if it doesnt work??


Facebook email:

Natalia 5 years ago

I'm on level 17 I can't find this rose or flower in the fog, what to do?

madekurt 5 years ago

Hello people... Im also stuck with the game!! .. level 8.. cant find the scissors I´ve cleared the fog like 3 times.. Need more game friends please!!:) add me

Athena 5 years ago

Need more friends for daily gifts... add my please!!!

Lisa Fritz 5 years ago

In desperate need of a study pen!

Lisa Fritz 5 years ago

Not anymore^^

Anne Santa Rita 5 years ago

i cant find the study collection and i cleared the fog 5 times already

karinya 5 years ago

i have made it to level 15 and the spell books

are not where they are.

Lisa Fritz 5 years ago

@Anne Santa

I got some of the study collection requirements, I could send you

Just add me on Facebook

My name is Lisa Fritz and my profile pic is the Justice in black and white

@Others: Feel free to add me as well

BTW I pretty much need nearly all of the grimoires, just can´t find ´em (I guess that´s your problem as well, Karinya... Have to figure that out...Hmmm)

Ah and when u add me, please write me a direct mail to let me know it´s about "get sucked in"

Jennifer kubin mcdermott 5 years ago

I cannot find the emerald ring. I have cleared the fog about 15 times and still nothing. If you have an extra and would be willing to share, add me and message me with vamp diaries or something that will let me know u are with the game.

jessiem 5 years ago

i cant find the cheerleading stuff.... help???

mbent474 5 years ago

^ Lisa Fritz - I have a bunch of extra grimoires if you want them. Add me and I'll send them to you! I'm in desperate need of the red scarf though... do you have one you could send me?

Maria 5 years ago

I am stuck trying to find the candles and bowl of water for the beginning the game said to go search the southwest fog and I've cleared it several times but I found nothing. Now the game tells me to go search the woods in Mystic Fall estates but I can't find it. Can anyone help me?

coldhearted72 5 years ago

I am stuck trying to find the lake house. Can someone add me and help. thanks

Melissa 5 years ago

I love this game, but I'm stuck on looking for the green grimoire!! Can anyone help?! My email is melissa_mcboob@yahoo or search Melissa Lynn on facebook. My profile pic is me with a lion mask on! Ha.

Lindz 5 years ago

does anyone know how to get the mascot? Ive gotten everything else besides it to unlock the mystic grill. frustrating ive been in this fog for literally hours trying to acquire it.

Karentjehh 5 years ago

@ Lindz

if you add me on fb i can send you one, i have three of them or something like that :) do you have study supplies cause i still need the chalk and the ruler ;)

can anybody help me please

if anyone can help me or i can help them send me an email:

Ally 5 years ago

Im on level 13 and I have to find the fishing rod, ive cleared the fog several times at the Lockwood Estates, but I still cant find it. Does anyone know where it is?!?!

An Ke Oss profile image

An Ke Oss 5 years ago

Hi everybody, I am on level 18 and need help!!!!

I need a red scarf to bring it to Caroline's house. Can anybody help me?

If you like, you may add me as your friend so we can help each other! You find me on facebook under

An ke Oss or send me a mail to

Thanks a lot :-)

miranda 4 years ago

I am stuck on the part where you have to do tyler's rendezvous i found the compass but now i'm stuck on getting the map it keeps telling me to click on the image of tyler if anyone could help.

seren 4 years ago

miranda I have the same problem. I guess doing something is missing.

Samantha 4 years ago

Hi, I need the red scarf for the Decades Dance and have had my friend send it to me but all i get is a notification on the side. nothing shows up in my gifts or anything so how do I get it?

Rebecca 4 years ago

Hi, I have a few questions, they are kind of stupid, but I'll ask anyway

1. How do I add pepole that are not my friends on facebook?

2. Does the leven you are in, tells you what you can find ?

Cause you see, I am in level 9 ( 29 xp from 10 ) And I just cant find the pen in the study supplies colletion. It's driving me crazy, been looking for in for sevral days -.- They say that I wlll find it in the soutwest fog, but I been going over it sevral of times and still I cant find it...

Please help me ! :D

debdigby 4 years ago

Ca any one tell me wear and what is the bleachers to collect the invertations please

Stefan 4 years ago

I have a stupid question i found everything for the study collection but i don`t know how to make a switch for the scissors ?

Please someone help me please :)

Rebecca 4 years ago

Debdigby :

The bleachers is fog, and there is sevral of them. If you hold your mouse over one of them, text will appear and tell you what you can find there ^^

Rebecca 4 years ago

Just click on the icon on the far right, it looks like a box or a suitcase. Where is all that you have collected. So just scroll down until you find the collection, will be a yellow arrow pointed towards the scissors that says "trade in" or something like that. Then click on the arrow and voila, you've got a pair of scissors: D

Hope this helped ^ ^

sorry about the typos ...

