Playstation Move Or Wii?

If you're trying to decide on a Playstation Move or Wii, there are a lot of things to consider. My aim is to have this Hub clear up all of that for you so that you can make an educated decision between the two. It can be tough when you don't have the money for both, so let's clear this up for you!

We'll cover the controllers, games, graphics, price and who the console is designed for. Hopefully between all of these you'll be able to figure out what you need.

And just so that you know, I do have both consoles. I don't have Move yet since it's not released as of this writing, but I was able to play it for a while at a local demo in San Francisco. Most of the info on Move will be based on my familiarity with the console, published specs, and my time spent with the few Move games that I played.

Wiimote and Nunchuk
Wiimote and Nunchuk
Move Wand and controller
Move Wand and controller


The controls between the two are surprisingly similar.  They both do a fantastic job of tracking even the most minute movements that you make.  However, this is assuming that you're using Wii MotionPlus, which comes with Wii now.  The Move Wand and Eye Camera track depth, rotation, and speed at a similar pace.

You can expect there to be very, very minimal latency on both systems.  When you move, your character moves, there is no noticeable hang or drag.

Where these two systems vary though is in the second controller that pairs with the motion control.  The Wii has to use the Nunchuck, which costs extra and is attached with a cord.  Move, on the other hand, can use the standard Dual Shock controller that comes with the console as the second controller, or the one that's designed for it.  The Dual Shock controller does feel a bit awkward, but it works great.

This might not seem like a big deal, but lets take a look at my Wii setup to show why.  I have four WiiMotes (the motion control one), but since it's normally just me and my wife playing I only have two Nunchuks.  This means that I can't play any four player games that require both controllers without spending another $60 on them.

Now, lets look at this same situation if I were playing Move.  With four Wands and two of the secondary controllers, the other two players can use the regular controllers instead.  I made the purchase originally, but I don't have to spend more to get all four players in the game.

On a semi-related note, this is where Xbox Kinect wins in a big way.  There are no controllers at all, so you never have to spend anything extra to put everyone in the game!


Right now it's hard to compare games in an equal way since Wii has been out since 2006, but we can talk about game quality for what's hot right now and this holiday season.

2010 is a huge year for both Wii and Move.  Wii has a new Metroid, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, and remake of Goldeneye in 2011.  These are three extremely high caliber games that are going to be best sellers.  The place where Wii falls behind in games is that there aren't many companies other than Nintendo that develop quality games.  If you look at all of the top selling Wii games, they are all made by Nintendo.

The games that are coming out for Move are what is going to make it succeed.  Sports Champions is the game that is bundled with it, and it has already been rated as the best motion control sports game so far!  Like most PS3 games, it's very realistic and has stunning graphics and game play!

Other big budget games that are coming out late 2010/early 2011 for Move are Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3, The Shoot, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, and possibly Infamous 2.


The overall winner in graphics is the PS3.  It plays games in high definition, up to 1080p, and Wii plays games in standard definition, or 480p.

Here's the thing that a lot of people overlook, graphics don't make games more fun to play.  They may make them more fund to watch, but it doesn't really enhance game play.

Also, if you don't have an HDTV, none of this really matters.  They're going to look pretty much the same on your TV when they're side by side.  At some point in the future you'll probably get an HDTV, which may be something to consider in your purchase.


When comparing Move to Wii, we're not really comparing apples to apples.  Wii is a console, and Move is a add on to the PS3 console.  So we'll break down full price of everything, the console, four controllers, four secondary controllers, and the cables to get it hooked up.

It's also important that you know now that Wii doesn't play DVDs, and PS3 plays Blu Ray movies, so that is a part of what skews the price.  You're also getting full online play with almost every game with PS3.

Wii Price Breakdown (prices from

  • Console - $199.99 (comes with one Wiimote and one Nunchuk)
  • Extra controllers - 3 @ $65.00 each (Wiimote and Nunchuk bundled together)
  • Component cable - $30 (not necessary, but needed for best picture)
  • Total - $424.99
PS3 Console with Move breakdown
  • Move Console Bundle - $399.99
  • Wand - 3 @ $49.99 each
  • Navigation Controller - 3 @ $29.99
  • HDMI Cable - $5.99 for a 6 foot cable
  • Total - $646.42
So the price difference for everything is $242 dollars in the Wii's favor.  The thing is, you get Blu Ray, HD gaming, tons of online content, and a digital entertainment center with PS3!

Who's It For?

The Wii is really a family based system.  There are games that are designed for every single member of the family.  It's also extremely easy to pick up a WiiMote and get the hang of it immediately.  It makes the Wii the choice if it's going to be something that is going to be played by everyone in your house.

PS3 is working on becoming more family friendly, but at it's core it's designed for people who love to play games.  Move is great, and is helping open it up to the rest of the family, but it's going to be a while before it's anywhere near what the Wii is.

The Bottom Line

In my house, the PS3 gets used way more than the Wii.  We like to play games, and don't have any kids, so it suits our needs perfectly.  Move is going to blend in with that perfectly.  It's also the center of our home theater because of the Blu Ray player and Netflix streams movies in HD.

The Wii collects dust, but that definitely wouldn't be the case in other homes.

If you want to play it for the games, get Move.  If you're looking for entire family fun, get the Wii.

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