Rapunzel, Flynn, Pascal and More Tangled Merchandise are Here!

Dolls and Toys are Now Available!

Who can resist a feisty young princess who makes a deal with a fun-loving thief in order to make a great escape and realize a dream? Not many and that's why the animation Tangled is on its way to becoming another Disney classic with Rapunzel as a great addition to Disney's select group of Princesses.

Rapunzel possesses hair that has magical powers of healing. So powerful that it keeps a person youthful which is why the evil witch Mother Goethel kidnaps the baby Rapunzel and keeps her in a tower while tricking her into thinking she's Rapunzel's real mother. But as soon as Rapunzel is old enough, she makes a deal with Flynn, a funny thief to help her break out and watch the floating lanterns that she keeps seeing on her birthday. Soon, Rapunzel, Flynn, her pet chameleon Pascal, and Maximus a noble horse are on a great adventure to help Rapunzel achieve her dream.  She is aided in her quest by a gang of bandits who have unfulfilled dreams of their own, and Rapunzel soon finds out the meaning behind the floating lanterns and about her royal birth.  However, it is only when Flynn makes a sacrifice that she becomes free of Mother Goethel's spell and her love for Flynn is made obvious to her that everything results in a happy ending.

Disney has created a wonderful collection of dolls, playsets, and other merchandise to recreate that Tangled magic for your children at home.

*All items are from Disney unless identified otherwise.

Fashion Dolls

The Rapunzel doll has glimmer details in the bodice and skirt. It is fully poseable and made from plastic and polyesther and is 12" high. Her hair is long enough to braid.

The Flynn Rider doll has a little crown and comes with a matching crown for the child. It also stands 12" high.

The Rapunzel Disney Animators Collection Doll is beautiful. Designed by Glen Keane, the same animator of Tangled, Rapunzel is pictured as a young girl yearning for her life to begin. She wears a lavender dress with puffed sleeves and satin lacings on her bodice, and lace trim on her collar and hem. Her hair is 17 inches long. Packaged in a collector's box.

This very huggable plush version of Rapunzel is 21" high and perfect for little girls who want to have tea with her.

These Playsets are a Great Value

The Disney Tangled Rapunzel Figure Playset includes Rapunzel, Flynn, Mother Gothel, Maximus, Toddler Rapunzel, Pascale holding a paintbrush, and Hookhand Thug. The figures are up to 4" high.

The Disney Tangled Rapunzel Tower Treasures playset includes a 3.5" Rapunzel doll with 9 inches of hair, Pascal the chameleon, bed, chair, mandolin, easel, paint palette and 3 paintings, and hairbrush. Your girl can recreate Rapunzel's room in the tower and plan Rapunzel's day and having her paint, play the mandolin, play with Pascal, or sleep in her bed.

A Rapunzel Doll for your Toddler

Unlike a fashion doll this doll is from the My First Disney Princess dolls that are geared for the toddler who is too young for fashion dolls but have graduated from baby dolls. This doll is 15" high and wears a beautiful wedding gown, tiara, veil and shoes. It also includes a brush for Rapunzel's hair. Your toddler will have fun dressing her up.

Rapunzel's Tower

This is one awesome dollhouse. It stands over 3 feet high and has five rooms to recreate your child's favorite scenes from the movie. The dollhouse also includes furniture! Rapunzel's pet chameleon, Pascal, is also included as one of the Tower's accessories.  Just as in the movie, the hidden cache to hide the tiara is built into this fairy tale tower. With a swipe of cool water, Rapunzel's mural can be revealed on one of the walls. It even includes a hair extension for Rapunzel so that she can let her hair down from the window.

Decorate with Disney Tangled Bedding

A lot of little girls will want to share their room with Rapunzel, Disney's latest princess, and it's so appropriate because Rapunzel herself spent so much time in her own room.

The first item is a wonderful toddler bedding set that included pillowcase, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and comforter made for her toddler bed. Made 55% cotton/45% polyester.

The rest of the bedding is perfect for a young girl's twin bed. Rapunzel is set against a floral design that is not too flowery and with a pink color scheme. Rapunzel was recreated in good likeness to the movie and in beautiful, lush colors. The sheets and pillowcases are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester; it is machine washable.  The comforter is made from 100% polyester and is machine washable and can be tumble dried..

Rapunzel's friends are here too!

This is a great plush toy of Pascal, Rapunzel's faithful and loyal chameleon pet. He has a light green color with scales that are shiny or dark green and vivid green stripes and curly-q tail. It is six inches long and Pascal is also available in other colors: red and blue.

The noble Maximus may not always have gotten along with Flynn Rider at first, but Maximus is fierce and fiercely loyal to Rapunzel. This 14" high plush Maximus will be loyal to your daughter as well. It has a ribbon bridle and velvet saddle and saddle bags.

Tangled DVD, Soundtrack, Books and Game Sets

The Disney DVD is available in a four-disk combo including Blu-ray 3D too. She can watch her favorite movie again and again. With the Disney Tangled Soundtrack, she can listen and enjoy the music. As she gets older she'll learn to sing along as well.

The book, Rapunzel's Dream, comes with a musical hairbrush, is great for kids ages 4-8. As they read, they can brush their hair. The hairbrush does not play any songs from the movie, it makes musical sounds when they brush their hair with the musical hairbrush.

If your little girl is an avid computer player, Tangled, is available in Wii and Nintendo DS sets.  The interactive games will allow your child to help Rapunzel achieve her dream and outwit Mother Goethal.

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Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago

Very elaborate hub. Although, I can't say i liked the movie as much as you did. However, I do think the information about some these products is very informative and useful.

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Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast Author

Hi Steven! Happy new year! I did like the movie very much. Did you write a review? I'm going to take a look at it.

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