Claire 4 years ago

I'm in desperate need of a red scarf, totally addicted to this game now but none of my friends play it :/ feel free to add me if you could send me the red scarf I have plenty of collectables to be gifting

Lauren 4 years ago

Hey guys.

I'm the only one of my friends to play this game so it kinda sucks when it says I need to 'Ask my friends for a red scarf'! Can any one help me out?

This is my facebook

Thank you :) x

Lauren 4 years ago

@Maria I am stuck trying to find the candles and bowl of water for the beginning the game said to go search the southwest fog and I've cleared it several times but I found nothing. Now the game tells me to go search the woods in Mystic Fall estates but I can't find it. Can anyone help me?

The Southwest Woods and Southwest Fog are in the same place extremely close together! I kept clearing the fog till I realised it said the Woods instead! Where you click to go to the fog, if you move a bit to the right where the little white arrow thing is on the picture you will go to the Woods instead of the Fog :)

Rebecca 4 years ago

Sice I did not get any reply the first time, i'll just poste it one mote time

Hi, I have a few questions, they are kind of stupid, but I'll ask anyway

1. How do I add pepole that are not my friends on facebook?

2. Does the leven you are in, tells you what you can find ?

Cause you see, I am in level 10. And I just cant find the pen in the study supplies colletion. It's driving me crazy, been looking for in for sevral days -.- They say that I wlll find it in the soutwest fog, but I been going over it sevral of times and still I cant find it...

Please help me ! :D

Lauren 4 years ago

I think that to add friends to the game you need to be friends with them on facebook so just try and find a bunch of people on places like this and add them :)

No idea about the pen! When I had to find the mystical grimoires I was looking for at least three weeks! Again if you have been trying for a while, Just add a bunch of people and see if they can spare one :)

Kara 4 years ago

Hi guys, I'm on level 16 and I'm stuck trying to get the shovel by the Bare Tree in order to get rid of the gemstone, I've been going thru the fog over and over and over again but there's no shovel. Can anyone help me with that? Thanx in advance :)

e5ujk5 4 years ago

Any idea how ti finish the "Where's Bonnie?" mission. I searched the fog like a milions times, but still nothing... What to do?

Camilla 4 years ago

Lol, the answer to whom elena dance her first dance with at the mystic falls "thing" IS Damon, and the dance is called the first dance. They did not mean the practice dance.

Also, I can finish 7-10 trivia questions without the powerups, and the questions about the names, well, you just have to remember it, they pop up all the time.

And the fog, after I cleared it it appeard again after maximum 50-60 minutes.

And yes, some of the questions in the trivia game can be a little confusing, like how Damon become a vampire. That did happen, he could have chosen to die, but Stefan convinced him. Although we find out the real answer later in the show, that he knew Katherine was alive. Also, without any powerups, I can finish 3-4 pictures of the Mystic Pix games, you just have to look harder. If you don't get an item, you get coins instead so you can be able to buy powerups to help you in the games. I haven't spend a single gold coin on this.

And, yes, sometimes it is hard to find an item or finish a collection. Just clear the fog over and over again, try other fogs with the same collection items in it (like the emeralds items, you can find these in the in the pond by the estates, or in the cemetery in the east fog or second bridge.

If you want vervain tea or vervain lemonade, you can complete the collections Antiques, food and nuts, and you can fins these items in the firefly areas byt the estates, if you having trouble finding other collections this is a good way to spend some time and level up.

Finally, keep in mind that this is a beta game, bugs will appear. Just refresh your game or send a report.

Good luck!

Ronda 4 years ago

Stuck on level 11... have no Clue what to do on tylers rendezvous ...I got his compass but not a clue what to do from there...wish the directions were clearer....

Kadda 4 years ago

I'm stuck on level 10 - I have no clue what to do on Tyler's rednezvous. I got the compass but I don't know where I find "the graves" and the pieces of the map. HELP!

veronica 4 years ago

hi i am on level 18 and i am stuck trying to get the fishing rod it says head to the lake house for some fresh air to clear your head find a fishing rod to help pass the time help some 1 plz

cg.tut 4 years ago

Any idea how ti finish the "Where's Bonnie?" mission. I searched the fog like a milions times, but still nothing... What to do?

