Pokémon Battle Revolution - Cheat Codes and Walkthrough

Pokemon Battle Revolution

Pokémon Battle Revolution features 11 different colosseums, each with changes to both normal play and prerequisists.

The attacks are more diverse, with each Pokémon acquiring their own animations allowing for most moves. Some of the animations feature both the attacking and defending Pokémon at the same time on the screen.

You can create and customize your trainers when in battle. You can change a trainer's apparel, accessories, hair color, and, in non-Japanese versions, skin color. You can unlock various outfits, that although serve no purpose in battle, make your trainers look spiffy in the Colosseums.

Pokémon Battle Revolution is the first Pokémon game to allow for online access in the United States; it is, also, the first online game for the Nintendo Wii console.

The game features two online modes. Battle with a Friend allows you to battle a friend using a 12- digit friend code, which is separate from the Wii console number. Battle with Someone lets you face off against a random opponent.

The Nintendo DS version of Battle Revolution cannot be used in online multiplayer mode. But, you can play random online battles; in these random battles, your trainer's custom greetings and your Pokémon nicknames are all changed to their native tongue- Japanese.

Pokémon Battle Revolution received mediocre reviews from critics. IGN gave it a 5.0 out of 10.

Official Nintendo Pokémon Battle Revolution Player's Guide

Pokemon Cheats

To enter codes, go to the "Self Introduction" page in your profile and type in the code.

Mystery Gift Code

Magmortar: B416-X4HT-VTWF

Shocking Secret Gift (Electivire): BA16-X4SH-E2AT

Pokemon Completion Unlockables

You will need to complete the following action to unlock the special game features. You will find the special unlockable in bold.

Rank 2 Gateway Colloseum: You will have to complete Gateway Colloseum for the first time.

Crown, Flat 50, and Collosem Rule Changes: You will need to complete the Star View Colloseum for the first time.

Star View Colloseum: You will have to complete the Courtyard Colloseum for the first time.

Pikachu Badge: You will need to complete Main Street Colloseum for the first time.

Pikachu Bag: You will need to complete Crystal Colloseum for the first time.

Pikachu Face Paint, Neon Colloseum, and Crystal Colloseum: You have to complete Waterfall Colloseum for the first time.

Pikachu Glove and Sunny Park Colloseum: Tou have to complete Neon Colloseum for the first time.

Pikachu Hat: You need to complete the Magma Colloseum for the first time.

Pikachu Jacket and Courtyard Colloseum: You will need to complete the Sunset Colloseum for the first time.

Magma Colloseum: You will have to complete Sunny Park Colloseum for the first time.

Surf Pikachu (Level 10) with Surf Diamond and Pearl downloadable: You have to complete all 10 Colloseums for the first time.

Battle Revolution Unlock Badges

Successfully complete the specified Colosseum in order to unlock the corresponding badge (in bold):

Bronze Badge: Successfully complete Gateway Colosseum.

Silver Badge: Successfully complete Sunny Park Colosseum.

Golden Badge: Successfully complete the Castle Colosseum.

Pikachu Badge: Successfully complete Main Street Colosseum.

Pokémon Leader Outfit Unlockables

To achieve the following leader outfits (in bold), you will need to complete the corresponding action.

Unlock Electivire Outfit: You will need to defeat the Crystal Colosseum Leader with the Lv 50 All Rule.

Unlock Groudon Outfit: You will need to defeat the Magma Colosseum Leader with the Lv 50 All Rule.

Unlock Kyogre Outfit: You will need to defeat Waterfall Colosseum Leader with Lv 50 All Rule.

Unlock Lucario Outfit: You will need to defeat the Sunset Colosseum Leader with the Lv 50 All Rule.

Unlock Pachirisu Outfit: You will need to defeat the Main Street Colosseum Leader with Lv 50 All Rule.

Unlock Roserade Outfit: You will need to defeat the Neon Colosseum Leader with the Lv 50 All Rule.

Pokémon Battle Revolution Wi-Fi Battle

Battle Pass Backgrounds

Successfully complete the specified task in order to unlock the corresponding Battle Pass (in bold).

Plus Minus: View all battle tutorials.

Gateway Colosseum: Complete Gateway Colosseum.

Main Street Colosseum: Complete Main Street Colosseum.

Waterfall Colosseum: Complete Waterfall Colosseum.

Neon Colosseum: Complete Neon Colosseum.

