Rarest football cards in the world

Rarest football cards


Rarest football cards in the world


Sports cards are particular collectible trading cards that are normally printed either on card stock or paper stock. Cards can be almost on every sportive discipline: association football / football, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, hockey, racing, and tennis. The cards would normally feature either one (two or several) sports players or professionals related to this or that sportive category. In the present article we will talk about the football cards and particularly the rarest football cards in the world.

The football cards are normally featuring one, two or several football players from American or Canadian football teams or football related professionals. The football cards are traditionally available and collected in the U.S. and Canada. Football cards have become very popular since football became a mass sport. Most of these cards would feature players of the National Football League of the U.S. and Canada (Canadian Football League). Apart from the photo, either black and white (in the old style cards) or in color, the cards also represent the player’s (or players) game statistics. There are general and special occasion football cards’ packs. The latter would have jersey cards, authentic signatures of the players on them, or the cards will be of special design. Sometimes the cards packs may include bubblegum as special edition. Now most of the football cards have serial numbers which means the amount of the card produced is limited to that number. The unique prints would be numbered 1/1. Printing plates used in the card production are normally inclusive in these.

As we have said above the football cards (as well as the baseball ones) became popular with increasing popularity of the sport. To be precise the football card popularity dates back to late 1940s almost soon after the end of the World War II. Among the pioneers in football card production were Leaf Candy Company and Bowman Gum. They used to sell their football cards hundred cards per set. These old and thus now the rarest football cards in the world used to feature the then famous football players of the U.S. National Football League. Leaf did not have a long run in the business whereas Bowman Gum kept on production for almost a decade until 1955 - 1956 when the company was purchased by Topps Chewing Gum Company. Before that the Topps produce cards used to represent the top and historic college players of 1950 – 1955 inclusively. Afterwards up to the present day the company launches its regular football card sets production. The list of football cards popular producers would include: Gridiron Gear, Upper Deck, Topps Mayo, Playoff Prestige, and others.

The rarest football cards in the world collectors and football fans might want to know the whole list of card companies, understanding it we provide a comprehensive list which is as follows: Action Packed, Allworld, Bowman Gum, Classic Games, Inc, Collector's Edge, Courtside, Donruss, Extreme Sports, Fleer, Front Row, JOGO Inc., Leaf, Inc., O-Pee-Chee, Pacific Trading Cards, Parkhurst Products, Pinnacle Brands, Press Pass, Inc., Pro Set, Razor Entertainment, Royal Rookies, SA-GE Collectibles, Inc., Signature Rookies, SkyBox International, Star Pics, Superior Pix, Superior Rookies, Wild Card, and Wonder Bread.

Nowadays there are online stores that provide football cards including the rarest football cards. The cards are divided into categories:  Football Card Singles, Football Team Sets, Football Player Lots, Cards By Team. Also cards may be offered by set, by college, the cards can be graded. Usually these stores would have the football card gallery, football hall of fame and provide the football cards history. Usually the price per card varies and would require a tax and shipping charges making up the average of some $150. However the rarest football cards may cost as much as $500 and more.

Vintage Football Card Collection

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