Please, help!~

ricky 4 years ago

@ cq.tut: there is a tiny white sign next to the southwest fog. thats where you have to click on to find out where bonnie is. it took me about 4 days to figure that out. hope i could help

Ida 4 years ago

I feel so duped... I got the 'Map 1' piece that was the last piece I needed for completeing the "Tyler's Rendevouz" and give the items.. then when I clicked to collect it said I did not have the Map 1 piece! wth? - and it's the same with Damons Suit and Bonnie's and Caroline's dresses, I get them as rewards, but I don't have them in my collections....

amanda 4 years ago

hey im feeling a littls illy but.. does anyone know where the bridge is that i have to speak to matt to.. i know ive unlocked this from the collections but im not sure if its at the lockwoods or if it mystic falls or at the salvatores... or somewhere else haha.. any help would be appreciated x

linda 4 years ago

i'm on level 8 and i cant find the t-shirt and that last thing... please help me... ore

amanda 4 years ago

kadda the graves are at the cemetery (click the map and look for cemetery)

Eulalie Xenobia 4 years ago

I can't find the emerald necklace.

pls someone who's got a spare add me on FB: Eulalie Xenobia


Yolanda Martin 4 years ago


Anyone could help me with the emeral collection? I,m in the east fog next to the cementery. Have remove the fog several times but can,t find anything. Thanks

Emily 4 years ago

Can't find the Emerald Bracelet, if anyone wants to add me and help me out I'd appreciate it.

Emily Kilo-Myers

Nicola 4 years ago

Have you tried looking for the emeralds in the pond beside the bennet house on the estate? i spent ages looking for them before i realised they were in a few places not just the east fog!

Dani Dando 4 years ago

I have completed every single collection in the game including the Salvatore Brothers collection which costs 400 FB Credits a piece but I was gifted all. The only collection I can not do is the Season 3 Fan Reward collection. If any of you need help you may add me but message me so I know why you are adding me. I am stuck where I have finished and there are no more missions but still go on daily if not more. I will be happy to send anyone and everyone what I have if I have it. My facebook name is Dani Dando with 2 girls in the picture (:

Annie 4 years ago

Hi! I'm on level 9. I need the red scarf to give to Bonnie???

ashey 4 years ago

hi, i have completed all collections so if anyone needs help add me i have a lot of extra stuff in collections so i will give help any way i can my name is ashley giesen. thanx

profile image

fran258 4 years ago

Does anyone have the emerald bracelet, its the last thing I need! I am only Level 11, I love the Vampire Diaries so when i found out there was a game I jumped at it. But now im stuck on "Painting", I have cleared the Bus Stop and East Fog at least four times each and Im TIRED OF IT!! So if anyone has an extra emerald bracelet they could send to me please contact me. Thanks!!

thetrueoriginal 4 years ago

Hello I would really want someone to send me the emerald bracelet and the emerald pendant. I have been trying to get them for five days and I still can't. So if someone could send them to me I would be very happy. Thanks!!

Jainy 4 years ago


i am stuck at the study collection and it's drivind me crazy!!! I just can't seem to find the study pen! I've been stuck on it for days maybe weeks!

rach 4 years ago

i cant seem to get the calulater to get the scirrors could u help

sian 4 years ago

i cant find vervain collection been in the fog elena took me to 4 2 weeks and still nothing ne ideas?

Debora 4 years ago

Hey. Does anybody have an Emerald Arm Band?

I'm stuck in 'Paiting' for over a month!

Pleeeeeeeeease, if you have that, add me on facebook.

Smrithi Smiley 4 years ago

I m on level 11 where can we find the maps?

sian 4 years ago

maps are found in graveyard 1 and 2

melissa 4 years ago


Ellie 4 years ago

I need a mascot i have been looking for about 3 weeks and cannot find one..... :/

Lilly 4 years ago

I'm on level 9 and i can't find the scissors in southwest fog. What should i do??

Kathy 4 years ago

I'm looking for the red and yellow grimoires. If someone has one or wants to add me.


Lidia 4 years ago

you can find some emerald collections like the emerald bracelet in gifts just ask one of your friends to send them to you :)

korni 4 years ago

Where can i find Salvatore brothers items or Season 3 fan reward items? Im stuck on lvl 26... i open almoust everything, but not Mystic Falls. I don't know how to do it... Help!!!!

becky 4 years ago

Can anyone help me find the mascot, i've been looking for two days now and still haven't found one, please help!!

Andy 4 years ago

i'm on level 11 and i don't know how to find the maps for tyler's mission!

