Pokemon X and Y Gym Leaders Names and Types Revealed

Pokemon X and Y Gym Leaders


The following is a list of the gym leaders and their respective types from the upcoming Pokemon X and Y games. While this list is compiled from an inside source at Nintendo, it is still unconfirmed albeit should be mostly if not completely accurate. More information will be added as provided.

Gym Leaders -

Gym 1 - Viola, Bug type

Gym 2 - Danica, Fairy type

Gym 3 - Clemont, Electric type

Gym 4 - Grant, Rock type

Gym 5 - Jet, Flying type

Gym 6 - Petunia, Grass type

Gym 7 - Blaise, Fire type

Gym 8 - Lilith, Dark type

Elite 4 -

1.Elizabeth, Poison type

2. Charles, Psychic type

3. Louis, Ground type

4. Isabella, Ice type

Champion -

Sycamore, Mixed type

(Chinken/Feuensis/Crokssin, Noivern, etc...)

Bellsprout The Badass

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Anonymous 3 years ago

My dad works at Nintendo, and he told me this is real.

vaporeonÂș 3 years ago

omg my dad works at nintendo too and the told me sylveon is fairy

Anonymous 3 years ago

Wow, this sure seems reliable.

Nice names though for the characters.

Jokahara Tsukimore 3 years ago

I am Junichi Masuda's friend's wife's daughter and I can confirm this is real

Sinep 3 years ago

I rubbed my nob and it told me this is real.

RageKaiser 3 years ago

Racial slur for asian people as part of one of the professor's pokemon's names. Yeah i'm sure this is real.

yes 3 years ago

I'm Sylveon's ex-mistress and he told me this is real.

real 3 years ago

my father's friend's friend granddad's son sister's daughter mom who worked at gamefreak confirmed this was real.

Chespear213 profile image

Chespear213 3 years ago

Hmmm...Seems legit.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Blaise, Blaine, hmmm...

Ds123 3 years ago

This is almost completely wrong.

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