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Shiny Cheat

EDIT: Before you ask me to help because this doesn't work or whatever problem you're having, please don't. I do not have access to an Action Replay anymore, I simply cannot help you beyond what I provide here. I find that usually when someone has a problem with this, it's because they missed a tiny little mistake they made when putting it in. I know it's a pain, but if you just can't seem to get this to work, go through every little bit of it and make sure it's exactly as I have written. If you've triple-checked (and not just skimmed!) and it still doesn't work, I'm sorry, I have nothing more to offer. I've done my best. I had hoped to keep my post as close to how it was originally, with just a little note added saying I couldn't help anymore, but I guess a bunch of people just happened to overlook it, so I finally went through my post and took out anything saying I would help them at all if this didn't work. I left the poll alone, however, since changing it would reset the whole thing. This does not mean you should ask me for help (obviously, that's the whole point of this edit). I'm sorry, I really am, but I can't do any more than what I've written here anymore.

Okay, I've seen a lot of people asking about the Action Replay shiny cheat for Heart Gold and Soul Silver, saying that nothing they've tried works. A friend of mine had an Action Replay, and they couldn't get anything to work either. They let me try, and I got it to work on my first try. I figured I might as well share what I did. Now, this may look familiar to some of you, but I promise I tried it and it does work. (Note that I'm using the US version.)

5206E128 4284FE81
E2000108 00000060
021D15A8 41C64E6D
00006073 02111880
E92D40F0 E51F0010
E5900000 E1D018B4
E1D028B6 E0217002
E1A071A7 E51F1034
E51F2034 E51F3034
E5910000 E0243290
E0253294 E0246005
E1A069A6 E1560007
11A00004 1AFFFFF8
E5810000 E8BD80F0
1206E116 0000F792
E206E118 00000010
F7B1E800 1C05FE13
FE10F7B1 43050400
0206E128 E0001C28
D0000000 00000000

Okay, now like most Action Replay cheats, I pressed L+R to activate it after I loaded the game. What I did that some people probably didn't, however, was go into the trainer card and press R+A. I remembered doing that for Pearl, so I figured, why not? I went into the nearest grass, and the first pokémon I found was a wonderful shiny Gloom. I handed it off to my friend, and it's still working just fine. (By the way, in Pearl you used to have to go into the trainer card and press L+A to deactivate it, if you don't want to just turn the code off normally. I figure it probably works here too, but I haven't tried it.)

Oh, and if it doesn't work, first make sure this is the only code you're using and see if that helps.

I hope this helps all of you frustrated shiny-seekers!

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Comments 38 comments

Hannah 6 years ago

freezes my game

Waning Light profile image

Waning Light 6 years ago Author

How many codes do you have going at once?

Guy 6 years ago

Is it supposed to work on legendaries? Because I did everything this says but rayquaza is still green.

Waning Light profile image

Waning Light 6 years ago Author

I never tried it on legendaries, but since it's supposed to work on wild pokémon, my guess would be no.

Lal 6 years ago

I'd like to note that there is no line of code for it to be "activated" so i do not believe you need to press "L+R" or anything.

froize my game 6 years ago

froze my game dude

forize my game 6 years ago


hey its me froize my game 6 years ago

sorry for bein such an asshole i pretty fuckin much messed up sum of the numbers im, sorry

Waning Light profile image

Waning Light 6 years ago Author

That's fine, but I'm not actually on most of the time. I usually check on here once per day.

Turtleman56 6 years ago

It keeps freezing my game

Waning Light profile image

Waning Light 6 years ago Author

Are you absolutely sure everything was entered exactly as I put it, and you don't have a bunch of other codes active?

Turtleman56 6 years ago

Ok, I think I entered something in wrong cause now it works. Thanks

Sabi98 6 years ago

it freezes my game/; everything is turned off but this cheat

Waning Light profile image

Waning Light 6 years ago Author

Please make sure you input everything perfectly. You are using the US version, yes? It really should work.

soapisyummy 6 years ago

it froze my game up,

Malik 6 years ago

It froze my game please help

Worse doughnut 6 years ago

it worked perfectly on my game plus i had 2 other cheats on, "100% catch rate" and "walk everywhere", thanx man all the other ones i tried failed. u rock

Waning Light profile image

Waning Light 6 years ago Author

Worse doughnut, I'm glad to hear it. Now, as for those asking for help, I did say that I would not be able to. You see, I no longer have access to an Action Replay, and have no other means of providing aid. I wasn't very familiar with this sort of thing in the first place, I was just called upon by a friend who had an Action Replay and this same problem. I'm very sorry, I really would love to help, but I simply cannot.

Zenak 6 years ago

Gahh the people that cant get it to work are either using Desmume like me and ive been searching EVRYWHERE for a code like this :\ too bad i remember seeing this on a japanese post and worse it still wont even let me enter the damn trainer card thing please help v_v

Waning Light profile image

Waning Light 6 years ago Author

People still ask for my help? Yeesh... I actually never heard of DeSmuME until just a couple minutes ago when I read your comment and looked it up. Obviously I'm not familiar enough with it to know what particular problem (and therefore solution) you're having.

ryanw2ooo 6 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I Caught My Rayquaza Shiny. :)

Karl heinz 6 years ago

this code crashes my desmume and i want some help to use this code without crash!^^

choco 6 years ago

dude i put this in and it freezes my game please help and its the only thing CHECKED

Ian 6 years ago

Nope, the game freezes

person 6 years ago

This is soooo awesome!!! I put it in and it did freeze up when I ran into a pokémon. I checked the code again like you said and I put a E where I was supposed to put an F. Once that was fixed I tried again and it works perfect even with the 100% catch rate. Thanks so much!!!!

renji 6 years ago

this code is bull i tried it no worky it is a waste of time !!!!!!!! i pressed all the buttons still u need to fix this sherlock its bull!!!

renji 6 years ago

what's he mean by put the e where the f was

renji 6 years ago

does this code even work r u lieing

Austin 5 years ago

Hey, my game is not freezing, but they don't show up shiny

Waning Light profile image

Waning Light 5 years ago Author

Frankly, renji, I don't need to do anything, least of all fix your problem. Normally I would anyway, but as I have already stated... I. DO. NOT. HAVE. ACCESS. TO. ACTION. REPLAY. ANYMORE. I didn't lie, I really did personally get it to work perfectly. Obviously others were able to use it as well. However, for future reference, I'd like to point out that if you want help from someone, it's probably not a good idea to start yelling at them and talking to them like they're an idiot. Just a thought.

BriiEE 5 years ago

Heey just a question, i brought an action replay BUTT!!! it only comes up with pokémon cheats, (which i cant use cause i hav an R4 wich doesn't take those cheats) so how did you wright in manually the code for the shinny pokémon??

justin 4 years ago

this freezes my heart gold when i try walking in the grass

James 4 years ago

Ho do you turn it off

puck 4 years ago

your crazy if you will not give me

Luv Ya 4 years ago

Worked perfectyl,after 3hrs with bad codes,I find this and BAM!First wild a shiny drowzee (ugly) :3

Hamji 4 years ago

Hey, do you know how to turn this off? I wanted only one shiny, but now that i have it, i cant turn it off..... :(

Waning Light 4 years ago

Is L+A not working? It's been a long time since I had an action replay, but I think at the very least going into the trainer card and pressing L+A with the code active should turn it off.

cool dude 3 years ago

ok dude i tried your code but no matter what my 3ds keeps freezing it is the only code on but when i get in the grass it just freezes

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