Please someone help me please :)

Carie 4 years ago

i can't find map piece 5 some one help i have all the other peices

andy 4 years ago

i have the map piece 5 and i find it in the grave 2 :)

Becca. 4 years ago

I'm level 17, and need to finish the Summer Flowers collection. No matter how hard I look, I can't seem to find the Marigolds. Any ideas?

laura 4 years ago

hey there... i've problems completing the emerald collection.. don't know, how many times i cleared the fog... no necklace...

please add me.. thanks ;)

lucy 4 years ago

can any one help me with the salvatore woods i just need one tree plz add me lucy doesntdrinkenough knorzz plz thankd

riz 4 years ago

i m stuck on level8 wid bonnie telling me to find three candles nd i cant find the woods only can any1 help me :(

Karissa 4 years ago

I need Map piece 5 please

Rabia 4 years ago



Carina 4 years ago


I really need the red scarf to go on with the game!

Please help me and I will try to help you! I´ve got the map piece 4 and other stuff!

Write a mail to me so I´ll know it´s about the vampire diaries game!

jamiles 4 years ago

im on level 11 and im stuck on the first stefan daily mission where he says have you seen damon he is looking for you. every time i say something new i fail. can someone tell me what to do please and add me my name is jamiles jimenez

darin 4 years ago

Hey, i'm on level 17 and i don't know what to say at stefans' mission "I can't talk right now, but I think Elena is looking for company"... I failed 10 times, does anybody know how to pass it .?

Kerry 4 years ago

I've cleared the Southwest fog multiple times I still can't find the scissors.

nzdavid 4 years ago

can u b a vampire in this?

4 years ago


You have to search the bbus stop as well?

Aleisha Bunton 4 years ago

I am trying to find the class ring and I can't find it now where. someone tell me how to find it.

4 years ago

Hi! Anyone wants to help me and gift me with the red scarf required by Caroline?

natasha 4 years ago

where can i find the gold and ruby pendant cleared the fog multiple times and still nothing

Laura 4 years ago

hey natasha, i found it 2 times in grave 2 and 1 time in grave 1

Jaime 4 years ago

How do you find the fishing rod at the lake? I have cleared the fog like twenty times and still haven't gotten it?

Please add me on face book. will be happy to send gifts every day

Laura R 4 years ago

i am on level 22 and with the Mystic coins you buy things on the challenges like extra 10 seconds, random time and freebies along with other things. with the daily challenges. you have to think about what you would do. you have to think carefully what you press.

Aude. R 4 years ago

Hi, I'm lvl 19 and I've got to find Jeremy in the Lockwood Family's Backyard, I've all the Masks, and so I've unblocked the Backyard.. The problem is that I can't "click" on the Backyard as if it was not a place to go in the game... If anyone can help me please !

(sorry for my english I'm french)

Riana I 4 years ago

THE BINDER IN THE SOUTHWEST FOG. I am on level 9 and I need the binder desperate. Please send it to me please!

profile image

Sofiast 4 years ago

im in level 10 and i can;t find the scissors in the southwest fog !!!!! when i clear the for it regenerates again and there is no scissors in it???? what do i have to do ??? my facebook acc. :

DividedSoul 4 years ago

Stuck with finding the emerald necklace..cleared the fog over 10 times...can someone help?

steph 4 years ago

sofiast, just keep going, i had to clear it about 15 times!!! eventually it's there. having problem with the red scarf task where you have to ask your friends....none of my friends play this any more!! lol...anyone able to help? please add me ...stephu green

Danaa 4 years ago

Is there anyone who has 2 of the emeral bracelet and wants to give it to me, in return i'll send you another emerald item, the emerald ring, pendant or arm band. Add me Dana Avram

Danaa 4 years ago

Anyone who wants to trade map pieces? i can't find Map piece 5..

safa 4 years ago

how do i fiend the invitation collection plz help

Meagan 4 years ago

I have cleared out the fog 4 or 5 times in the high school bleachers area and STILL can't get the corsage, the mascot, or the class ring for the high school collection :/

Anika 4 years ago

Danaa I'd love to trade, have all map pieces but #1 .. Cleard both Graves several times but no way to find #1 which is supposed to be commom ..

Mary 4 years ago

Can someone please tell me how i get the emerald collection?! I'm stuck. And how can i trade?

Tanya 4 years ago

Does anyone have any clue as to where I can find the Lapis Lazuli Stone...I have all 4 of the Lapis collection but that stone...I need it to open the Grave 1 section so I can find the map for Tyler's rendezvous...unless I'm doing something wrong :/ Please help :)

Fatima 4 years ago

I m stuck at the lapis lazuli collection too.. :'(

Jennifer 4 years ago

Been trying to get all emeralds collected but I only got one item collected. the others are hard to find and i'm getting fed up! Anyone that has the emerald collection wanting to rid of please let me know!

bárbara 3 years ago

To get Caroline's red scarf, you have to complete all Caroline daily's missions.

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