Radio Controlled Planes

Being and electronics engineering student I encounter a lot of electronic stuff and cheap electronic toys which are actually the best things to learn about the components used in making these kids stuff.

Since such toys can be bought really cheap so it is beneficial to perform all your useless experiments on them, these circuits are really some clever things. A lot can be learned while analyzing them.

One of the most important toy circuits that most electronics students encounter and use in there projects are circuits of radio controlled toys. There are numerous RC (Radio Controlled) toys available in the market like; RC airplanes, RC cars, RC boats , RC helicopters etc.

Working on thee circuits of these toys establishes good background of RC based circuits and how they function. Recently I worked on an RC car and interfaced it using java programs so it was handy to use an RC toy car instead of making a circuit right from the scratch.

Since most electronics student utilize already built RC toys to work on such circuits, so I also bought this cheap RC car from a toy store and with a little bit of modification in the circuit made it to suit my project needs.

So RC toys are really in demand and besides being recreational items, they have numerous applications. One of the most widely used RC toy, by electronics students, is a Radio Controlled Airplane which has numerous applications.

Electronic projects made for professional purpose are meant to be of high standards so conventional and cheap RC planes are not a good option, instead more expensive ones are required, but the cheap RC toy planes are best for simulating such projects and one should first get knowledge of the variety of RC planes available so that he can choose the right one for his application.

In the following lines, I will provide a little info on some of these RC planes, you can buy them from any toy store and experiment on them before you go for the more expensive ones to use in more advanced applications.

RC Planes Facts

RC planes work on the same principle on which every other RC toys work. The have transmitter circuitry in the remote control and a receiver circuitry in inside the plane. The joystick movement on the controller is sensed by the receiver circuit and the signal are transferred using radio waves, this why they are called Radio Controlled Planes.

Present technology has allowed the advent of more powerful RC planes with longer batteries and better plane models. Presently the improved aerodynamic shapes of these planes have provided more options of maneuvering the RC plane.

A part from electrical RC planes there are also mini combustion or jet engine installed RC planes which make them more powerful.

There are many types of these planes available in the market most of them are basic RC toy planes without much maneuvering options, but the most advanced version are much like real airplanes.

There are also simulation planes that are sold in the market. These planes are used by pilots to train themselves for some professional application. Air force pilots are also trained using RC planes before they can start flying any of those drone planes or spy planes.

RC Helicopter
RC Helicopter

Since flying RC toys is a hobby and application, many different innovations have been introduced in these items. There are many RC planes available which can be modified to suit our needs. We can alter a wide range of things including the internal circuitry to make the plane of our requirement.

A part from RC planes, RC helicopters are also really popular among people. Since helicopters have slightly different aerodynamics and control, than airplanes, these helicopters provide a different flying experience. Good RC helicopter models can fly just like a normal helicopter except that the pilot is not sitting inside.

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