Playmobil 4858: Open Air Pool With Slide

Playmobil 4858 Open Air Pool with Slide

The Playmobil 4858 Open Air Pool with Slide is a great Playmobil toy for summer. The pool can be filled with water and it has a fully functioning shower. Includes six Playmobil figures dressed in their swim suits, ready to take a splash in the pool. Slide the Playmobil people down the water slide and into the pool.

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Recommended Age: 4-10 yrs. Dimensions of the Playmobil 4858: 22.4 x 14.2 x 7.7 inches (L x W x H)

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Playmobil Toys have become very popular toys in the United States because they are high quality TOYS NOT MADE IN CHINA. Many parents have concerns with low quality toys made in China that contain toxins and have tested positive for lead based paint. Playmobil Toys are made and manufactured in GERMANY.

Playmobil Toys are also theme based toys, having a variety of toy sets in a wide range of different collections, like an airport theme or a farm theme. Kids and adults alike collect every set from each theme, and some people even dedicate entire rooms in their homes, just for their Playmobil Toy collections.

Playmobil 4858

Playmobil 4858 Open Air Pool with Slide
Playmobil 4858 Open Air Pool with Slide | Source

About Playmobil Toys

The Playmobil toy line was introduced in 1974 in store shelves in Germany. Today Playmobil toys, still headquartered and produced in Germany, are sold worldwide. Playmobil toys are based upon unique and imagination inspiring themes including

  • Playmobil 123
  • Playmobil Farm
  • Playmobil Pony Ranch
  • Playmobil African Wildlife
  • Playmobil Adventure
  • Playmobil Treasure Hunters
  • Playmobil Egyptians
  • Playmobil Pirates
  • Playmobil Ghost Pirates
  • Playmobil Knights
  • Playmobil Dragon Land
  • Playmobil Top Agents
  • Playmobil Police
  • Playmobil Fire Rescue
  • Playmobil Hospital
  • Playmobil Life in the City
  • Playmobil School
  • Playmobil Animal Clinic
  • Playmobil Zoo
  • Playmobil Vacation
  • Playmobil Doll's House
  • Playmobil Magic Castle
  • Playmobil Transport
  • Playmobil Construction
  • Playmobil Toys to Go
  • Playmobil My Take Along
  • Playmobil Christmas
  • Playmobil Eggs
  • Playmobil Super Sets

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