Crystal Colosseum: Complete Crystal Colosseum.

Sunny park Colosseum: Complete Sunny Park Colosseum.

Magma Colosseum: Complete Magma Colosseum.

Sunset Colosseum: Complete Sunset Colosseum.

Courtyard Colosseum: Complete Courtyard Colosseum.

Stargazer Colosseum: Complete Stargazer Colosseum.

Poketopia Train: Complete Stargazer Colosseum.

Poketopia Ship: Complete Stargazer Colosseum.

Poketopia Jet: Complete Stargazer Colosseum.

Stream Pink: Complete Rank 1 of any colosseum.

Star Yellow: Complete Rank 2 of any colosseum.

Ball Mosaic Aqua: Complete Rank 3 of any colosseum.

Stream Green: Complete Rank 4 of any colosseum.

Star Pink: Complete Rank 5 of any colosseum.

Ball Mosaic Sepia: Complete Rank 6 of any colosseum.

Light Pastel: Complete Rank 7 of any colosseum.

Shiny Cobalt: Complete Rank 8 of any colosseum.

Groudon Red: Collect 20 friend Passes online.

Kyogre Blue: Collect 40 friend Passes online.

Rayquaza Green: Collect 60 friend passes online.

Pearl Wave: Complete 50 opponents in the Courtyard Survival challenge.

Diamond Dust: Complete all 100 opponents in the Courtyard Survival challenge.

Ball Collection: Defeat all 8 sets in the Stargazer Colosseum master battle.

Pokemon Battle Revolution Guide

Q. How come people on Wi-Fi are able to use legendary, and I can't?

A. With Wi-Fi on Pokemon Battle Revolution, Nintendo put in a filter to keep out hacked pokemon, so so your pokemon at hacked, then you won't be able to use them with Wi-Fi. It was inteded to keep out the 999 shuckles without a guard and all one hit attacks or spiritbombs with the use of wonderguard. So, make sure that you are not using hacked pokemon; otherwise, you shouldn't be having any problems.

Q. Is the only pokemon you can get in the Pokemon Battle Revolution the surfing pikachu?

A. No, you can unlock Electivire and Magmortar following the instructions above.

Q. In Pokemon Battle Revolution, can you battle Pokemon at level 100?

A. Yes.

Q. When sharing one game cartridge with someone else, and you both are copying your pokemon to the DS PBR game, can you only use one DS pokemon game per file or one DS pokemon game per all 4 files?

A. It's one game per file, so that you have one game in your file, and your partner has one game in his file.

Q. When transfering shiney pokemon from Pearl or Diamon on Nintendo DS, is there a code to make the pokemon shiney on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

A. Unfortunately, there is no current code to make your pokemon shiney.

Q. I have Pokmeon diamond for DS. If I get Pokemon Battle Revolution will I benfit it in my Diamond game?

A. Pokemon Battle Revolution is pure battling, no RPG. You can use Diamond to benefit BR, and BR lets you get some exclusives in Diamond like a Surfing Pikachu.

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Comments 64 comments

noah 3 years ago

how to get cotom pass

Sonic Wolf 3 years ago

If only there was an easy way to beat the Sunset colloseum on the lv50 all rule. I've been trying since about a week ago & always lose on the semifinal battle!

bbbb 5 years ago

can you trade pokemon like latias from white to diamond because i have a latias articuno lugia and hooh on my white

tyryn 5 years ago

how can i get legendry pokemon

Mudkipzrule 5 years ago

Also Sergio, if you transfer pokemon they are still on your ds (or dsi)

Mudkipzrule 5 years ago

Meh team:

Gengar lvl 100

Infernape lvl 100

Abomasnow lvl 100

Gastrodon lvl 100

Bronzong lvl 100

Altaria lvl 100

Ya, not the best pokemon but I still rock at the game (not hacked)

Sergio 5 years ago

If u copy pokemon from your ds, will they still be on the ds?

jordan 5 years ago

how do you get a rental pass

Bob 6 years ago

For who that do not own a nintendo DS,this is my message:


thank you

Gibledude 6 years ago

its only Lv50 on wifi battles

over 50s can only go on colosseum battles i think

Joe 6 years ago

Can you transfer over pokemon that are level 60? Or will it change their levels so it meets 50?

yea 6 years ago

copy pokemon

benson 6 years ago

how do you get all the trainer cards

uhh 6 years ago

i want to get the game but i use action replay. if the stats the moves and the abilities and stuff are legit can i still go online with them?

