Rango Toys Include Vinly Figures of Rango and Priscilla

Rango Toys

Rango is the animated movie by the Pirates of the Caribbean Producer, Gore Verbinski. Also from Pirates of the Caribbean is Johnny Depp as the voice of lead character Rango the Chameleon. Rango vinyl figures are made exclusively by Hot Toys. Rango Toys have yet to be released into  mainstream retail. It is not clear if there will be Rango Plush toy and other kids games, the Rango Vinyls are due for release in the second quarter of 2011. Since the product is not yet released it is uncertain regarding available quantities. You may find some retailers offering a pre order service. It may be safer to wait for a while until the product is released rather than pay exorbitant prices for pre ordered items.

Rango is a chameleon who’s spent most of his life in activity in the solitude of his terrarium until he land s himself in the Mojave Desert, in a fictional town called Dirt. Like most animated movies, apart from visual effect the movie does have a few moral for young and old, in the case of Rango, he discovers the importance of friendship, no man or chameleon is an island.

Rango Plush
Rango Plush | Source

Rango Plush Toys are Here

  • Introducing the 10 inch Rango Plush Toy.
  • This soft Plush Rango makes a great aid for story time.
  • Current retail price: $12.95.

Rango Toys Burger King
Rango Toys Burger King | Source

Rango Toys At Burger King

Burger King will be offering a range of rango minifigures in Kids Meals. Rango Toys at Burger King will include:

  • Twirlin' Ms Beans - Wind up for twirling and dancing action
  • Rango Light-Up Badge - Clip on translucent sheriff's badge with light up LED

    Ms Bean Spinnin' Pendant - Spin the pendant to display an image of Rango or Ms Beans
  • Rango Playing Cards - 52 mini playing cards. Play standard games or memory game * Snappin' Rattlesnake Jake - Push down on tail for spring forward and back action.
  • Road Runner Rango - Wind up toy. Wind up Rango for rapid leg action .

Kids can collect Rango Figures in their Burger King meals, but the complete set of Rango Figures from Burger King are also available in Amazon and Ebay. The current retails price is $24.99. (As advertised 19.04.2011)

Rango Toys: Rango Silly Bandz
Rango Toys: Rango Silly Bandz | Source

Rango Silly Bandz

Another special edition to Rango Toys is the Rango Silly Bandz. This pack of 24 sillybandz inlcudes Rago, Priscilla, Beans and the Rango Movie logo.

Rango Silly Bandz retail from $ 5.95 (As advertised 15.04.2011-Amazon).

Rango and Praiscilla Figures
Rango and Praiscilla Figures | Source

Rango Toys: Rango & Priscilla Vinyl Collectible Figures Set (Deluxe Version)

Vinyl Figures from Hit Toys will include two figure one of characters Rango and Priscilla.

Rango Vinyl Figure

  • The deluxe Rango and Priscilla Figures are a 3D rendering of the figure. According to the Hot Toys product description,the Rango Figures could be subject to change. The Rango Vinyl figure is 20cm tall with detailed sheriff costume.
  • Current Retails Price: $54.99.

Priscilla Vinyl Figure

  • The shorter Priscilla figure is 10cm tall. Special features of the Priscilla figure include the transparent effect of her eyes.

Rango Books
Rango Books | Source
Rango Books
Rango Books | Source

Rango Movie Merchandise

Merchandise for sale includes Books, games and posters.

Rango Games

  • Rango games on offer include games based on the movie. These are available in Playstation or Nintendo platforms.

Rango Books

Books from the movie include the following titles:

  • Rango: The New Sheriff in Town (From $1.32-Amazon.com)

  • Rango: A Hero at Last by Annie Auerbach (From $1.30-Amazon.com)

  • Rango: The Movie Storybook by Justine Fontes and Ron Fontes From $6.27 -Amazon.com)

  • Rango: The Novel (Rango Film Tie in) by Justine Fontes and Ron Fontes From $2.40-Amazon.com)

Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake
Balhazar | Source

Lead Characters In Rango

Rango the Chameleon

  • Rango is the lead character. A typical chameleon always changing colors and character never really finding his true self.Rango is voiced by Johnny Depp.

Priscilla the Cactus Mouse

Priscilla is the morbid yet adorable rodent in Dirt. Priscilla is voiced by Abigail Breslin

Beans the Desert Iguana

Beans is the lead female character, strong and passionate, she inherited her fathers ranch and has a personal stake in the towns well being. She is determined to find out where the towns water has gone.Beans is voiced by Isla Fisher

Rattlesnake Jake The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

  • Rattlesnake Jake is is not the only snake in town though he is often hired to ‘take care’ of troublesome newcomers.


  • Balthazar is the mean guy in the movie, him and his two sons try to rob the town of its water.

More Rango Characters

A full list of Rango characters and movie information can be found on the official movie site called Rango Movie.com.

Rango Trailer


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