Quest for Infamy Walkthrough, Act One - Part Four: The Killington Seal

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Stupid Kayanna. The Centai monk has conned Roehm into doing her dirty work for her, and Roehm reeeeally doesn't have any choice but to follow her lead. Now he has to wander the valley, high and low, and find the parts of the Killington Seal. Only with the Seal can Roehm hope to infiltrate the tomb of the Killington family and grab some precious and destructive artifact of ultimate power.

Sigh. The guy just wants to get away with a bit of sneaky debauchery. Does he have to pay this much for one simple indiscretion?

The Killington Seal

If you plan on finding these pieces on your own, you still have a bit of in-game help. Head to Hermit Homestead in the west and enter the tent nearest the entrance, the most colourful of the lot. If you come here any time but at night you'll find a gypsy named Karenina inside, and for ten bly she'll give you a 'fortune' which broadly hints at the locations of the four pieces of the Killington Seal. You still have a lot of puzzling left to find them all.

Too anxious to move on with the story? Read on for some more exact coordinates.

The remains of the Killington Mansion in Quest for Infamy.
The remains of the Killington Mansion in Quest for Infamy.

The Masters Piece

- The first piece is at the Killington mansion, but you'll need to grab some items before you can get at it. Right now it's being guarded by a hive of wasps, inside the home's still-standing chimney.

- Head over to Hermit Homestead to start. You'll find Swart nearby, and his donkey is feasting near a pile of hay. Check the hay for Straw.

- Now to Volksville. You need something that will start a fire. Flint and Steel from the Goods store will do. You can buy it for 100 bly.

- Burning the Straw is all well and good, but you need to make it smoke. There are two ways to do this: either purchase some Lonarian Tobacco from the Tobaccoist in Volksville or use a Rope / Grappling Hook to climb down to the waterfall in the far east of the northern woods, on a direct path east from the remains of the Killington mansion's remains. Check the rocks down here for Moss.

- Take your bundle of stuff to the mansion. Shove the Straw and the Tobacco / Moss into the fireplace, then light it up with the Flint and Steel. The wasps will fly out...

- ... and you can reach in to retrieve the Masters Piece. Woo!

The Living Piece

- You must complete a side quest before you can properly unlock this part of the quest. This article has full details on what must be done to get this part of the seal.

- Remember that waterfall you visited earlier? Go back, and bring a Grappling Hook with you. You can use the Hook on the waterfall once you're on the banks near the gushing water. Roehm will swing inside...

- ... and find a treasure trove, guarded jealously by a gnoll. The gnoll wants something to do before he's willing to even consider trading anything. Annoying, this, as he has the second piece of the Killington crest.

- The gnoll will only part with the crest piece if you give him some Tobacco from the Tobaccoist. Get the cheapest stuff, as the kind doesn't matter. (Thanks to Bradley Keene for pointing this out.) You also have to give him a Pipe to smoke it, available in the same place as the Tobacco. Do this and he'll hand over the Living Piece.

- For the record, don't try to attack the gnoll. He'll murder you. No chance at all.

- Are you a Sorcerer? Your path is easier, assuming you know two spells: Float on a Cloud and Inner Fear. Float on a Cloud will allow you to fly down to, and into, the waterfall, while Inner Fear will scare the gnoll into handing over the Living Piece. Much, much faster, and so much cheaper.

Roehm visits a hidden - and surly - gnoll in Quest for Infamy.
Roehm visits a hidden - and surly - gnoll in Quest for Infamy.

The Dead Piece

- To find this piece of the Killington Seal you'll have to head to the woods north of Volksville. Slip on the Necklace and start walking around. Soon you'll begin hearing telltale music...

- ... and if you follow that music properly, you'll discover a section of forest with a large, obvious rock sitting in the midst of the path, dividing it.

- Use the Necklace on the rock. You'll pop open a small enclosure containing a skeleton. You'll automatically receive the Dead Piece, as well as a Letter that you can read to learn a little more about what you need to do.

Servants Piece

- Return to Volksville during the night and visit the Pub. Here you'll find Japsworth, at the bar, as usual...

- ... and if you talk to him, you'll discover that he's wearing something valuable around his neck. Yep, it's a part of the blasted seal. You need to find a way to con it off of him.

- Agree to follow Japsworth. Once outside, use your sword on him to gain the Japsworth Necklace. Check the Necklace twice to find a Bank Key. Ooooooooo.

- Busy yourself until morning, then head to the Volksville Bank. Approach Mills, the albino dude behind the far desk, with the Key. He'll give you the Servants Piece in exchange.

Once you've collected the four pieces, combine one piece with another. This will automatically combine all four pieces into the Killington Seal. Woooooo! You've done it... except now you also have to find a key. Sigh...

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Comments 12 comments

max 2 years ago

Can't find de "Dead" one...

MattWritesStuff profile image

MattWritesStuff 2 years ago from Canada Author

Make sure you equip the Necklace. You won't get a notice for it otherwise. Set it as your held item and click on Roehm. You'll get a little notice that he's put it on. Then start walking in the forest just east of Killington mansion. You'll start getting notices guiding you in the right direction.

Max 2 years ago

Thanks Matt, but I can't. Are you talking about the Japsworth Necklace? I have already oppened it and cannot equip.

MattWritesStuff profile image

MattWritesStuff 2 years ago from Canada Author

Nope, it's the necklace Kayanna gives you when you start on the quest to get the pieces in the first place. Have you gone through the sequence where you have to meet her outside the pub? Once you meet her past the two talking trees she'll give you the necklace.

Max 2 years ago

Ohhhhh... Had forgot Kayana

blackmirror 2 years ago

i can't get the man to take the diary

keeps saying i haven't got enough proof hes a Killington

doing my nut in

MattWritesStuff profile image

MattWritesStuff 2 years ago from Canada Author

Have you done the whole side thing where you get Frederic at Hermit Homestead to talk to you? I think that's a prerequisite.

blackmirror 2 years ago

yes did that lol

this game is so frustrating just had to retrack and talk to someone again


MattWritesStuff profile image

MattWritesStuff 2 years ago from Canada Author

Yep. Fun, though. Oh, this takes me back to the old days...

Bradley Keene 2 years ago

Just a heads up on the tobacco, I just used the cheapest stuff and it worked just fine. No need to spend the 500 blys.

Lauryn 2 years ago

Hi matt!

I still have trouble finding the dead piece. I have the right necklace and i hear the music...i do hear the change in music ...but i don't hear different music to direct me so i keep moving around in circles. :(

MattWritesStuff profile image

MattWritesStuff 2 years ago from Canada Author

I don't have the game open at the moment so I can't give absolute directions, but I know that I've found the rock both times by setting out from Killington mansion, heading east one screen (from the fountain), and then going south. The screen with the rock you want is quite close to there. I'll amend the walkthrough with exact directions tomorrow. Following text prompts rather than the changed music itself will probably make it a bit easier to find the rock containing the Dead Piece.

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