Meemo 6 years ago

I haven't got a Nitendo DS, so isn't there any other way to get legendary pokemon. Please please help. Thank you.

Khalid 6 years ago

Hi ! I am a huge pokemon fan and would like to anyone on wi-fi battles, here is my friend code: 2579-7343-6894.Who thinks he can beat me, just add me to your friend list.......................................Just kidding :P ! I am happy to be added to anyone's friend list, see you in the battlefield :D !!

chadder 6 years ago

What's the cheatcode number to get arceus secret gift

Hanryo 6 years ago

At Woot, its 6 battles and then 1 leader in most, some only have 4 or 5 battles though,

For Points you have to Complete Colosseum you get between 500-2000 a Challenge, or 25 points per battle in survival, But In survival quit before you lose, or you get nothing.

woot 6 years ago

how many battles are in one Colosseum, and how do i get points to customize my trainer?

Noah 6 years ago

can i transfer pokemon from my leaf green game or is it only

for diamond and pearl??

White tiger 6 years ago


I am pretty sure you are going to have to spring for a ds and diamond/pearl/platinum and now heartgold or soulsilver. There isn't any other way to get pokemon. All console pokemon games are pretty muich boring and useless unless you have the corresponding handheld games. Sorry man. Oh and that was rather mean casper.

Lachlan 6 years ago

Someone plz help!!!! Im 11 years old and i started playing pokemon battle revolution (by the way its the first ever pokemon game i have played) Yesterday and im already bored with the same pokemon!!!! and the same moves!!!! so i want to know how to get pokemon without a ds game. I want new pokemon so plzz reply and tell me how to. PLzzzzzzzz im getting frustrated with the game!!!!!!!!!!!

lance 6 years ago

I would owen Any of you but in my game I got my starter with pkrs so all my pokon are level 100 but there stats are so good that it won't let me wifi battle

Casper 6 years ago

Hydro cannon sucks. Remove it or remove Hydro Pump and teach your Empoleon Grass Knot.

Fissure is too cheap. It is banned from most battles and Groudon is also too slow to pull off a nice non-STAB Eruption.

And Leaf Storm and Frenzy Plant for Torterra, WTF??!?!?!?! WHY do you use his Special Attack instead of his higher Attack?

Shadow Force also sucks, the opponent just switches to a Normal-type. Replace it for Shadow Ball or Claw.

And WHY do you teach your Rampardos SPECIAL moves? His Attack is massive and his Sp. Attack sucks.

Flamethrower AND Blast Burn? Two Fire moves is useless. Delete Blast Burn and teach it ThunderPunch or Grass Knot.

christian 6 years ago

my best team is:

Infernape LV 100: Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Close Combat and Blast Burn

Rampardos LV 100: Head Smash, Zen Headbutt, Ancient Power and Flamethrower

Giatina LV 100: Shadow Force, Aura Sphere, Earth Power and Draco Meteor

Torterra LV 100: Leaf Storm, Wood Hammer, Earthquake and Frenzy Plant

Groudon LV 100: Eruption, Fissure, Solarbeam and Earth Power

Empoleon LV 100: Hydro Pump, Drill Peck, Ice Beam, Hydro Cannon

Drakkon 6 years ago

I fight with an all-lv 100, non-legendary and non-dragon-type team...that still kicks some ass...

Gengar, Togekiss, Lucario, Infernape, Octillery, and Torterra...

bub 6 years ago

if i could fight i would use this team. dragonite level 77. staraptor level 67. garchomp level 67. infernape level 68. dialga level 53. and mewtwo level 70

naruto 6 years ago

how do you change pokemon????????

HELP!!!!! 6 years ago

I am really angry. I completed over 50 survival battles, and I DIDN'T GET PEARL WAVE!!! I smashed my remote at the TV... HELP PLZ!! How do you get pearl wave then?

Battle? 7 years ago

Would anyone like to battle? mine battle code: 1461-71427530

bryan 7 years ago

i almost forgot can you send me it in the mail please!show me instruction in the lettle to unlock thing and pokemon too.i'll be looking in the mailbox every day.so please send it.byyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

bryan 7 years ago

can i get palkia,grundon and kyorgre please!!!!!.

can you transform my primplup,monferno,grotle.please say yes??????????.

jj rumor 123 7 years ago

can i get the azure flute in pokemon battle revolution so i can transfer it into pokemon diamond???please!!!

