Playing A Better Game Of Word Drop On Facebook

Word Drop can be a lot of fun, but can also be frustrating when you can't figure out how to get a higher score. The frustration only becomes greater when you see some players with scores that are ridiculously high-surely they must be cheating somehow, you think!

I have good news! With some extra time studying the board, you can get a great score, even if you don't have an incredibly strong vocabulary.

Let's go over some basic information:

You can make words anywhere from 3 to 10 letters long. You make the words by clicking on each letter in order as it appears in the word, and click once again on your last letter to finish your word. Those letters will then disappear, and you will earn points.

You can earn extra points when you clear a row when making a single word, and also when you use all of your letters.

The longer the word, the higher the score you will earn. Ten letter words are worth the most, and then nine letter words, eight, and so on.

You have the chance to score from four different boards-if your first board does not have any great words, you can hit your shuffle button, which will give you an entirely different board. It doesn't just shuffle, it gives you a new choice of letters.

Ways to make your score higher:

It really is simple to get a higher score. When you look at your board, you need to study it a bit. You may see a few five letter words, maybe even a seven letter word! But the key to getting greater points is adding prefixes and suffixes.

If you spot a decent sized word, look for ways to make the word longer with a prefix or suffix.

Common groups of suffix letters to look for are:















Some prefixes to look for are:










Instead of the simple word love, look to see if a suffix is attachable, such as ly, d, or ing. Loving will earn you more points than love will.

Commit can be turned into uncommited, or commitment.

Rotate can become rotated, rotation, or rotations.

This very simple habit of looking for prefixes and suffixes can drastically change your Word Drop score. Give it a try!

Comments 5 comments 5 years ago

Everytime I want to play word drop I have a hard time getting it and sometime can't get it at all.

Josanne 5 years ago

I've never had many problems getting into it, only occasionally-it seems computers are finicky sometimes. :-/

amanuchi 5 years ago

any idea how the tournaments work?

sima 4 years ago

I can't validate my word in order to get a score what to do ?

Josanne70 profile image

Josanne70 4 years ago from USA Author

@amanuchi, I'm sorry, I don't know much about the tournaments. @sima, I don't quite understand the question. Could you rephrase that?

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