Quiz: Which Skyrim Race Are You?


The World of Tamriel: A step toward self discovery

Those new to the Elder Scrolls series, and veterans alike will discover, after completing this quiz, the Tamriel race that they most identify with or the one that they'd most enjoy playing in Skyrim. This quick, yet enlightening quiz, takes you beyond the mundane knowledge of Tamriel's races, and into the hidden lore, and rarely explored cultures of its various residents.

You've just been born into the world of Tamriel, but what race are you? Take this quiz to find out!

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JohnGreasyGamer profile image

JohnGreasyGamer 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

I've given this a tick in "Useful", because I've learnt a fair bit about where the different races come from and what their religion is. I'm particularly fascinated by the Hist tree - never knew it was such a major role, guess I need to do my research.

And in the end I became a Nord, so my knowledge isn't too bad. Keep Skyrim Nordic!

videogameviking profile image

videogameviking 5 years ago from California Author

I thought the Hist tree thing was interesting too; I learned about it when I was researching for this article. One of us, in this house, usually plays a Nord, and the other a Breton. Though, we pretty much think all the races are interesting and unique in their own way. I somehow always become good friends with the Argonians' in-game though, lol.

Pheonix 0278 4 years ago

Soz this isn't about skyrim but if anyone plays runescape I'm trying to make a clan so meet me in wld 8 if you want to join up. P.s u an a kajjit in skyrim

Pheonix0278 4 years ago

I also found this interesting about the hist tree. I an a Kajjit so I probably need this stuff since all kajjits seem to be drugg addicts lol

nelu 4 years ago

aragonians are drug addicts

ISpeakTheTruth 4 years ago

I am a high elf and am proud to admit it.

Nathan 4 years ago

A Bosmer and damn proud of it!

AM Hanson profile image

AM Hanson 4 years ago from Mankato, MN

Dunmer! I always play as a Dunmer assassin/mage and an Imperial paladin lol

videogameviking profile image

videogameviking 4 years ago from California Author

AM Hanson,

Nice! I have one main class that I always end up playing, but I like playing as many different characters too, and so I tend to make a huge variety of classes and races.

Bob 4 years ago


Bob 4 years ago


Sarah 4 years ago

I am an Imperial, and I am proud!

Even 4 years ago

lol kajiit which is funny because i just beat the theifs and main story with kajiit. GO STEALTH ASSASSINS

Mystic 4 years ago

Dunmer, and proud

Ronan 4 years ago

I am an imperial and I have whole set of dadric armuor and I've completed every quest and I know that cos' I have guide + I'm level 157

Walks-In-Shadows 4 years ago

Argonian. Lol, I love reptiles

Cassandra 4 years ago

I am a Bosmer and proud of it!

Ellia 3 years ago

YEA I'm an Altmer

Jdubb 3 years ago

Very obvious quiz......

crayolamanic 3 years ago

The quiz is missing now! The video doesn't exist either. :(

a fan.. 3 years ago

Hello! What race do you prefer? And could you help me? I'm starting this game soon,on winter hollidays so, I'm new at this. Any suggestions? Best race? Best skill? Should I be a thief,warrior or magician? Thanks :)

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