Buying Billiards Tables - The Top 5 Pocket Billiards Table Pools

Best Pocket Billiards Tables

Pocket Billiard, which is commonly referred to as Pool, belongs to the family of cue and Billiards sports. Pocket Billiard is the world's most widely played Billiards and cue sport. It is played on a table with six receptacles called pockets by which balls have to be deposited into the holes. Eight-ball, nine-ball, straight pool and one-pocket are some well known Pocket Billiards games around the world. This is easy to get access game and is governed internationally by World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA). One can play Pocket Billiards just going to places that have it, or it can be ordered in stores or online. Here are some best pool games, which you can buy online.

The Top 5 Pocket Billiards Tables

  • Franklin Sports 32-Inch Authentic Drop Pocket Billiards: This Franklin 32" Pocket Billiards features a solid wood legs, walnut grain finish, beautifully detailed side rails with fast actionrubber bumpers. It has cloth play surface and chrome plated pocket details, which requires minor assembly.A great fun game which includes two 36", 1 piece billiard cue sticks, 1.5" billiard ball set, triangle and chalk. You can make this leisure sport your favorite pass time in $42.08 only.
  • Voit 64800 48-Inch Mini Pool Table: A 32 inches high x 24 inches wide x 48 inches long mini pool table that has everything one needs to play a real game of Pocket Billiards. It features rubber bumpers and drop pockets for realistic play and has leg levelers so the balls roll straight. Best part of this Pocket Billiard game is that it features professional drop-pocketdesign. For $141.94 this table looks to be pretty nice.The set includes table, cue sticks, a full billiard ball set, rack, brush, assembly and game play instructions.
  • Harvil Tabletop Pool Table with Accessories: A Pocket Billiard table with dimensions 40in long x 21.5in width x 7in height and weight: 24 lbs. Harvil tabletop pool table is a light weight table having L-shaped legs with non-marking pads to protect table and floor surfaces. This highly durable and sturdy table is made of high quality MDF. An affordable and realistic round of pool game, which can be played all day with fun.

  • Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax Billiard Table: If you have limited space, then this compact Pocket Billiard table is ideal for your space-challenged basements and game rooms. It features light cherry laminate construction and pedestal legs with copper levelers, a ball return system and metallic corner caps and 3/4" Slate-Core play surface. Low-maintenance burgundy cloth gives it a professional look; moreover you needn't to treat this Fairfax Pocket Billiard with kid gloves.
  • Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table: A great pocket Billiard table for the price of $499.77 only. Ithas drop pockets, rubber bumpers and 18mm MDF play surface with distinctive blue polyester cloth. Its arcade style design gives it a modernize look. This product got carpet sliders to move it against the wall. Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table is easy to set up and perfect for limited space.

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L A Dreamin profile image

L A Dreamin 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

I have had a Pool Table in my home for about thirteen years. I still use it almost daily. My girls and their friends grew up using it and now that they are grown, when they come home to visit or for a party they still use it!

Great investment for a family or a couple who wants a common hobby!

Aakash Prasad 3 years ago

Thanks for posting.It was great to know about the top 5 pocket billiards pool tables.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi L A Dreamin,

Do you still enjoy the pool table with your kids. It's really a great asset to keep the family happy.

Hi Aakash,

Nice to know that my hub impressed you and was useful too.

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