Pokémon X and Y Walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Route 10

Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

Wild Pokémon - Route 10

Flower Colour
Electrike (horde)
Houndour (horde)
Uncommon (grass), Rare (yellow flowers)
Nosepass (horde)
Yanma (horde)

Well done! You've conquered your second Pokemon Gym Challenge. There are still six more to go, though, and a lot of ground to cover before you can take on the Elite Four and the regional champion. Do you have the moxie to make it happen? Best prove it by carrying on in your journey. Northward!

Route 10 - Menhir Trail

- Head north out of Cyllage City. Route 10 is just across a bridge.

- On the right side of the trail you'll find a tree that drops Iapapa Berries.

- Go north off of the trail. There's a boulder to move with Strength ahead, and beyond that a small maze blocking in another boulder that must be moved to the right. Push it down twice, right three times, up twice, right three times, up once, and then right to the hole. Beyond is TM 73, Thunder Wave.

- Return to the field full of small menhirs. Check the two menhirs in the bottom-left corner of the flower field for a Revive.

- Back on the path you'll encounter a trainer.

(Thanks to Mason for pointing out Houndour's presence here in Pokemon X. Woot.)

Psychic Robert

Solosis, level 22

Reard: $1,232

Oh man, a DBZ reference. At any rate, a dark-type will make quick work of this little guy.

- Just west of here is a woman pacing along the path.

Tourist Fumiko

Skiploom, level 19

Azumarrill, level 19

Dunsparce, level 19

Reward: $1,520

Not a big problem. Fumiko's pokemon like status ailments, but they're more annoying than deadly since they can't generally follow up with strong attacks.

- Ahead is a huge field filled with menhirs. Check the bottom-right corner of the area for a Mind Plate.

- Run to the small barrier wall partway through the field. West of here you'll find an X Accuracy, in the top-left corner of the area. Run to the right side of this same field, before crossing the barrier, and face down one square. Search to find a Paralyze Heal.

- As you try to enter the second portion of the field a Team Flare Grunt will stop you. Revenge!

Team Flare Grunt

Houndour, level 21

Golbat, level 23

Golbats always have the potential to be quite annoying with Confuse Ray, so bring it down in one hit if possible. Otherwise, easy fight.

Reward: $920

- Once you enter the second field, take a right. There's a small gap in the grass next to the corner of the surrounding wall. You'll find a Burn Heal hidden here.

- Ahead in the second field you'll see a trainer running around to your left. Past him is a Thunder Stone, tucked against the next separating wall.

Psychic Sayid

Meditite, level 19

Kirlia, level 21

Reward: $1,176

Neither of them are terribly threatening, nor can they last long against physical attacks.

- Make your way northeast. As you try to pass into another portion of the field, another Grunt will stop you for a fight.

Team Flare Grunt

Electrike, level 23

Croagunk, level 21

Reward: $840

Avoid attacking the Electrike with a physical attack and you'll be fine. (Get some new pokemon already, Team Flare. Eesh.)

- Follow the cleared path to the west and, yep, another Grunt.

Team Flare Grunt

Gulpin, level 24

Reward: $840

You might get poisoned. Scaaaary!

- North, through the grass, is another trainer.

Tourist Tomoko

Drifloon, level 19

Pachirisu, level 19

Hippopotas, level 19

Reward: $1,520

Nothing bad here. Hippopotas can be a little annoying with Sand Stream whipping up a Sandstorm, but that's a fairly minor concern.

- Continue north. You'll soon reach the end of the menhir fields. Huzzah! Welcome to Geosenge Town!

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Comments 18 comments

The Host 3 years ago

Make eevee rare and add Yanma to the list(horse)

MattWritesStuff profile image

MattWritesStuff 3 years ago from Canada Author

Eevee rare? I found, like, five of 'em when I was going through here. Will toss in Yanma, though, thanks.

Robertog_1992 3 years ago

just met a yanma horde

Code 3 years ago

Emolga is super common in Pokemon X.

Kryss 3 years ago

Eevee is rare on Pokemon Y. It is more common in X.

Cassa 3 years ago

Maybe Eevee is rare in Y. I've only found one.

Izzie 3 years ago

I'm playing X- I'd say Houndour's pretty uncommon, been looking for ages and haven't encountered one at all...

Great walkthrough though, most useful one I've come across!

Unknow 3 years ago

There is even a electrike horde

Richard 3 years ago

I believe Eevee is rare in X. Ive been trying for awhile. Can't find one.

glawen 3 years ago

hondour is very common at night, so are yamna, pokemon X, just spend 5h finding a female Eevee :p

lyko27 3 years ago

Can confirm elektrike horde, very rare though. I'm playing Y.

Jacob 3 years ago

hondour is available in X but houndoominite is in Y. electrike is in Y but manectricite is in X. Kinda ass backwards don't you think

Elise 3 years ago

I play pokemon Y and I had over 7 encounters with eevee. Maybe it is time specific?

Aimee Tricone profile image

Aimee Tricone 3 years ago

I found an Emolga and accidentally killed it :/ my heart hurts, seeing as how it's listed as rare.

Also, in my experience, Eevee is found more often in the yellow flowers than it is in the grass. I've found tons of them while trying to find another Emolga. (I've found all males, though. -_-)

I'm playing X.

Cameron 3 years ago

I can confirm Eevee is rare--I have spent over 60 battles trying to find one before. And it seems more common in yellow flowers. I'm playing x.

raine 3 years ago

Eevee is common in the flowers and is rare in the grass however has anyone found a female one ive been looking for one for days

Jared 3 years ago

First Patch of stones, after you beat team rocket grunt, in the top right corner in a paralyze heal!.

hivey 2 years ago

good info dude/dudet

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