Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh Collectible Card Game

Yu-Go-Oh! is a popular collectible card game based on the cardgame that takes place within the popular Japanese manga, Yu-Gi-Oh. Yu-Gi-Oh itself means "Game King" in Japanese.

The game actually goes by different names in different countries, i.e.: Magic & Wizards, which is the original name of the card game in the Manga series; Duel Monsters, as the game is titled in some of the anime series; and Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game: Duel Monsters, which is used only in Asian countries.

In the US and other countries where popular trading card game distributor Upper Deck distributes the game, it is called Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG, so we'll just stick with that.

Rare Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Like most collectible card games, there are many Yu-Gi-Oh cards that are difficult to find by design. While rare YuGiOh TCG cards can often contain features that enhance a player's TCG deck and give a tournament player some edge, like many other card games, sometimes the cards skyrocket in value simply because collectors feel like they must have them.

There is an enormous range of types of rare Yu-Gi-Oh cards released, starting with simple rare cards which features the name of the card printed in Silver Foil all the way up to Ghost Rare, which features the entire monster image done in a full-color holographic foil that is completely three dimensional. It also has a unique holographic foil on the card name. There is one in every twelve boxes (300 packs) on average.

In most cases, if you are looking for individual Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to add to your collection, Ebay is your best source for them. This hub features only a small selection of some of the most desirable rare cards at the moment.

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