Playstation Move Bundle

Move is going to be a hot commodity this holiday season, and the flat-out, best way to get it is with a Playstation Move bundle.  Buying it this way is the cheapest, since the bundles by Sony are actually designed to save you money.  As of this writing there are two separate bundles out there.  One of them is designed for those of us that already have a PS3, while the other is for those that are either looking to upgrade their current console, or don't have one in the first place.

I should probably say now that these are going to be hard to find once December comes.  Move is insanely anticipated, and with all of the great Move games that are coming out, it will be in extremely high demand.  Buying the bundle as soon as possible will ensure that it's in your entertainment center, or under the tree, in time.

Playstation Move Starter Bundle

The Move Starter bundle is designed for those that already have a PS3, and aren't considering upgrading to a new Slim model.

In this bundle, you're going to get the Move Wand, the Playstation Eye Camera, and the game Sports Champions.  The wand is the controller, and the Eye is the camera that tracks the wand's movements.  

You may also see a second controller that's designed to work with the wand, but it's not exactly necessary.  The standard Sixaxis controller that comes with the system will work well in its place.  Holding it may be a bit awkward, but it will work just fine.

What's really cool about this bundle is the amount of money that you save.  If you were to buy everything separately, it would run you about $120.  Buying the bundle saves you $20, without you having to do anything at all!  When you pair that with free shipping from Amazon, you have a smokin' deal!

Playstation Move Console Bundle

The Move console bundle is the same as the Starter, but it also has the system and a regular Sixaxis controller.

This is obviously designed to be a deal for those that don't already have a PS3, or those looking to upgrade their current console.

The problem, however, is right now we don't know which size hard drive the console is going to have in it!  It will either be the 120GB or the 250GB.  The price difference between the two is currently $50.  That means that with the 120GB console, this bundle saves you $20, and with the 250GB it saves you $70.  As soon as Sony tells us what it's going to be, I'll update this section.

Rumor has it that it will be the 250GB model so that they are able to out price Microsoft and their new peripheral, Kinect.

Future Bundles?

What the future has in store is hard to say right now, but I see a Little Big Planet 2 bundle, or maybe one for Killzone 3.  Should any of those come out, or any other ones for that matter, I'll put them up on here.

I'm not joking when I say that Move is going to be hard to find this holiday season.  It's priced at a point where it makes a perfect gift, or a treat for yourself.  There are tons of PS3's out there, and I'm sure that Sony didn't make Move to cover half of them!  Get your now, while you still can!


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