Promises to Keep (Skyrim walkthrough)

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Promises to Keep (Skyrim walkthrough).

To start the Promises to Keep skyrim mission you have to speak to Louis Letrush. He is usually hanging about in The Bee and Barb bar. Louis Letrush tells you that he needs to deliver a message to Sibbi Black-Briar, who is currently serving 8 months in the Riften jail for murder. Louis Letrush and Sibbi Black-Briar had made an arrangement regarding the sale of a breeding stallion called Frost. However, with Sibbi Black-Briar jailed up this deal was hard to go through with. Louis wants his horse, and he wants you to go speak to Sibbi Black-Briar in the Riften jailhouse (rock), so that the deal can take place, even in these peculiar circumstances.

Mission objectives:

1. Speak to Sibbi Black-Briar

2. (Optional) Steal the Lodge stash

1. Speak to Sibbi Black-Briar

Speaking to Sibbi, you learn that not only is he a despicable character, but also he does not personally own the breeding stallion Frost... it belongs to the Black-Briar family. He then goes on to ask you if you could steal the horse and deliver it to Louis Letrush, with Frost's lineage papers which needs to be stolen from the Black-Briar Lodge, which may be found directly east of Riften. At this point you have an option of persuading Sibbi to sweeten the deal for you, threathening to tell Maven Black-Briar; he will then cough up a key for the Black-Briar lodge stash. This will set up an optional mission objective.


Vondt / Superstoked

2. Steal the lodge stash (optional)

The lodge stash may be found in a strongbox in the basement of the Black-Briar lodge, it contains 250 gold which adds nicely to your reward.

3. Steal Frost's lineage papers

The ownership- and lineage papers might also be found in the basement of the lodge; steal them.

4. Steal Frost

Frost, the stallion, is hanging abouts in the stable directly in the front of the lodge. Steal the horse.

5. Return to Louis Letrush

Return to Louis Letrush who will be waiting for you outside Riften, in the woods. Making the exchange you can threathen him, telling him that "Maven Black-Briar would probably pay much more for this information..."; and persuade him to give you Frost, in addition to the 1500 gold for the mission reward.

Mission reward(s):

- 1500 gold (plus optional 250 gold from the Black-Briar lodge stash)

- Frost (horse) (However, only if you persuade Louis Lethrush)

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Promises to Keep skyrim mission. Any comments or questions, give me a shout out in the comments section below.

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Indigital 4 years ago

This was a simple mission, but Frost is a pain - I hate the horse turning up in every location. I killed it. Good guide though, I've done some myself.


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