Proving Honor (Skyrim Walkthrough)

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Proving Honor (Skyrim walkthrough).

To unlock the Skyrim mission Proving Honor, you first need to finish the Skyrim missions Trouble in Skyrim and Take up arms.

Proving Honor is a mission within the main questline of the Companions missions. After finishing the Trouble in Skyrim mission you should speak to Skjor. He will tell you that he is impressed with what you have accomplished so far, but that you still have a way to go in proving yourself worthy to join the Companions. Skjor further says that one final quest stands between you and being a Companion; retrieving a fragment of Wuuthrad, the blade of Ysgramor, from Dustman Cairn's. Skjor also informs you that Farkas will be your shield-brother for the quest, evaluating your performance; seeing if you have what it takes to be a Companion.

Mission objectives:

1. - Meet up with Farkas at Dustman Cairn's

2. - Retrieve the fragment of Wuuthrad

1. Meet up with Farkas at Dustman Cairn's.

Talk to Farkas after having talked to Skjor; agree to meet up with him at Dustman Cairn's, which can be found northwest of Whiterun. Farkas will meet you next to a stone formation, the entrance is just north of this formation; and you have to descend down the stone steps into the entrance of Dustman Cairn's.

After having entered the Dustman Cairn's you will face lots of undead enemies in the form of Draugr. Fight your way through these until you reach a room with several levers. One of the levers is located within one of the cells, and when you activate it the metal gate will slam shut behind you. Luckilly you brought Farkas along, who says he will go take care of this. However, in the next second... 5 or 6 men armed with swords charge into the room; they turn out to be the Silver Hand; a faction which main purpose is to defeat and kill werewolves. Farkas transforms into a werewolf and tears the Silver Hand soldiers apart with his bare fangs and claws. Trying to confront Farkas with what really happened there he will not say much, but says that this blessing is only held by certain members of the Companions; the Circle. He further says that you need to hurry onwards.

Venturing onwards, you will come to a room which features 5-6 strong Silver Hand soldiers; one way to deal with them is to weaken them by shooting arrows from the above bridge while sneaking... Otherwise, save... get ready for some serious combat, and go gung-ho on your adversaries.

2. Retrieve the fragment of Wuuthrad

Having battled your way through Dustman Cairn's you will eventually come to a huge room, lined with crypts along the walls. In the middle of the room there is an altar, on which the fragment of Wuuthrad is placed. Also, behind the altar is written word; this word will teach you a new dragonshout (fire breath). Things might seem quiet at this point, but things are about to get heavy once you pick up the blade of Ysgramor. Waves and waves of Draugr will attack you and Farkas; fighting bravely you should be able to hold your ground against these hordes of undead. Be sure to restore your health in between the waves of attackers. Once you have dealt with these, you should return to the house of Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.

Vilkas will meet you by the entrance of the house of Jorrvaskr; he asks you to follow him into the courtyard at the back. Here you will be formally inducted into the Companions, officially approved by Kodlak, Farkas, Vilkas and Aela the hunteress. Afterwards, you will also have the option to have a special Skyforge weapon of your choice crafted; you may choose between a dagger, sword, greatsword, battleaxe or mace.

Congratulations, you have now finished the Proving Honor mission.


- Companions membership

- Your choice of a Skyforge steel weapon; dagger, sword, greatsword, battleaxe or mace.

- One new dragonshout skill (firebreath; acquired during the boss fight of the mission)

Next mission: The Silver Hand

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