Playing Simutrans: Beginners' Guide

What is Simutrans?

Simutrans is a freeware and open-source economic and transportation simulation game. It runs under OS like Windows, Linux, OS X on Intel-based Macs and other coming OSes.

In Simutrans, you play by building transportation networks between cities or factories. So, your job is to transport passengers and goods from one location to another. You can use transports like trains, trucks or busses, ferries and other ships, and airplanes. Simutrans is packed with large amounts of transportation vehicles.

Downloading Simutrans

To play Simutrans, you need to download the game in this location:

Select the corresponding file according to the Operating System you are using.

You also need to download a pakset before you can play the game. A pakset is a set of files needed for the game to play. The pakset contains the scenery, graphics (vehicles, buildings, etc.), and the configurations of the game.

To download and learn more about paksets, visit here:

Playing Simutrans

To play Simutrans

1. Go to the folder of the game that you had downloaded. If the file you downloaded is a zip file, unzip or extract it to the location you want it to be.

2. Open the folder (unzip or extract if zip file) that contains the pakset that you had downloaded.

3. Copy the pak folder (i.e. pak128, pak64, etc.) to the Simutrans folder.

For example, if I have downloaded the pak128, I will copy the folder pak128 to F:\Games\simutrans.

4. Go to the Simutrans folder and open the simutrans.exe file (the one with a simutrans icon in it).

The game will then load the pakset that you had copied. If you did not put the pak folder correctly in the Simutrans folder, the game will not load.

5. Click anywhere and these options will appear:

Here you can see the Languages tab, Create a New Game tab, and the Set climate tab.

Languages tab: it is self-explanatory

Create a New Game tab:

Map number - the number of the map

Size - the size of the map you want to play. The larger the map, the more memory it'll require.

Random Map - click this and the game will generate a map for you. Suit yourself.

Load Height Map - loads a pre-made Simutrans map you have downloaded from the net.

Nr. of Cities - Number of cities you want in your map.

Median Citizens per City - The average number of citizens you want to be in each cities. The more citizens, the bigger the city.

Intercity Road Length - The length of the road you want connecting each cities (?).

Traffic density - Sets number of private cars in each cities. The higher the traffic density, the more the traffic :-).

Industrie Chains (Factories outside Cities) - Sets the initial number of industry (factories, mills, etc.) you want on the map.

Tourist attractions - Sets the number of tourist attractions on the map.

Use chronology from year (Use timeline from year) - Sets the year you want your game to start. Earlier years (i.e. 1930, 1950) means ealier types of vehicles you may use.

Allow player change - If activated you can choose to play the AI or other players.

Beginner Mode - Higher level of income and continuous supply of industries.

Load game - Load a game perviously saved.

Load scenario - Load a premade map with objectives to achieve.

Start Game - I wonder what this do...

Quit - Nah.

Set Climate tab: don't tweak unless you know what climates do.

To play the game, just click the Start Game and practice with the menus and controllers.

A game started.
A game started.

I will be writing some tutorials and tweaks of the game soon.

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to comment.

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Billrrrr 5 years ago from Cape Cod

I can't figure out how to get the trains to run - pretty much just like the politicians in the U.S.

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