Playstation Move Console Bundle

The Playstation Move Console Bundle is one of the best and most affordable ways to get a PS3.  In the bundle you get the console, a Playstation Move Wand, the Eye camera, and the game Sports Champions.  

This bundle retails for about $400, but if you were to add everything up if purchased individually it costs much more than that!  So you're getting everything you need to get started with Playstation and Move, all while saving cash!

In this Hub I want to show you who this bundle is designed for, give some info on how Move works, and a quick run down of the game Sports Champions.

PlayStation 3 - 320 GB System/PlayStation Move Bundle
PlayStation 3 - 320 GB System/PlayStation Move Bundle

The full console bundle with a 320GB system.

PlayStation Move Starter Bundle
PlayStation Move Starter Bundle

The Starter Move bundle that does not come with the console.


Who Is The Console Bundle Best For?

There are two camps that would benefit from this console bundle.  The most obvious are those that don't have a PS3 at all.  Jumping into high definition gaming has never been easier than it has with this model of the PS3.  It's quieter, more efficient, and faster than the "fat" PS3 that came before it.

PS3 has games for all ages, but most of them are geared towards those that don't necessarily take gaming as seriously as an Xbox player would.  Many of the same games are out for both consoles, but PS3 also has games like Little Big Planet that are perfect for any age of player.

The other camp that would benefit from this bundle is the one that I'm in!  I have a first generation PS3 that is not backwards compatible, so upgrading to the new Slim console is my next move.  My fat console takes up a ton of space in my entertainment center, and it's 80GB hard drive is nearly full, so I'm ready to make the move.  So if you're like me, and are looking to upgrade, this bundle is the best way to do so.

How Does Move Work?

Your Move bundle will come with the two key accessories, the Wand and the Eye.  At the tip of the Wand is a sensor that the Eye, which is essentially a fancy webcam, will read and display the movements on the screen.

There is also a second controller that goes with the Wand, but it's not needed right off the bat.  Unlike the Wii, where there's no replacement for the nunchuk, you can use the standard Sixaxis controller that the rest of the PS3 games use in the second controller's place.  It's a bit bulky, but it works just fine.

Also, some Playstation Move games will require that you have two wands per player.  These games aren't very common, and it's expected that they'll work with other controller configurations so that you don't have to fork over the extra cash unless you really want to.

Sports Champions

With the insane success that Nintendo had with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, it's become common practice that any motion detection peripheral come bundled with a sports game.  The cool thing about Sports Champions is that it's the best yet out of all of the bundled games!  Wii Sports and Kinect Sports (for Xbox 360) are both cartoonish and goofy.  Sports Champions is fairly realistic and leans on the massive processing power of the PS3, while still staying easy to play for the whole family.

The games that come inside of Sports Champions are Gladiator Duel, archery, frisbee golf, volley ball, bocce ball, and ping pong.  From my own playing and the reviews that are out, frisbee golf and Gladiator Duel are definitely the best on this disc!  They both feel very realistic, while not being overly complex.  I was very hesitant when this game was first announced, but after playing Wii Sports (and Resort) as well as demo of Kinect Sports, it's head and shoulders above those.

The high quality of this game makes a huge impact on the value of this Playstation Move bundle.  There are going to be better games that will come out for Move, but it's rare that a bundled launch game is this good!

Is The Console Bundle Worth It?

That's ultimately up to you, but if you want a PS3 and want to get into Move, there isn't a better way to do it.  The games are going to be a blast, and supported for years to come.

If you're still unsure which bundle is right for you and your family, check out the full list of Move Bundles from Amazon here.

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