Purity of Revenge (Skyrim walkthrough)

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Purity of Revenge (Skyrim walkthrough).

To start the Purity of Revenge skyrim mission, you first have to complete Blood's Honor. The mission deals with the avengance of Kodlak's death at the hand of the Silver Hand clan; in the attack on the house of Jorrvaskr, Kodlak was killed and all the fragments of Wuuthrad were stolen. The Silver Hand brought the stolen fragments to a camp called Driftshade Refuge, which is located northwest of Fort Fellhammer, and southeast of Dawnstar; sort of directly in between the two of them.

Mission objectives:

1. - Retrieve the fragments of Wuuthrad

2. - (Optional) Wipe out the Silver Hand

3. - Return to Jorrvaskr

1. Retrieve the fragments of Wuuthrad

The Silver Hand camp is located southeast of Dawnstar; it is called the Driftshade Refuge; and holds the headquarters of the Silver Hand. Once there you will battle your way through many Silver Hand warriors until you come to a room which seems to lead to a bigger room, actually it leads to the Driftshade Cellar, but the entrance is barred up and seems hard to enter; the lever (use a torch to see it) is located directly right of the iron bars.

Having fought your way through the cellar you make your way up to Driftshade Refuge, you should save here as you are about to enter the final room; which has 4 Silver Hands in it; one of them heavilly resembling Krev the Skinner dressed completely in plate armor.

The fragments will be placed nicely on the table in the middle of the room; pick them up to retrieve the wuuthrad fragments.

2. (Optional) Wipe out the Silver Hand

This sort of happens if you look around sufficiently anyways, so do not worry about this one.

3. Return to Jorrvaskr

Having avenged Kodlak's death by bringing ruin to the Silver Hand, it is time to return to the house of Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. As you return to Whiterun the mission will be completed. Automatically the quest Glory of the Dead will start, in which you are to attend Kodlak Whitemane's funeral at the Skyforge.


- None

Next Companions' mission:

- Glory of the Dead

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