Pokemon Master 7 years ago

i could pown any one at PBR with







Shadow 7 years ago

I can't loose with me super-strong pokemon.

P.S. Not hacked

Joe Jr. 7 years ago

darkrai is crap against ghost type moves luxio92

Luxio92 7 years ago

Thers this guy I don't know his name but he has :6 DARKRI!!!!!!I know the Darkri weeknees

jay lay 7 years ago

how do I enter mystery gift cheat codes like 4 electrivire and stuff

Kelsey 7 years ago

Stephen- hacked pokemon wont pass the filter, sorry

Woohhooo- That's odd. As long as they have allowed moves, stats, and abilities it shouldn't be a problem where you got them.

Cool pich- You have to unlock it in mystery gift, then download it to ur game

Dave- You can try to get their friend pass but most online players choose not to exchange with rental passes. If you manage to get one though, you can use it in the VS mode but not in colloseum or wifi

stepen 7 years ago

how can i get my arceus to battle on the wi-f

woohhooo 7 years ago

i have an action replay and have the pokemon modifer i used it to get some non legendarys and it say when i try to doa wifi battle with them it wont let me is the action replay why i cant ???

cool pich 7 years ago

i just got the game and i am a little lost i tried the surfing pikachu password but it wont let me get it why

Jeremiah 7 years ago

sorry, but i don't think you can trade rental pokemon because there obviously not yours

dave 8 years ago

Is there anyway to get other players pokemon on the wifi (if no one wants to exchange pokemon)? My son just has the basic 6 pokemon on the rental pass and we don't have a DS.

LMAO 8 years ago

if u use action replay find the hacks to unlock events not the one that makes anyone appear in the grass areas to catch if u unlock the events u can use them anytime

YAY POINES! 8 years ago

someone battle me plz!!!!!!!!!

raffy 8 years ago

your so cool

james will own u 8 years ago

can i battle any1

karlwot 8 years ago

i have completed the game when the game is completed you can play trade battles where if you win you get to trade a pokemon more trade battles you win better pokemon come up

some guy 8 years ago

is your arceus hacked?

someone 8 years ago

I'll battle you but I can't use arceus on wi-fi please tell me how?

This is my team

Smeargle lvl 100

shiny Milotic lvl 100

Shiny arceus lvl 100

palkia lvl 100

shiny deoxys (defence) lvl 100

kyogre lvl 100

shadow 8 years ago

ill own u all

Michael 8 years ago

who wants to battle me? this is my team.

Articuno lv100

zapdos lv100

Dialga lv100

lugia lv100

arceus lv100

charizard lv100

malcolm mercer 8 years ago

what different ways can i catch pokemon on pokemon battle revolution

rohaan 8 years ago

so your saying on pokemon battle revolution theres no other way to get your own pokemon the only way is by trading from ds?

im only 9 and i don't understand this ive been looking how to get pokemon on this game.

rohaan 8 years ago

so there is no other way to get pokemon then trading from diamond and pearl?

if it is like that this game will be rubbish by the time it comes in the mail.

ikokio 8 years ago

can i get more pokemon without ds?

Luxray 8 years ago

I beat the game with a Rental Pass! Yeah I did it with Tommy. The dude with the Sandslash, Haunter, Metang, Bibarel, Rotom and MIghteyena.


CoolDude360 8 years ago

how do I make my own battle pass? I've know which Pokemon I want but it won't work

Abhinaya 8 years ago

WOW Whitnney this is my son's favourite.I mean Pokemon games.He has so many CDs and prapared an album of pictures.If I show him this articles he is never going to leave the system.Thanks but I will show him during the hols.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

YoJDawg- For this particular game its from outside sources. It's been a while since I've been into Pokemon.

Covcarbine- I have heard it's not one of the better Pokemon games

Prasadjain- I hope I could help

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 8 years ago from Tumkur

What an eloborate article on a children's topic. miss Witney! I could not understand anything! But my little son of 11years could understand it and appreciated!

covcarbine profile image

covcarbine 8 years ago

Ive got pokemon battle revolution and got to the 5th collosseum after that it just gets boring doing the same moves seeing the same pokemon ,its not that good a game really you can't do much pearl or diamond are the hight of pokemon but the whole things going down hill...they've brang out to many games. Nice hub tho:]

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 8 years ago from Arroyo Grande

intense hub, do you get all this info first hand by playing or outside sources?

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